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Found 3 results

  1. I watched a video about by Nanak naam on this topic but I'm still left very confused. I am wondering if there is even a point to meditate and pray if you trim your beard? i don't intend to to trim forever, just for a few years at uni, I still want to feel connected to sikhi and doing naam and not dm allows me to feel good, but I can't help but feel like I'm lying to myself by balancing a spiritual life and a non spiritual life, I like to devote my 100% to everything I do, am I just being counter productive if I meditate or is it still better than nothing? I know now many of you will say stop trimming, and yes I know I will eventually, but while I am doing it, shall I continue to pray and do naam? Would appriciate your thoughts?
  2. Hi, I have a few questions and opinions I would like to get off my chest, wondering whether anybody could offer some answers and opinions. Firstly, Is there a difference between tying up ur beard (with gel) and trimming? Is tying up your beard allowed as per rehat? Im a young kesh Dhari Singh and I have a crippling fear of regret, I have never cut my kesh and I know I will regret it if I trim, but I also feel like when I'm old I will regret it if I don't, I kinda just want to make the mistake and atleast experience what it feels like to be an average 20 year old for once, I was very immersed in sikhi when I was a young teen and i don't know why but I have slowly drifted away a little,( maybe because the regret of not doing anything normal as a teenanger got to me.).. I don't wanna let go of sikhi or dissapointed my parents. but at the same time I don't wanna be 60 years old and feel like I missed out on epic experiences during my youth all because I was too scared to dissapointed my parents, When I'm 60 I don't think anyone will care that I had a trimmed beard for a coupe years while was young right? And there have been people worse off who mahraj has forgiven, so why not me if I did it? Also, the more general question I have is, Is it better to be fully in sikhi or fully out? I feel like a bit of a fraud or a fake Sikh , sometimes when I practice sikhi, because I also do things which mahraj wouldn't be proud of ..I'm stuck in two worlds and sometimes I think it's pointless to do both at the same time but other times I think it's necessary to do the good while I'm doing the bad do I can balance out the bad karma with the good (it makes sense in my head anyway) and to keep the discipline, because I knwo some things I do are bad and by forcing myself to keep my kesh I feel like it reminds me that I'm Sinning and that I will need to stop doing Those bad things at some point in life, for example I do things like partying, having s*x, Hav bad sangat, but at the same time I also do good things like listen to Kirtan, do paat ( japji sahib and rehraas atleast) do naam, go to gurdwara , don't smoke or drink, and I also have good sangat who I hang out with too. (But my good sangat doesnt mix with my bad sangat, and I feel like 2 completely different people depending on the group I'm with) i already know that sikhi is the truth and i know that shaheed singhs would be turning in their graves seeing this (and me), right now, sikhi is the only thing that will matter to me in the end, and I promise myself I will be a devout guriskh in a few years (with mahrajs kirpa), but it's kinda like I wanna procrastinate a bit Yano ? Like you know the traditional sentiment of inspirational people telling you to "go out into the world and try different things until u find your passion"...well I feel like because I was already born with sikhi, finding the truth (sikhi)was way to easy... I kinda wanna try some other stuff so I can know for sure myself that sikhi is the truth, I kinda just wanna live my young years a little and then once I'm abit older and I've had my fun then get back ont sikhi 100%..what do you guys think? Im really sorry if I have offended anyone, I know some of you may be reading this in disgust right now but I would really like to hear what you guys think, and start a discussion here because surely I'm not the only one who thinks like this or has ever thought this? And if u don't understand my point of view and want to be angry, please express yourself as clearly and constructively as possible, because I know if I read this like 5 years ago I would be so p*ssed off or just think the op was dumb! But That just goes to show how much our thought process can change... Thanks for reading
  3. Hello everyone I'm growing a beard again, I have trimmed it before. Its quite long now but doesn't look good, my hair are very thin and wiry. So what can I do to make it look good? Don't say let it remain as it is. Give me ideas.
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