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  1. no one is not disputing that the sikhs dont need a channel, but we need transparency esp when they are not a charity
  2. Yes they are using the same resources same studio, same office area, same staff, they share the bandwith for the uplink which is the biggest cost. you dont have to have the same company name to utilise resources i agree with paneer monsterm they should have the funds in the 1st place or not run the channel in the 1st place, bal is a multi millionaire why doesnt he use his money or turn the channel into a charity and people may support it!
  3. omg obviously you dont know anything about business. sister channel as in utilsing the same resources and being run by the same people duh
  4. whats ofcom got to do with it, ofcom just issues the license, the channel is being run by frauds full stop
  5. brit asia and the sikh channel are owned and run by davinder bal who also owns claim to day solicitors so singh@ get your facts right
  6. Gurfateh Ji I have been watching sikh channel since it launched and have seen the constant appeals. But what they have done today takes the biscuit. I have been speaking to many people who have just recently been helping out at the sikh channel first of all they are trying to run a sikh channel, demanding money and not delivering quality programming. They are lying to the sangat its not costing them £50,000 per month They are sharing resources with their sister channel brit asia, all they are paying are for is the sky fees and their share of the bandwith which is going to be no more than £20,000 They are not paying for staff as they have inturns from europe, and have 2 paid staff. SIkh channel is not a charity. The sikhs need a channel but they need one that is transparent and delivers what they promise. sangat have no issues in supporting a channel but they should be honest with their intentions and not mislead them by presenting themselves as a non profit org
  7. I think its quite self explanatory They have said their main is prachaar - thats all we should care about They have explained their meaning of the sangats channel Personally i dont know why your making a big thing out of it We should be supporting them instead of as usual finding faults We need a sikh channel they are trying to get one, People with closed minds are the reasons why we dont progress
  8. But why is it that people put all these ragis on pedestals thinking that they are so great, just because they have nice voices and vaaja skills, but shouldnt they have a good jeevan as well, my friends have been close to some of the top ragis, but when you get to know them on a personal basis that they are nothing like they are on stage so is it becoming a farce? as we seem to rush me included to the gurdwaras when a top ragi is there but otherwise we have to push ourselves to go! its like we are going for religious entertainment and not for the Guru who is always there!
  9. Fateh Ji Saadh sangat please forgive me for my ignorance and lack of knowledge But in a conversation with quite a few people I dont understand why we the sangat give raagis money, Gurus Kirtania are suppose to be on a higher level, but by giving them money to me it feels like we are taking pity on them and giving them money as we would do to a beggar Furthermore i have come to know that ragis are so money minded these days, they ask about money before anything else. the sharda has gone now it seems who ever pays the higher price gets the program So what i want to know is there a reason why money is given? and when people say that these ragis are putting a value on gurbani? do they have a point?
  10. went to slough yesterday for the 1st prog?! why was it not on the poster? i dont know but Bh Davinder Singh Sodhi has not turned up?
  11. Im new to all of this so i apologise for my ignorance What is atamras?
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