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  1. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh I've recently been listeneing to the shri sukhmani sahib, for the past couple of weeks but I feel as though listening to the paath may not be the best option to get the full effects of the paath - is that in anyway true. I currently not able to read or understand gurmukhi being spoken, however I am able to read through translation - is it ok for me to read it in English, or is it a nrssacity to read it in gurmukhi to feel it's full effect. I'm pondering over this question because before my result day I listened to the sukhmani sahib paath, for happeniness not just for result day(which didn't go to well) but also for my wishes and desires to be fulfilled, I'm very muchc dedicated to sikhi, naam jap, and listening to paath, however lately everything seems to be going dull, I'm becoming frustrated and seem to be getting no satisfaction out of life - which may mean I must be doing the sukhmani paath incorrectly - I've also briefly spoken to a gyani who said that waheguru ji doesn't give us what we desire because there's a weakness inside- could the weakness be that I'm just listening to the paath and not reciting it in gurmuhki or English? On a personal note I'm trying to over come kaam and krodh - but I've recently fallen to theses vices due to frustration of life being unsatisfying, and I know that by doing naam Simran of waheguru - by his grace I will be able to overcomes these temptation, desires and frustrations - hopefully. So my question is - do I have to read the sukhamni sahib paath, or is it ok to just listen to it? And does it matter wether I read in gurmukhi or English - when I have the time to read(when not doing college work, or helping others) Or does the effect only come if reading in gurmuki. Also does it matter if I do other things and listen to the paath at the same time or should I stop everything and read it to myself without distraction? Lastely personally I struggle to get up during amritvela, could you please offer me some advice on how I can stay awake constantly everyday. Thank you all , May waheguru ji bless you.
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