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  1. I have been collecting facts about the fate of Sikhs in Pakistan, and see a rising trend of anti-Sikh elements. 19 February 2003 – A 6 years old Sikh girl, Harvinder Kaur was kidnapped and converted. May 2008 - Pakistan lone Sikh police officers quits after harassments by fellow and senior officers. His turban was removed at one instance, and he was often made fun of. 16 April 2009 - The homes of ten Sikh familees were vacated by Taliban. 30 April 2009 - Taliban militants demolished 11 homes of Sikhs in Orakzai tribal region after they failed to pay 'jiziya' of Rs. 50 million. 5 September 2009 - Birs of Guru Granth Sahib burnt at Guru Nanak Darbar at Kandhkot. No case was registered. Later a panel was ordered to probe into the matter, with no effective results. 24 September 2009 - A group destroyed the building of the Gurdwara Kiara Sahib on 24 September. The police didn’t register any case. 29 November 2009 - A Sikh advocate, Anup Singh was kidnapped and mercilessly beaten and threatened with dire consequences recently if he did not convert to Islam. I collected all info I have found over months, and as a conclusion I can say the rate of crimes against Sikhs are rising and frequenter. Do something Khalsa Ji. WJKK WJKF Ji
  2. There are many bachchans by Guru Gobind Singh Ji. But in which puratan granths/books can I find them? Inn puttran ke sees par, vaar diye sutt chaar. Chaar muay to kya huaa, jeevat kaee hazaar. ਰਹਿਤ ਪਿਆਰੀ ਮੁਝੱ ਕੋ। ਸਿੱਖ ਪਿਆਰਾ ਨਹੀਂ Rehat Pyari Mujhko Sikh Pyara Nahi In Gareeb Sikhan Ko, (Main) Deeo Paatshahi, Yeh Yaad Rahey, Hamri Guriaee. Thanks in advance, WJKK WJKF Ji
  3. Basant Ki Vaar - Takes 1-2 mins Salok Mahalla 9 - Takes 8-10 mins Chaubole Mahalla 5 - 2-3 mins Ramkali Ki Vaar - Takes 5-7 mins Barah Maha Tukhari - Takes 6-8 mins Salok Mardana - Takes 2 mins Hope it helped... WJKK WJKF Ji
  4. I have been following this fight for a long time now (on this site, youtube, other Punjabi sites, etc). I think none of them is right. Babbu Mann could have been more specific (because I felt he wanted to say about Gurmeet Ram Rahim, but then he added the ' dholkian chimtey' bit, and I was confused). But Bhai Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwala isn't right either. Theek, he is doing nice parchaar, but doesn't make his opinion THE truth. Monna's aren't part of the 'wider' Sikh Panth? If not, then why are Udasis, etc considered Sikh by the oldest Jathebandis in Sikhi? Why can't a Monna speak up against issues? I respect a monna (not Babbu, just a monna who has sharda for Sikhi) more than these so-called Sikh like Sukhbir Badal (ohhh he is amritdhari...), and pakhandi saadhs, nangs etc. Has anyone tried to understand what Babbu Mann tried to say? He meant that today we are giving more importance to PAKHAND rather than doing the REAL PARCHAR. 'Baba Nanak Ne Turke Duniya Gaahti' is not to be taken literally. Guru Nanak Sahib also used boats etc during their udasis, so it isn't bad to use something for transport. BUT how is having several cars justified to do PARCHAR? 1 or 2 cars are enough... And WHY in gods name have they to be one of the latest models? But lets implement in our lives what Guru Nanak Sahib Maharaj Ji said; ~~ Ham Nahi Changae, Bura Nahi Koe ~~ ( I am not good, no one is bad ) WJKK WJKF Ji
  5. yeah i agree with you like totally... like but now im kind of happy because we now have a new gurdwara here where i live and the good thing is that everyone agreed on having no committee in the gurdwara and everybody is just doing sewa .. we even have conditions about gurmat so yeah i love it now i feel so much at home at this gurdwara even tho all guru ghar are same but this 1 seems at the top me

  6. Full support to Babbu Mann. I particularly like 'Ik Baba Nanak Si' WJKK WJKF
  7. E-mail daas aswell: sunny_the_mafia@msn.com
  8. Right... Do you take that literally or do you know that Gurbani uses "metaphors" at times? There are so many Shaheeds that weren't cut piece by piece... Or even in a battle field for that matter. Bhai Sati Das and Bhai Dyal Das were cut piece by piece? Were they martyred in a battlefield? But still they are Shaheed. They FEARLESSLY accepted Death instead of giving up SIKHI, THATS what the shabad is about. Means EVEN if you get cut piece by piece (a kahavat as they say in Punjabi) you won't leave the battlefield... When you go into a battlefield, you are also committing suicide in a way... When all those Puratan Singhs were given the choice to leave Sikhi/embrace Islam and Death, they choose Death, that is suicide...? Well, the battle in or after 1984 was not the same as in Guru Ji's times or Baba Banda Singh Bahadur's times. Shaheed Sukhdev Singh Jhamke fought bravely in his last encounter, but he had only one bullet left. He shot himself in the head... It takes one courage to do that, don't you think so? He knew he would be tortured, and would (unwillingly) give out some plans... So he did himself, what the police was going to do... WJKK WJKF Ji
  9. sarpanch saab what is sikh freedom ??? just do me a favor a very small favor translate a part of his song for if u can from his pro sikh movie hawayean ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3TfkXeut_8 forward the song to 2:40 let me write the song for you kavan ve sun kavan ve main vari des toon javan mirchan varro haniyo fer jhalan na desh havawan sadda punjab manna sada kashmir hoye ek inch chad na ni khich ti lakir hoye haddon par atvad pau band karna hun naio sarna bi hun naio sarna load pay gayi desh layi has ke jaan we waranga pab chakde manak nall gabru ho put sardaran de 1.Is it pro sikh or pro indian song? 2.Whome he is refering to atvad (terrorism) in his song 3.Is it sikh flag or indian flag in the background do translate that song first and lets see what is sikh freedom struggle ... thank you Double check your facts before posting them, that song is NOT in Hawayein. WJKK WJKF
  10. yeh man.. n then some sampardas/deras say they r puratan so their rituals make sense, when some r clearly against gurmat... but they wont jus listen =(

    for me gurmat is above ny jatha/samparda/sect

  11. Interesting views... But I was thinking Bhai Sahib... If everything happens due to Waheguru's Hukam, then isn't suicide/consuming cyanide a Hukam aswell? I mean it gets confusing here, doesn't it? Yes I'm sure of having read it some time back. Baba Ji was sad about this practise, and also said these practises belong to Tamil Tigers and other stuff. And it is indeed quite interesting, since own of his own lieutenants consumed cyanide during the Operation Black Thunder (Surjit Singh Penta). WJKK WJKF Ji
  12. guptveer1469

    Marrying Age

    My Community - SIKH / KHALSA Normal Marrying Age (Male)- whenever one is mature enough to commit oneself to that sacred relationship Normal Marrying Age (Female)- whenever one is mature enough to commit oneself to that sacred relationship WJKK WJKF
  13. Waheguru Waheguru How can we turn a blind eye to this? Waheguru Waheguru
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