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  1. [The easy part (copy & pasting) is over. We (including myself) should take time out to read these.]

    Taken from Tapoban.org

    Author: Balpreet Singh

    Date: 06-22-04 09:31

    How the Singhs Punished Gobind Ram

    Taken from "Tay Deevaa Jagdaa Rahaygaa" by Amardeep Singh Amar


    Dusht Gobind Ram


    In the 18th Century, Meer Manoo committed indescribable atrocities upon the Sikhs and the following saying became very common "Manoo is our sickle, we are his crop. As he cuts us down, we double in number…"

    The soul of 18th Century Manoo had in the 80s come into Gobind Ram, the Batala Police Chief. Last time, Manoo's death to place after his foot was caught in his horse's stirrup and he was dragged until his demise. Perhaps his desire to die at the hands of Singhs had yet to be fulfilled and so his spirit had entered Gobind Ram. The story of his evils is very long, but still some examples are mentioned here. He used to always say that the Sikh will forget their Guru and remember him only. He had told all those working under him to rape Sikh girls. He used to say, "if their seed is changed only then will the revolutionary spirit be taken out of their homes."

    The Rape of village Gora Choor

    One night in January 1989 was a night of horror for the residents of village Gora Choor. SSP Gobind Ram along with countless police officers surrounded the village. A member of Bhai Daleep Singh Babbar's Jatha, Patloo Singh, was staying at one Amreek Singh "Shah's" house. This household had no link with the Babbars, but because Patloo Singh was sick, he was left here while his companions went to Batala to get medicine. In the meantime, an informant informed the police. Patloo Singh's body was broken due to typhoid and he was arrested while asleep. He had tried to grab the mauser rifle sitting by his bedside, but his arms were held down.

    Gobind Ram thundered, "Ok SukRoo Singh (thin/dried up Singh), which Jathebandee are you a member of? What's your name?"

    But his roar turned into a kitty cat's purr when Patloo replied, "What's it to you? You want to marry your daughter to me or something?"

    After this, Patloo was tortured for two hours but let alone telling about the other Singhs, he didn't so much as reveal his real name. When the police began to remove Patloo's clothes in front of the whole village and Gobind Ram wanted to remove his kacherra, Patloo Singh filled with the spirit of Shaheedee. He yelled a jaikaaraa and grabbed Gobind Ram's throat. He pressed his long thumb into Gobind Ram's neck. Gobind Ram's eye's began to roll into his head and he began to gurgle.

    Gobind Ram shrieked, "Oy! You Mother-******s, Are you only going to free me from him when he's killed me?!!" Seven police officers barely managed to free him. Patloo was refusing to let go. As they pulled his thumb from Gobind Ram's throat, his thumb ripped the skin off and blood began to flow. Gobind Ram took out his revolver and shot Patloo. The Singh fell to the ground and became a Shaheed.

    Gobind Ram yelled, "Take all the people out of that home…bastards keep these people in their homes…sleep with their daughters…take them all out…let's change their family blood today." Hearing Gobind Ram's orders, the police took all of Amreek Singh's family out of the home, including all women and children. They began to beat the women and children with the butts of their rifles. The CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) and BSF (Border Security Force) officers began to tease and harass the women. One BSF officer tried to touch one woman, but she wrapped the shawl around her head even tighter around herself.

    Gobind Ram yelled, "Why? What's wrong with his hands? Are their (Singhs') hands better? " He began to walk towards the woman and she stood up.

    "They came with guns and asked for food…we gave it to them. What power do the weak have before the strong? But they weren't rude like you…"

    "The <admin-profanity filter activated> serves them like guests eh? Must be her daughter's husbands…" Saying this, Gobind Ram became enraged. He uncovered all the women's heads. He also removed all the family's clothes. The poor women sat in humiliation with their heads down. They were kept like this for two hours. After this, they took Amreek Singh Shah, his daughter-in-law, his son and a girl from his relative's home to the police station.

    After five days when all were released, the men returned with just bodily pain, but the women returned with not only injured bodies, but also with the weight of stories of how their spirits were wounded. This was the enforcement of the Brahmin "Sudheekaran" (raping non-Hindus to change their race).

    The Challenge

    Group Interrogation

    About ten days after this incident, Gobind Ram's hungry dogs again came back to village Gora Choor. All villagers from Gora Choor and the next villages, Kotlee, Bhangali, Kasakre, etc, were called to the village's Centre. Gobind Ram screamed, "All those between the ages of 15 and 50 go to one side!"

    "All these sons of pigs! Take off their skin! They all give refuge to their sons-in-law (Singhs)" The Police followed the orders and began to beat all the villagers with thick boards, batons and their rifle butts. Screams were heard everywhere.

