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  1. If Mann had won the elections there would have been an emergency declaration overnight. Anyone who knows and understands Indian politics should understand that for Delhi Darbar regardless of whose in power, the Sikhs are viewed the same. Sikh nationalism is important to us Sikhs because we are the nationalists but to the Centre its an opposing force. Balram Jakkar in his 1987 speech suggested that sacrificing 2% of the population for the sake of the country would be worth it. Remember, the Indian security establishment has long known that the enemy of India is not external but rather internal and that being a scenario along the lines of civil war. They must not be underestimated. For the Indian establishment, its better to overestimate the Sikh hand then underestimate it as that would bring national unity in that they are up against a common enemy in this case the Sikhs. You guys are too overweight on the elections. Our leaders whether panthic or otherwise are just not very good at getting things done other than giving speeches. When you are fighting an enemy that uses violence where you are using a democratic and non-violence approach, you won't stand a chance. In this ugly dance of death the only hand you have to play is the one that strikes the enemy first. The Centre controls the budget, the pensions, the military, the IPS and IAS where only the junior level officers are controlled by the State. They control how much they would pay for the paddy and in an agricultural state like Punjab that would be disasterious if the farmers can't even break even. Simply put, they have the entire keyboard and mouse and know well that any of the keys if pressed could cause an avers affect. Put in another way, they control the water, the seed prices and the cost of the harvest and all we have is the land. Face it nobody likes the Sikhs except the Sikhs themselves and as a result its only we who can help ourselves. The only weapon we have is our Sri Sahib and the knowledge and common sense to use it when deemed necessary. Bittu along with Mann were the key actors in this struggle at the time whereby Bittu had much more experience than Mann as he spent more time in prison. You can't blame a person in this type of decision making as they say that hindsight is 20/20. However When a person is a "Sardaar" like Mann, their comes along with this title a certain recognition that Sardaars only work for themselves. Has anyone seen how Mann treats his party workers? When Mann is on the stage, no body speaks. When Mann was celebrating his daughters wedding his party workers were crunched together in a corner waiting for the queue to be allowed to eat which they did when everyone left; you should have seen the site as it was a very sad display of the panthic party that I have been supporting to this day. I am not trying get personal with Mr. Mann but to rather show a window into his mind which is the mind of a feudal landlord. Mann's release is a combination of events including his popularity. But it was this popularity that Rajive was trying the exploit against the Akali's. For Rajiv it was an excellent thing to do as this way he would have allowed the Sikhs to fight each other. Additionally, remember Rajive always had the last veto to declaring emergency. For the Indian state once again I reiterate that they are our puppet masters and thus call all of the shots as along as we play by their rules. However if we deviate from their rules than we will always stand a better chance to winning as they won't our next move. Look how difficult a time Hamas is having and yet they the full support of Iran and Syria and large amount of cash and a well developed structure. In our case we have no such support and hardly no cash. When your people are suffering from an ongoing genocide you don't go to elections as a solution to the problem! GurFateh........
  2. Brothers, Bittu and Party (KLF and co.) were against Mann fighting the elections. There is a lot of evidence that they probably went to the point of threatening him if he were to stand. They had a good reason for their opposition to the elections. I will explain them as follow. Firstly, GOI was continuously picking up young Sikh men and women and dissapearing /killing them and there was no end in sight. Even so, GOI was knocking off candidates from Mann's party. Such murders have been well documented in "Burnt to Ashes". Under these circumstances, how then could the Khalistani's all of a sudden support the elections. Secondly, even if we Sikhs had won the elections, many of Mann's party members were untrustworthy people with low to no character. Their only interest was the "Gaddi". Examples are Bibi Jagir Kaur, Ajit Muktsar and many more got their queue into Politics from Akalidal (Amritsar). Given the damage done to Punjab by GOI up to this point, there is no telling what it would do if the elections were won by Akalidal (Amritsar). The most probable response would have been the declare the state of emergency in Punjab and bring it under Governors (Central) rule. This would have been very easy to do and at the same time result in political unity at the cental level for the Congress/Janata Dal. In short Bitta and Party rightly beleived that the elections would have made no difference to the Sikhs particularly given the 500 years anti-Sikh history of the Brahmin rulers. Thirdly, given recent history, does anyone really believe that people like Mann have the brains and ability to create to any degree a sustaniable level of progress to the lives of Sikhs? Mann is a Sardaar and by ancestory has pedigree. He and his entire lineage has consumed from Punjab in the manner done by feudals. Whenever, Mann would visit democratic think tanks in UK, USA and Canada etc, he would always make a point to tell his audience that he is from landowing family of feudals. Such people only work for themselves and their family name. Being close to the Patiala family, he his children will always be part of the feudal network. Within most nationalism movements such people (Nobles) have always been the first to sell themselves to the enemy. For this reason, many around Bittu had little faith in Mann. Additionally, when negotiating with GOI for the Panth to support elections they needed some in return from the government which it had not yet received. Mann's main grudge against Bittu is that he never let him fight the elections and thus become chief minister. Additional grudges have started eversince Bittu joined politics as he has proven in a short period of time to be a more capable speaker and thinker than Mann which Mann has difficulty accepting. Bittu is clearly a gifted leader and this can be noted from his early age with the movement. Bittus, Pritam Singh Sekhon and several other young boys were all PAU students of Prof. Rajinder Singh Bulara who followed his path into the movement in 1984. On his part Mann should find a way to divorce his personal feeling against Bittu and behave in a more dignified way for the sake of the panth. My aim is not to discredit Mr. Mann but to present a view of the mindset of the Khalistani militants at the time of these elections to show why the were against the elections. Having said all of this, I would also like to point out that I have agreat deal of respect for the workers of Akalidal (Amritsar). They are most noble souls with great strength and conviction to stay committed to the cause of the panth and they should be praised for this. It is they who have been the true voice of Khalistan. The brother who has been supporting Mann from the very beginning is testamony to this.
