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  1. i think this is in the janam sakhis about dasam paatshah if im not mistaken.
  2. anyone have sudharam marag granth??? as pdf? looking for it...
  3. and r there any other pothis? (pran sangli) I have come across 4 in my reading. 1. goindwal pothi - i only have this one 2. guru harsahai pothi 3. ahiyarpur pothi 4. pothi harjas are these the 4 pothis that mcauliffe wrote about, or did he write about 5? if not, what are they and where can i find these pothis published in their complete form? ive come accross damdama sahib pothi, kartarpur pothi, patna pothi, and amritsar pothi. Ive have assumed that these are the full aad granth. am i right? I have also come across "MS 1245" manuscript 1245, amongst many other manuscripts. does an
  4. and the guru har sahai pothi, and the Ahiyapur Vali Pothi, and the harjas pothi where can i get these plzzzz thanks
  5. yes i know it does, but i cannot find it in the sau sakhi. i have the pdf version. i dont see y the pdf should be different. i want the punjabi version, and i cannot find it in this pdf of sau sakhi. b 38037869-Sri-Gur-Ratan-Mal-Sau-Sakhi-Punjabi.pdf
  6. y doesnt anyone reply to this? i cannot find the raj nama in the sau sakhi. everyone quotes sau sakhi as the source. its not in there. if its in the janam sakhi, which JS? and what about the other writings?
  7. where can i get raj nama, kakaar vichar and bihangam ban from? theres also a bani assiciated with p:10 called bani bihangam. i have this. is this the same as bihangam ban (whihc is associated to gru nanak dev ji)?
  8. I need help in finding the apocryphal bani called - raj nama - kakar vichar - bihangam ban ive looked in the cummingham book on 340, its in english (below) anyone have a punjabi source or is it just in the janam sakhis? which janam sakhi? i have naseehat nama and karni nama, hazarnama etc... i am stuck on where to find these three. thanks APPENDIX XX THE ADMONITORY LETTERS OF NANAK TO THE FABULOUS MONARCH KARUN; AND THE PRESCRIPTIVE LETTERS OF GOBIND FOR THE GUIDANCE OF THE SIKHS. Note.—Two letters to Karun are attributed to Nanak. The first is styled the 'Na
  9. ok, so where could i find them? bala JS? or which JS? im looking for specifically the raj nama
  10. yes but is it in the sau sakhi as everyone claims! ive sent a link on page 1 of this thread, is it the same sau sakhi?? if so, y is there no karni nama and raj nama in there??? thanks. i am basically lookig for the bani of karni nama (besides the one in beant bania da sundar gutka_, and THE RAJ NAMA (NON ENGLISH). if anyone can help, please do. i cannot find it online.
  11. HI, so ive found a pdf of sau sakhi, but no raj nama or karni nama in there! is it just that i cant see it and its actually in there, or is it not?? http://www.globalsikhstudies.net/pdf/sau%20sakhi.pdf
  12. their basis for questioning dasam bani is always flawed. letters etc have stated and listed guru G's bani from bhai mani singh to mata G. so if you think dasam granth can be questioned, please think again. and again. and yes, guru g wrote bani, lots of it. and which bani are you talkin about when you say "open you doors.." ? dasam bani?
  13. well, i've found the bani and it mentions guru nanak dev ji's travels to srilanka and raja shiv nabh in a dohra. it also mentions paintees akhri. it also mentions daya singh as well a few times. i have not found where this bani is from tho. re bhramanik mentality, in the "pooranmashi katha", it mentions q few times to keep varat on puranmashi. this is a blatant anti gurmat statement made again and again. people may say, bhookhe bhagat na keejai, but, we can understand the varat to mean, the daan to god i.e. meditate. Sarbloh granth says "jathasakat daan >bhookai< kahu; padpankaj mehe
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