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Found 3 results

  1. Guest

    Hair loss

    Im a singh nearing my mid 30s now and ive always worn a turban. Ive lost all my hair at the top of my head. I struggle to tie a joora (top knot) at the top of my head now. If i wear my turban it feels loose and if i tie it too tight i get a headache. As i get older i will become bald it seems. Im wondering what other singhs have done in this situation. Have they continued to wear a turban after going bald?
  2. Guest

    hair falling out

    wjkk wjkf im 24, male, im not amritdhari but around 6 months ago i decided not to cut my hair. around the same time i decided to stop eating meat too. my hair are around shoulder length now but iv noticed that my hair fall out a lot! i dont know if this is because i have stopped cutting it or the change of diet, maybe i dont know how to take care of longer hair? i dont know but im getting kinda worried now. my hair is curly so they get tangled sometimes and i end up pulling it. i just run my hand through my hair and so much comes out! when i was my hair its even worse. also i use to get a haircut once a week and mostly on the sides and iv noticed that the hair on the sides is really weak and growing really slow. i use to have a gutti when i was small but my dad cut it off when i was around 6, wish he didn't do that now. also since iv stopped eating meat all iv been eating is crisp, sweets and chocolates and other unhealthy stuff, i feel so drained and exhausted. i feel so tired all the time, i never use to feel like this before. can you guys help me out, like what else can i eat? what does everyone else eat? something that will make me feel less tired. thanks
  3. Guest

    Hair Loss

    I am a pagh wearer. I have been suffering from hair loss for a few years now, it's got to the point where there's not much left on the top but plenty on the back and side. This is male pattern baldness, not traction alopecia from having a tight joora. Quite frankly it looks ridiculous. It gets me down looking like this. I'm fortunate that I wear a pagh outside and a patka/keski at home so no one really sees it. However I am looking to get married soon. My future wife would eventually see me without a pagh and it doesn't look good. Should I be honest from the start and tell her that I'm balding? Most people shave their heads when they start going bald but I don't have that option. The fact the back and sides are a lot thicker makes the whole look even worse. Some advice would be appreciated.
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