  3. The issue of Khalistani from a strategic prospective is one of primarily military and military intelligence nature and secondarily diplomatic. Negotiations would come afterwards but only once a solid military achievement has been secured such as the balkanization of India. When I mean military I will leave that to be an open ended definition. Once the muscle has been flexed and a certain strategic objective has been achieved, will the negotiations begin. The Sikh leaders in the west have neither skill. Many are not very educated and those who are, are living so far away from their dusty Punjab that they would hardy qualify. I am sure your father is an honest Sikh and a fine gentleman and Khalistani. As far as Dr. Aulakh is concerned he is no different from the other Sikh leaders. A prerequisite for all the actors within the Khalistan freedom movement would be their willingness to give up their life. How many of us "keyboard warriors" are willing to go that far in real terms? How many of our Sikh leaders would be willing to give up their lifestyles let alone give up their lives for the sake of Khalistan? Just look back in recent history and you will see real Sikh leaders and Sikh warriors who walked the walked i.e. Sikh gurus, Sukha Singh Mehtab Singh, Sikh generals, Sardar Khalra, even Simranjeet Singh Mann and Bittu (at least they are fighting on the battlefield), Sekhon, Budhsinghwala, Labsingh, Manochal etc. They all had one thing in common that is missing in our SIkh leaders in the west and to an extent in India and that is that they have resigned to wager their lives for the sake of Khalistan. Its gives us comfort to think that we are doing something for our panth while living in west by keeping the movement alive but really we are just an actor in the propaganda game and nothing more because propaganda is only going to go so far and if the real goods aren't delivered that the propaganda affect will fizzle out. Alukh did a few good things at start but then that wore thin. Since then he hasn't been able to come up with a new game plan because there no other game plan other than to go the route of our great ancestors and take the fight to our enemy. The fact that he hasn't traveled to India in 22 years not a certificate to anything.Remember that Khalistan is far away in Punjab and not here in the West. Rode and most people in his family are cats. Lakhbir Rode is just waiting to go back to India once he negotiates the right price and grows old enough. Remember a rule that "75% of all houses in Rode village a groomed "mukhbars"". Its always your neighbours who know the most about you. The same is for Sursingh, Panjwar, Sultanwind villages etc. When the entrance to Dr. Sekhon's home was blocked off in his native Dulma village, it was his neghbours who robbed the place. When the Sikhs in Delhi were attacked it was their neighbours who did the most amount of damage. If it happens that Dr. Sekhon is no more than why haven't his US based Sikh backers informed his loved ones? This is the pathetic nature of the Khalistan movement and its participants. In short the existing Sikh leadership is capable of nothing but internal destruction so don't hold your hopes for them for too long. The only decent person I can think of is Bittu but he alone can't do everything. Ask yourselves where you plan to be 20 years from now? Do you see yourselves waiting for others to make a move or do you see yourselves as being more assertive and writing your own history. You certainly don't want to be writing these forum messages for the next 20-years. GurFateh....
  4. Dr. Sekhon is one of many young Sikhs who gave away their lives for the cause of the panth. He was responsible for the Radu kidnapping which resulted in the unofficial release of a large number of Singhs. They were originally targeting the Russian ambassador but accidentally mistook the Romanian ambassador's car instead. Once in their possession they hid him by driving him around in a milk truck for weeks until his release. Due to acts of genocide that started to occur soon after Operation Bluestar, Dr. Sekhon was drawn into the Khalistan freedom movement being very close to Bittu. The Indian media can say what they want as they have little to work with so their information is highly unreliable. He belongs to a minority of Khalistani Sikhs in that he is a highly educated and a critical thinker. Zafarwal Sahib may say whatever he may wish about Dr. Sekhon, however, it is to be noted that Dr. Sekhon never surrendered whilst Zafarwal did. He is also responsible for two terrific attacks on Saini and Bitta. These two were responsible for a large amount of genocide committed against Sikh civilians. Another is Tandon (BJP) of Ludhiana. In short he falls in the ranks of one of the most effective Khalistani fighters. For this reason, its important not to questions such a persons' credibilities or capabilities. Almost all Khalistani leaders in the west have been made a mockery of the sacrifices of these great young men and so I have little faith in them whether he may be Aukhakh or anyone else. Most Khalistani SIkhs in the west have made Khalistani into either a business or past time. Perhaps if you hear anything about him, you could let me know. GurFateh
  5. In that case, Sir may I ask from where you heard these stories about Dr. Sekhon? Did you read about them in a magazine or hear about them from the TV or internet? Can you please tell me where Dr. Sekhon is currently residing? Finally, can you please tell me what you know about Dr. Sekhon? Thanks, Provide.... http://www.sikhsangat.com/style_images/23g...icons/icon7.gif http://www.sikhsangat.com/style_images/23g...icons/icon7.gif
  6. SunnyBondySingh or whatever your name is, you are writing from Brussels the European HQ of RAW. That would suggest a lot about your relationships. You foolishly questioned Dr. Sekhon's Khalistani credentials, have got to be a GOI agent as you haven't foggiest idea about what the great things this great gentleman did during the 1980's and 1990's. I won't dignify your question/comments. You will not be responding to any of your questions or comments.
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