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  1. Sat shri akal all, Earlier this week on the sikh channel (840), kirtan by sant anoop singh ji was shown. I cant remember the full shabad, but it had the following bol: Ab chal nagar gobind guru ka. Does anyone know from which album this is from or if the video can be found on youtube. I cant seem to find it anywhere. I know many other ragis have sang this shabad, but im only interested in this one sang by sant anoop singh ji. Thanks
  2. AkalPurakhDaSikh


    I agree 100% with flappingwings comments above. Having kesh is a sign of saintlyhood and remember after all we are saint soldiers. There are 2 many players out there who make a complete mockery of being a sikh by having pony tales and cut beards which make em look like puppets. Do not try and imitate them as they are "born into a sikh family" but are from being a sikh.
  3. I definetly relate to how you feel when people talk so bitterly to you. Its even harder when its your apna singh mates. My view on this is that aj kal neevay bande nahi milde. People are full of rubbish these days and seem to get joy but hurting others. All i can say is rise above bhaji and just follow sikhi. Jo karega so bharega. I dont have an answer for your question about dastaars.
  4. AkalPurakhDaSikh

    Who Is Wahegur

    I would just like to add that can and say a few brief points: 1.) Akal purakh can take the form of anyone and anything. Can come in the form of a guru, teacher etc 2.) Guru nanak dev ji's body(shree) was never buried or cremated as is the case of when a person dies. That is all that i would like to say,
  5. AkalPurakhDaSikh

    Doubts And Clarifications In Bani

    Akal purakh is in everyone. His roop is in vishnu, shiv, etc. But he himself (akal purakh) is without form. He is the one who has created every devi, devta to perform and look after various areas of his creation. Vishnu has come in many avtars over the centeries in ram, krishnan, narsing etc. Guru gobind singh ji has given his stated in jaap sahib ki what the almighthy himself is. This is all that i know. If wrong, pls accept my apologies. I to am also learning.
  6. AkalPurakhDaSikh


    Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh SSA all, Not sure if anyone could help me on this, but a while ago the TV channel Lashkara used to show beautiful kirtan from various gurdwaras. One kirtan in particular came from bangla sahib, where koi bole ram ram koi khudda hay was sang by ragi log and i just to know that if anyone remembered the name of the jatha doing the kirtan? It was in my mind the best sang shabad of koi bole ram ram koi khudda ae. Thanks
  7. AkalPurakhDaSikh


    I thought japji sahib was originally of 40 pauris, but 3 have been removed/lost?? Is that right??
  8. AkalPurakhDaSikh


    Thank you all so much for your replies. I didnt want to sound arrogant/hurtful to anyone by saying "what does one get" in doing paath. It didnt come out in the right way that i intended. Mainu pata hai ki bani paran day naal, gur da sikh waheguru naal jordha hai, sukh mildha hay. I didnt mean to offend anyone, apologies to my singh brothers. I just wanted to know the meaning in summary of each paath. I have many other questions to ask. I'll probably open a new topic.
  9. AkalPurakhDaSikh


    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh all. I have some questions regarding the various paath's that we have in the granth sahib, something i know all of you have answered somewhere before. 1.) What does one get by doing Japji sahib, jaap sahib, sukhmani sahib? For example if a fellow sikh just recited japji sahib and not the others does he/she not obtain guru ghar dian khushian?? I hope this makes sense.
  10. AkalPurakhDaSikh

    Speak Punjabi!

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh. I think the best way to learn punjabi is to speak more of it. Unfortunately the so called 'common' singh in your class wont know much punjabi and so you wont improve your grasp of the language this way. Speak more with parents, listen to sukh-sagar radio, watch channel punjab. Go to gurdwara and speak with some giani's. I know this can sound daunting but its the way forward for you. Hope this helps

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