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  1. wjkk wjkf i have these doubts too. i had the opportunity to attend one amrit sanchar, but i couldn't go there. and after some days i talked with some other bhenjis who actually wanted to take amrit too and also couldn't go there. the strange thing is: everyone of us had doubts. and now when we talk about the amrit sancg´har, we thank wahgeuru that we didn't took amrit couse we definetly had broke rehat. we were not prepared. i think these doubts are like a test. u have to overcome them. if u do, you have a blind faith in waheguru and you are prepared to take amrit. wjkk wjkf
  2. it didn't worked for me. i really tried to wake up, but i couldn't. i dunno why. my amrit wela was soooooo good, since i have my exams, i can't sleep so good, and therefore i can't wake up at amrit wela. but i don't give up!!!
  3. waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh thank u a lot. u r right, it's a battle in the head. what i learned is that only waheguru will help u, only he is your support. now i remember when i took the decision to wear dastaar in school, i knew it would be hard, i knew that i wll have to face problems. but i hab to choose , if i want to be a sikh or not. and if u wanna be a sikh, u have to be brave, u are never afraid of facing problems. u have to be strong. and in this battle u become strong. the funny thing is that when one problem is solved, another appears. now my parenst are okay, the people say that i am just doing dhakawa. chal koi naaa waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh
  4. Hey phenji, How's everything?

  5. waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh bhaji waheguru! bhaji u r soooo chardikala!!!! really. if my parents would stop talking with me , i would never bear it. perhaps my parents would not bear it.lol. as u have written that u met a nihang singh, i met also some great bhenjis and bhajis. since then i changed a lot. before meeting them a did paath and kirtan, but after meeting them , i realised what a sikh is. i wanted to become like them. the only problem was that my bhenjis and bhajis live very far away from where i live. my parenst aren't so much in sikhi. they always criticize me, when i wear a small keski at home, or wear more karre, they find always something to criticze. in january was here an amrit sanchar. they didn't allow me to take amrit. since i am going with a dastaar to school, we have everyday, really everyday, discussions. now i have stopped to talk with why i won't stop with wearing my dastaar. my mummy understands me (sometimes), she also said that she is proud of me, and that she sometimes thinks that i am her son, not daughter. lol. my daddy is sometimes alright, and sometimes he is against dastaar. now i don't care. i took my decision, and i am happy with me, and i love my dastaar, if others don't like my dastaar..menu kii, i don't care!!! lol thank u very much 4 ur post, it really encouraged me and i hope other too. stay in chardikala waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh bhul chuk maaf karni
  6. what u said bhaji is very important, cuz some of my sisters have really problems now with hankaar. they think that they are better than the other bhenjis, who don't wear a dastaar. it is really sad... they have changed. i pray that waheguru do kirpa on them. as i have already written..i make no good experience since i started wearing my dastaar. its really hard for me. it's like i am fighting 24 h with myself and the others.... maybe this is the reason why i am not so in hankar.... but now i am facing new problems!!!! i am wearing dastaar since october 07.. i have pimples on my scalp( i had to look this word up in the dictionary.lol. learned a new word!!! ). and they really hurt!!! sachi!!!! i dunno what to do. the doctor gave me some medicine which i have used for 1 month, but it doesn't help. do you think it is because i started to wear dastar? pls help sangat ji wjkk wjkf bhul chuk maaf karni
  7. wjkk wjkf just keep tryin. i learned to tie a dastaar on my lil sisters, and then i could tie it on me. i couldn't learn it with the videaos, one day you will have your own style. :D wjkk wjkf
  8. wjkk wjkf thank u all very very much. it really helps my sisters and me. but the situation is gettin worse. now some of my sisters stopped wearing dastaar. it is hard for all of us. the sagat effects alot on me. when they try to persuade me to stop wearing my dastaar, i become weak.i dunno what to do. bhul chuck maaf karni wjkk wjkf
  9. waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh thank u very much. it really helped me. i read the replies 3times. lol. now i will never think of taking off my dastar. really. but why have girls more problems with dastaar ??? i knoe so many bhenji who want to wear dastaar but the parents don't alloe them. we all want to take amrit but our parnts don't allow us. we always think that koi naa waheguru kirpa karan ge.
  10. waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji i fateh i have a really big problem. some girls started to wear dastaar. we asked our parets what they think and they said that they do'nt accept our decision. it will craete a lot of probs in school and in finding a job etc. But we trust waheguru and started goping with dastaar to school. No one had probs in school, people were surprised when they saw us but no one really bullied my sisters or me. where we live are not much sikhs, and i think we are the firts sikh girls who tie dastaar in school. we all feel very good with our dastaar. now we are happy how we are. we really feel like we are sikhs. but our parents..... they don't support us. they always discuss with us and discourage us. we all are very dissapointed. we don't know if it was right to start tying dastaar. my parents say, that i will never find ajob, people will discriminate me, people will hate me. i should accept that i live in a foreign country, wit a different culture. i should be like them. they always say : jaisa des waisa pes. but what with my gurus??? is sikhi a fake? doesn't it fit with this time? i ask my parents what they think about the shaheeds, they sacrified their lives for the guru, they never gave up, and we...we gave up when we get problems with our parents or in school. my parents say that i should stop tying my dastaar or my "pagg" as they always say, what should i do??? they are very angry with me because i said i will never stop tying my dastaar. they said they will send me to india. one of my sisters was beaten by her father. i was really shocked. now i am really confused....is it all a test? or is it reality, i mean should we stop tying dastaar? perhaps is sikhi not for us..... please help us sorry for my bad english wjkk wjkf
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