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  1. Lets get the facts straight here: FACT: If the Gurdwara was not involved this centre would never have been made or been able to survive as long as has.For over 15 years (excluding the last 4 years)all the bills of the Centre where jointly paid out of the Gurdwaras bank account, FACT: The Gurdwaras charity number and ownership of the freehold is not in question its the Gurdwara who own and run this building Fact: The money collected for the centre was done under the Gurdwaras name....Giving money to the Gurdwara is one thing...giving money to a bunch of community members to have a party hall
  2. All quite on the western front!! plans are probably being made to convert the centre to a Asian Centre...that way they can hold walimaah parties as well whilst allowing the "Indian" Parties to continue.... Inviting the muslim community in ahhhh....and the government has said multi culturalism has failed in Britain!!! THE FREEHOLD BELONGS TO THE GURDWARA!!!
  3. This clearly shows what we all suspected for a long time!! The cultural centre clearly belongs to the Gurdwara the rumour coming out of the langar hall is that the trustees and president are going to say that ownership of the centre belongs to the council not the gurdwara so the parties can continue regardless: FACT: The building was used as the gurdwara for 2 to 3 years when the other gurdwara was being built FACT: The gurdwara management committee has always ran the centre no council member has ever sat on the management committee of the centre FACT: After recent plans to extend the cent
  4. this will be a hard one as Dudley Gurdwara has a history of manmat and anti gurmat marahda the gurdwara is basically being run by oldies who run it like a club based on friendship and dirty politice and do not allow real guru sikhs and the youth to be given a voice. These people are only interested in the centre and once that is closed for parties they will probably leave the gurdwara all together as they have little interest in promoting sikhi.The whole thing needs to be looked at and the pakandi amridharies really need to be exposed. They think by changing the name of the centre and sign out
  5. Mod Note: The follow thread has been allowed to stay up but it does not represent FACT, the posters has specified throughout the response that they obtained this information from a third party and therefore its validity should be taken therefore as such. Personal references and attacks have been removed or edited to remain in the spirit of why this thread was started. Please refrain from making personal attacks and posting up personal information as it will be removed and aim to stick to the topic at hand. Dear Sangat I attended the gurdwara on Wellington Road Dudley today and was disgust
  6. Yesterday a meeting was held by eldery sangat of Dudley administered by the 5 member management commitee which it was agreed that the party hall owned by the Gurdwara would be extended to attract more wedding parties and that the sangats money could be used to pay for it. It was also suggested that the gurdwara could be used as a security for any loan for the extension. if the sangat has decided this can we do anything to stop it other than stop putting money in the golak??
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