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Found 2 results

  1. I think it has happened for second time when my mother out of frustration hit her own head with shoe , because me and dad were quarelling over something and i tend to become very loud and aggressive. She starts crying loudly and hit her own head with shoe repeatedly cursing her damn fate ,because my dad was mostly alcoholic and she has suffered like this for all her life. but when me and dad have a verbal fight, my dad is unrelenting (some ppl used to call him "turk" for this reason perhaps) and no mercy. I am wondering if i will get the karmic punishment for making my mom cry and her hitting her own head with shoes
  2. I would like to bring up an important and very relevant topic, domestic violence against Sikh women. My story- I am a Sikh woman and was beaten up really badly by a relative. I have since cut this relative out of my life completely, I have finished with them. My only regret is that I didn't send this monster to jail and believe that my weakness was shown in how i reacted to the situation, the loser walked free and I was the one who suffered and I moved out of the house without a degree or good job. To top it off, I am now being told by women of my generation (30 and younger) and also older women that I should associate with the loser, as its okay for relatives to do this and that they have all been beaten up by a male relative or spouse, and how will I get married, I need that relative and that my inlaws wont want a girl who doesn't associate with that relative blah blah blah lol! I am actually finding this all very weird as we are taught to be strong Sikh women like my hero Mai Bhago, who I believe would have beaten the crap out of any man who hit her in self defence or at the very least had them locked up, and yet Sikh women, even of my generation are being beaten by male relatives and alot are been beaten by their husbands at a young age. These are girls and women who are born and bought up in the UK. I am of the belief that Indian culture has eclipsed Sikhism so much that women now act like Muslims, living in the fear of men, of what men think of them and judge them to be, feeling that domestic violence is okay, that a slap or punch now and again is fine, and that equality for the most part is non existant. It may sound like feminist rubbish to some, but in reality, it is simply the Truth. I think that joining sikh womens organisations may help spread awareness that this isn't okay as alot of our mothers, grandmothers and sisters try and make us believe, but is completely unacceptable and should be dealt with accordingly. This would help safeguard the next generation of girls and women and teach them how to react in such situations. I was nowhere near ready when it happened to me and would have appreciated some sikh help.
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