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  1. Well people asked me why I want to get married...Now biggest problem in the UK is people don't want to take any kind of responsibilty thats why they don't want to get married....about marrying a girl from UK is concerned ..I don't know why the British Accent from sikh girl over just turns me off...May be I am sounding rude to all the girls over here..I wish there were few good sikh girls from India were here...I really like one muslim girl in my office..she also cares for me a lot..but I just want to marry a sikh girl...About why I want to get married I am giving enough reasons below.. to come home to her every night, to wake up besides her every morning, comfort her when she cries, find solace in her when I am upset,talk to her through the night, tell her jokes,always be ready with a witty repartee to pull her leg,laugh at her eccentricities,tell her how lovely she looks,pick dresses for her, let her pick clothes for me,insist her to wear my fave color, worry about her if she gets late in getting back from work,spring up little romantic surprises on her, take her out to candlelight dinners,whisper sweet nothings in her ear, try to hold her hand while driving,talk to her every few hours just to hear her voice,to celebrate festivals with her,to feel proud of her,to want to make her happy, to have pillow fights with her, to make her feel wanted in my special way..list is endless.
  2. SSA Everybody, I am a gursikh software professional working in London.I was wondering if there is any place in gurudwara's that take care of sikh matrimony services over here.I am on Tier1 VISA and prefer a girl from Indian origin working here like me. I went to INDIA for the sake of getting married last year and I spent 5 months before I got engaged to a girl.I came back over here and my ROKA was broken because of some unknown reasons.I went in Nov last month and I have realised it is too difficult to handle this part from here.I am thinking to go back again in Janurary for some more time to find a girl.I am simply tired and upset with all this.I don't need sympathy on this but I want a open support on this.I am new to LONDON and have that feeling that for marriage I need to go back to INDIA only.
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