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  1. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Gurmukh Pyareo I need help. I am a 16 yeah old Amritdhaari and I was going great with my simran seva reciting Gurbani etc. I was going great until me and my friends at school were playing this game as a joke"who can guess what the person was thinking game". when we were playing it was all fun and games until my friend said me to read theirs, IDK HOW but i guesed everybodys answers or thoughts It was crazy, everybody or that little group was shocked and i told them to keep everything a secret, knowing that i may lose my avasta or IF I EVEN had a anything. (IT MIGHT OF BEEN just some lucky guesses) Then those friends came to me everyday asking me to read thier minds I did'nt want to and i did'nt try too but i did it agian . My friends (GORE) started seeing me as a hardout sant i did'nt like it at first but, i started playing along with it. i started ACTING like a baba (PAKHANDI ONE) . It went on for a term or two of school and christians at school came for help and what not. THEN one day I could'nt DO ANYTHING SIMRAN recite Gurbani, Seva. BUT STILLL ACTED PAKHANDI. for the whole year I stopped talking to everyone at school for last three terms of THIS YEAR, but still have a lot of trouble doing anything, SANTS GIANIS have told me stuff to do but i still don't im stuck in my mind IN MY EGO. NOW im in HARDCORE DEPRESSION and i don't know what to do. I have been having Sucisidal Thoughts . i cant do anything im failling school now iI CANT BELIEVE I acted PAKHANDI, I feel like guru ji hates me. I know he doesnt but he is probably angry at me for acting like a guru or baba :'(. ALL I WANT NOW IS TO GET RID OF THIS FEELING, I TOLD MUM AND DAD ABOUT IT but they think im Full of it .... im going to pesh about everything PLEASE HELP I CANT DO SIMRAN. etc HOW DO I STOP THIS FEELING PLEASE HELP, GURMUKH PYAREO I FALL AT YOUR FEET PLEASE...... .............. FROM A MAHAPAAPI pakhandi dog (me)
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