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  1. excellent point kandola ji, a sudden change of tone with this media menace on sikhs then its "terrorist" or "militant" but when its the rss (now) or indian national heroes (past) throwing bombs on parliements under british and assasinating prominent british leaders, then their " indian freedom fighters".

    what did sant jarnail singh do? extolled sikhs to take amrit and fight back only oppression where it occurs where is the "terrorism" in that??

    miltancy has two sides the gorment is tryna portray a mantra like "these sikhs get inspired by militancy then become militants". what it doesnt say and omits vital data is why militancy? whats the cause of the 80s and 90s punjab prob?

    a whole nation doesnt just become militant by listening to a speech of a man telling an oppressed audience to defend their life with whatever they can because the police and courts will give you NO justice or appeal. the sikhs at the time must have been subdued into a position to defend their lives against state brutality and the causes of militancy are not addressed by the media which lie solely responsible with the gov of the time and heavy handedness of the arm of law.

    the arya samajis, bajrang dals, shiv sena ( even hidden with the new rss image) groups previously have stated "kach karra kirpan ena nu pejo pakistan sikha nu rehen ni dena" others in various state positions have made comments like "wel kill 10 000 sikhs the world will not know". this is inciting terrorism one it states ethnic cleansing two its insinuating holocausts to provoke. so why are these groups and men not banned or cencored?

    why are these speeches not banned?

    rss are m

    assacring christians and muslims in india is that not terrorist? jah militant? why are there no pictures of pavan kumar with his 10 000 grenades in the papers?

    why are there no pictures of trishul wielding rss thugs slaughtering pregnant muslim women in gujrat? wheres the real terror or militancy?

  2. what incites militancy? a countries police force and army officers raping torturing maiming countless thousands of sikhs families? or a simple speech saying we want peace we want to live in hindustan in peace its upto indra to tell us, but we are not eunuchs either where we will not respond.

    why are these speeches then banned by the gov?

    can the community challange this ban order in court? and why not? surely affluent sikhs in india can combine with rural sikhs blending numerical strentgh with financial power hire top lawyers fight this unjust case.

    this is curtailing religious freedom like who will know 2 generations from now in india what happened in the 70s 80s if vital info is banned?

  3. sukhbir singhs site was EXTREMELY valuable to the khalsa panth. i hope that can be put back the info there was spot on and a fair number of the khalistani leaders (still in their positions) and akali dal reps were uncovered on that site as double agents for india, who worked with the indian gov reps to malign and divert resources of the sikhs in the western world especially canada and uk. money making scams of one so called sikh organisation set up in the name of khalistan with its funds missing were highlighted with its rep founder established links with the bjp akali dal combine in punjab in recent years. while the same movement and leader were going round collecting money for khalistan in millions across america in the late 80s and early 90s. burningpunjab was a wicked site that smacked evidence in your face hardcore pure facts.

    That site really opened my eyes as to how sikhs wer e treated in india the one about the 3 sons burnt alive was horible that turned my stomache inside out, pictures of the boys on fire was horrible especially the youngest who had a burning torch shoved down his mouth by the mobs.then facts about how sikhs world over were duped by some fake k movement leader into sending money and then simple pindu sikhs duped by a specific leader who went back to india after getting them killed. the leaders killers criminal mass murderers live on the good have been slaughtered. its sick sadd the politics behind these things the greeeb simple minded people always suffer the power hungry always screw em over. NOTE the khalistan movement is legitimate, right and will revive as per Guru jis will. das here just pointed out the facts exactly what

    burning punjab site highlighted, without which i dont think many sikhs would have known globally, im always thankful to sukbir singh jis efforts.

    This world is a strange place the people who speak the truth as it is (like sukhbir singh), those who live it with their heads in their palms ( shaheed sikhs) and those who spend their lives to spread it ( sant jarnail singh bhai fauja singh) they go and the bad stays.

    If anyone has the access to set that site up do so immedietly.

  4. wowwww so many things come to my mind bro im soooooo proud of you to do what you just done takes a lot of courage which Guru ji has blessed you with ( im sorry i misjudged some of your words at the start on another thread very very sorry i feel very bad about that, when ive read some of your other posts its just hit my stupid bander low life brick head what a good guy you are i mistook some of your earlier words on that other thread out of context).

    Dont worry for the future youl draw your strentgh from gurbani, rehet and sangat and be able to stand strong as steel, youve got it inside you. im not praising you whatever is happening its Guru doing it to you inside you, but even on your own individual part still sacrificing a lot it takes serious guts , a lot of pyaar to walk the path you did with your head in nimrata without care for the world. Bhai Kulbir singh has made a good point after sep 11 although for some its harder with these attacks but you stood your ground, that reflects your love for the gursikhi nishani . i reckon you will go a llong way bcos of the way you are, Guru jis blessed you bro keep up your good efforts

    all the best

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