    "I'll say it first then you repeat! If you don't, we'll beat you even worse. Surjan Kaur is a <admin-profanity filter activated>!…..Maninder Kaur is a <admin-profanity filter activated>!……Mandeep Kaur is a Prostitute!…."

    Gobind Ram then began to swear at a woman who was an Akali leader and was in the Amritsar Jail, accused of giving shelter to the Singhs. First Gobind Ram would himself swear and then force all the people to repeat after him.

    "…You bastards! Why don't you say it louder?… You mother……" He grabbed a baton and began to beat all the assembled people. Terrified, the villagers began to yell the cuss words even louder. He continued to lead them: "Surjan Kaur…..Maninder Kaur…..Mandeep Kaur….."

    People were forced to repeat and hung their heads in shame. Seeing an older Sardar with a tied beard who appeared to be a retired soldier, Gobind Ram yelled, "You! You pimp…you aren't swearing! Is she your daughter or something??" He then showered him with baton blows.

    The older Sardar replied, "Yes…Dirty <admin-profanity filter activated>…I am a retired Major of the Sikh Regiment. And yes, all the daughters of this village are my daughters. I fought three wars for this country…bloody nonsense. But I never saw any lowlife dog Officer like you before…you Mother****. The entire country's and the entire Earth's daughters are my daughters and sisters. They are daughters of every Sikh…"Daykh paraieeaa(n) changeeaa(n) maavaa(n) bhaiNaa(n) dheeaa(n) jaaNay…"

    "Their honour is dead that they keep yelling garbage about their own sisters and daughters…I can't bark like them. You know I am a Sikh soldier?" The enraged Sikh soldier had even yelled at the other villagers now. Hearing the Sikh soldier's bellows, everything became very still.

    Hearing the Sikh soldier, Gobind Ram was burning up. "Oh yeah? You won't cuss..?" He began to badly beat the elderly Sikh but he did not so much as utter a cry. Instead, he served the police officers a mixture of cuss words in English, Urdu and Punjabi.

    "…Take him away! We'll do his Court Marshall at the police station. Then he'll see what happens if you mess with Gobind Ram. Why are you all quiet?? Bark! Bark!!!" Gobind Ram ordered all the villagers and police officers. The Police Party took the old Sikh to Fatehgarh ChooReeaa(n) police station.

    "…Let Surjan Kaur come back from jail…just watch if I don't make her dance naked in front of all the village. And tell your brave warrior Karam Singh (Babbar) that when I get a hold of him, I'll see his bravery myself. And the rest of you big Sikhs…if you keep sheltering those bastards, I'm going to beat you to death and throw you into the river Beas…". He threatened the entire village and gave an open challenge to Bhai Karam Singh and all of Babbar Khalsa. He had invited his own death.

    Gobind Ram's party then left for their holes in the ground and the next day, the elderly Sikh officer's naked body was found in the village Centre. The people picked it up and took it away. The brave soldier was true to his word. His body was ripped apart like cotton but the glow of Khalsa Spirit was still shining from his face.

    To Be Continued......

  2. Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsaa! Vaheguroo Jee Ki Fatheh!

    ^^^Nope Bhenji it is Veer Manpreet Singh Jee because I was there at the Reansbaee Keertan tongue.gif . I have checked on Sikhroots and the track doesn't seem to be there either. I was hoping for someone who has it downloaded from AKJ.org.uk to kindly upload it again…

    Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsaa! Vaheguroo Jee Ki Fatheh!

  3. Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsaa! Vaheguroo Jee Ki Fatheh!

    Can someone kindly provide me with a link to Veer Manpreet Singh Jees' Keertan from Leicester Reansbhaeee Jan/Feb 2005/2006? One of the Shabads is:

    kb dyKau pRBu Awpnw Awqm kY rMig ]

    kab dhaekho prabh aapanaa aatham kai ra(n)g ||

    When shall I behold my God, and delight my soul?

    jwgn qy supnw Blw bsIAY pRB sMig ]1] rhwau ]

    jaagan thae supanaa bhalaa baseeai prabh sa(n)g ||1|| rehaao ||

    Even better than being awake, is the dream in which I dwell with God. ||1||Pause||


    This was previously on AKJ.org.uk, but I can't seem to find it anywhere now. Does anyone have it downloaded?

    Thank you.

    Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsaa! Vaheguroo Jee Ki Fatheh!

  4. Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsaa! Vaheguroo Jee Ki Fatheh!

    This one right?



