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  1. I come from a punjabi sikh “jatt” family and from a young age and even up until now my grandfather and my dad believe in Hindu gods and at my babas home we have guru Nanak dev ji pic next to shiva and balak naath. I know confusing. Whenever we go India we not only go to gurdware but also the mountains of the devte like naina devi near anandpur sahib. My mum had a hard time once she was married. She came into England to get married at 19 and ever since then my dad used to physically abuse her. He would often come home drunk and hit my mum for not making food or staying up to keep his company even though she had work at 5 am. She suffered this abuse only because she wanted me and my older brother to have a mother figure in our lives. When I was about 8 my father tried to burn my mums hair and from then on she called the police and chose to divorce my dad. I went with my mum but my grandparents took my older brother from my mum and kept him to themselves. The abuse didn’t stop there. My mum would come and try to get my older brother back but she would get shoved and pushed by my chacha and even my bibi. I even remember my chacha spitting on my mums face. Ok so reading this do u think that my dad or chacha would have a devta come into him and bless everyone. A person that drinks eats meat and abuses his wife. He also has a lot of krodh and gambles a lot. For me and my brother my mum came back to this terriable family and she isn’t suffereimg abuse from my family as me ad brother are older, but once my dad hit my mums arm And me and my brother put my dad in A and E. Why didn’t he get the spirit of chandi then to come a defend him? My mum has been through so much because of my dad, how can he be blessed with such a thing. I have seen this spirit in himself and all he does is shake his head, stick his tounge out and make noise. My mum japs naam a lot and even though she is a Radha Soami, it’s because of her I’m a amritdhari sikh today at 17, I took Amrit at the age of 12 and the only person that backed me to take Amrit and drove me 3 hours to London for the Amrit sanchar was my mum. She would sing shabads to me before going to bed and tell me ithihaas of shaheeds and she would always say guru ji loves us very much, she also attendeds the gurdwara and does seva. She has completed a medical degree and my brother is also doing his now at a top uni (and daas is completing his a levels to join them!), my grandparents say it’s because of the devte in my dad but I think it’s because of maharajis and my MUMs kirpa. She would always pray that we won’t end up like my dad or baba (he also used to hit my bibi). It looks like my mum has been blessed not my dad who says he has dreams of durga ji talking to him and saying everything’s going to be ok. Also to get my mum back when she was divorced he would go to all of these babay and offer money and I even think he did some wired stuff as he used to take my mums pic and put a tilk and stuff on it. But my mum never came back because of that BS she came for me and my brother as sheknew we were struggling and she took my brother from failing his exams to starting a medical degree, again something my dad says his devte in him did. So as a amritdhari, should I believe this? Do u believe this?
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