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Found 2 results

  1. Since it's inception, Nidar Singh's Shastarvidya organization had proven to be tendentious at the best of times. The man has changed his narrative several times and even gone back on his words, vis-a-vis Balbir Singh of Budha-Dal, which he wrote in a self-published book in the 90's.In 2007 we witnessed the fiasco which went down at Nanded when he and Parmjit attempted to impugn Jathedar Kulwant Singh whilst downplaying ex-DGP Pasricha's role in the forceful resettlement of many Hazoori Sikhs. The result, which followed, was ironic and humorous. Not only were the both forced to apologize, but Nidar's views expressed on Teja Singh's Sarbloh site were compared with what was written in his In The Master's Presence. A contact I have in Nanded informed me that even today there are Hazooris who hold these two up as prime examples of why not to trust their Punjabi brethren; in the book, itself, Nidar and Parmjit contend the veracity of the 5 Kakkari Rehat whereas on Sarbloh Nidar is of the opinion that the Rehat is ever changing and the Tre-Mudras are the authentic symbols of the Guru whereas the other two are Singh-Sabha introductions. Post-fiasco- forgive me if I am mistaken in my chronology- we then had the four-men committee of the Tarna-Dal (consisting of Mahakaal Baba Jagir Singh Ji, Nihungs' Bhai Sukha Singh Ji, Rajha Singh Ji and Giani Mehtab Singh Ji) review Nidar's work and charge him of spreading falsity under the veneer of Shastarvidya. The backlash in the UK was immediate; prime Gurudwaras, where Nidar taught, expelled him and his presence was downsized. Veer Taran Singh Ji acquired a letter from several prominent Nihung Jathebandis, who by tradition are affiliated with Nidar, in which they roundly criticized him and expelled him from within their ranks. Nidar retorted that this letter was a fabrication- Mahakaal Baba Joginder Singh Ji's visit to the UK put the matter at rest; the letter was indeed authentic. Shastarvidya, or what Nidar teaches, is still a bone of contention among the Sikhs. My Hazoori contact informed me that in Nanded Nidar never claimed to be the last master of the full art; rather, he propagated that he was a practitioner- a Nihung dedicated to teaching the art to others. Surprisingly the Shastarvidya, or Gatka if you may, practiced at Nanded radically differs from that of the Punjabis and global Sikhs. It is full contact, employs speed and is often practiced in group scenarios. From what I witnessed during my trip to the locus, the vidya of Nanded is not exhibitionist- it is dedicated to quick, clean kills period; maybe this is why the Hazooris, a minority in the state, have so effectively defended the Takhat from both the onslaughts of Islamic fanatics and Hindu belligerents throughout history. It is high time now that the Shastarvidya debate be put to the rest. I believe that a committee consisting of neutral Nihungs from all major Dals, respected elders from the Hazoori community and Nidar's own students be formed to authenticate the veracity of his art and to clarify his perceptions on some matter. Most of his accusers, seemingly, where once his own students. They too should be allowed to express their own views in order that we may clarify what is Shastarvidya and whether any Nihungs in the Panth are also masters of the vidya. The controversy is not fictional, in the below video we have the 2007 fiasco uncensored: We then have the four-men committee's views: I think that this committee is part of Viki-Vind Tarna-Dal which is the secondary Dal to the original Tarna-Dal. What is more interesting is that in the past few years he has began associating with Taksali personalities. Currently his main base is in Hamburg- controversy is already beginning to brew there as well among the Punjabis and the local 3HO branch, one of whose member he has recently married. More humorous is the reaction of his students, I confess I don't know how the below started but the accusations are humorous. Who is Bhambra and what's up with all this blowing Balbir Singh? Nidar is the one affiliated with Balbir, despite his self-proclaimed neutral stance he professes Balbir Singh to be the supreme Jathedar of the Budha-Dal.
  2. A bit of background on Sikh warriordom and Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji: http://tisarpanth.blogspot.co.nz/2015/12/the-cherisher-of-humanity.html?view=magazine
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