    Here are a few more. I'm not entirely sure if the opening Shabads are done in Raag (they sound like they are), but the Keertan is great regardless:

    Bhai Harpreet Singh Jee Toronto Smagam July 2007 - Thursday Eve

    Bhai Harpreet Singh Jee Maryland Smagam 2007

    Bhai Harpreet Singh Jee Vancouver Smagam 2006 - Reansbaee

    Bhai Harpreet Singh Jee Vancouver Smagam 2006 - Friday Eve

    Bhai Harpreet Singh Jee Bakersfield Smagam 2006

    Bhai Harpreet Singh Jee Sydney Smagam 2005 - Tuesday Eve

    Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsaa! Vaheguroo Jee Ki Fatheh!

  5. Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsaa! Vaheguroo Jee Ki Fatheh!


    If you select your router under 'Goto Product Support Page:' and then just navigate to the downloads page, you should be given links to firmware updates. They have instructions on what you have to do to upgrade.

    The latest firmware for my router was supposedly for North America only, but it has worked despite me being situated in the UK.

    Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsaa! Vaheguroo Jee Ki Fatheh!

  6. Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsaa! Vaheguroo Jee Ki Fatheh!

    ^^^ I also have a Netgear router and was having similar problems last week. I got in contact with Netgear and they suggested to upgrade the firmware. The problem is now definitely fixed.

    Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsaa! Vaheguroo Jee Ki Fatheh!

  7. Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsaa! Vaheguroo Jee Ki Fatheh!

    If you already have Office installed on C before installing Windows on your H drive, then there is no need to install it again. Go to:

    C --> Program Files --> Microsoft Office --> Office10 --> Shortcut Bar --> Office

    And see if you can open up Word.

    When you install Office it tells you where it's going to install everything. If it says H:\Program Files\Microsoft Office then there should be a 'browse' button. Click on that and navigate to C:\Program Files folders and trying installing again.

    Hope that helps.

    Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsaa! Vaheguroo Jee Ki Fatheh!

  8. Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsaa! Vaheguroo Jee Ki Fatheh!

    Ah okay I see...you have Windows installed on both parts of your drive (C and H) which is why your getting the option at the start. Did you have all your programmes already installed on your C drive (Office etc.) before installing Windows on your H drive? If so, then you don't need to install anything again. Go to C --> Program Files --> Microsoft Office --> Office10 --> Shortcut Bar --> Office and it should all load. As long as your C is clear of viruses then you should be okay to still use the programmes.

    If you've installed all the programmes again on your H drive then you can uninstall them to free up space. I suggest you still boot from the H drive at the start just to be on the safe side, and use the existing software installed on your C drive. Just create shortcuts for them on your Desktop.

    Ideally you should format your drives and install Windows on one part. You've installed Windows on H too, but I'm not entirely sure on how you can get rid of it without losing all your work. Maybe you have a computer wiz in the family who you can sort this out for you?

    Also, maybe consider buying antivirus/firewall software. For example:


    £5 for a 1 year licence, you can't go wrong. But if AVG is working good then just stick to that.

    Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsaa! Vaheguroo Jee Ki Fatheh!

  9. Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsaa! Vaheguroo Jee Ki Fatheh!

    Yes!! Ofcourse you can use Office if installed on your C drive. If you click on you C drive do you see folders like 'Documents and Settings', 'Program Files' 'WINDOWS' etc? If you do, Windows is installed on C, if you don't then it's been formatted.

    If you C drive is clear of viruses (should be depending on which drive you formatted), then install all your programmes there from now on. Backup all the work from your H drive that you don't need onto an external hard drive (if you have one) or CDs/DVDs to free up a bit more room.

    Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsaa! Vaheguroo Jee Ki Fatheh!

  10. Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa! Vaheguroo Jee Ki Fatheh!

    What is the total capacity of each drive? It should tell you above the pie chart.

    I think the problem is your H partition is not big enough, which is why your getting the 'not enough memory' messages.

    Did you format your PC before installing Windows on H? Does C drive also still have Windows installed?

    I suggest that you run a virus scan on your C drive, and if its clear then install Office there.

    Usually C is used for installing Windows and all your programmes, and then the other partition of your drive (H for you) is used for your work.

    Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa! Vaheguroo Jee Ki Fatheh!

  11. Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsaa! Vaheguroo Jee Ki Fatheh!

    Ah okay so all your work is saved on H? How big is your C drive? Which drive is Windows installed on? Does your C drive still have a virus?

    Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsaa! Vaheguroo Jee Ki Fatheh!

  12. Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsaa! Vaheguroo Jee Ki Fatheh!

    If you go to your Desktop and click on My Computer:

    1. How many drives do you have? I.e C,D ?

    2. Right click on the drive (C,D) and go to Properties. How much free hard disk space and used space do you have?

    Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsaa! Vaheguroo Jee Ki Fatheh!

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