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  1. GurFateh! I have a related question. Were hunting dogs of Guru Gobind Singh vegetarians? I have always wondered how they cared for dogs while in his court kennels? Thanks for your intuitions on this.
  2. toni


    Here is the link on Skhnet with Bhai Nihang Sukha Singh Akaali reciting raag aarti with katha ) http://hukam.sikhnet.com/2008/09/27/hukamn...tember-27-2008/
  3. toni


    sat nam, If you search on the sikhnet daily hukamnama translation site you can hear Bhai Nihang Sukha Singh Akaali recite "aarti" properly. If I can find it, then I will post it here. Good question.
  4. Forum member Inder Singh has started a thread at sikhsangat.com entitled Slander of Dasam Granth at SPN. On the thread Inder Singh and other members of sikhsangat have made numerous public allegations that various SPN members, moderators and mentors have slandered Sri Dasam Granth, and that SPN admin has aided and abetted the slander. It is unfortunate that sikhsangat has allowed such negative propaganda at the behest of one member without confirming these allegations independently. SPN has not acted in a similar way toward any other Internet forum. Despite his provocations, SPN has accommodat
  5. From aad0002 ji -- a message "Who sleeps with dogs wakes up with fleas." A saying from the folk heritage of the south of Italy. Consider the message when you pause and reflect on the extent to which this discussion has extended or enriched your vichaar of Dasam Pitah, his banee, or his contributions to moral theology and the spiritual well-being of this earth. If my comment does not make sense to you, then it is by His Hukam, and according to His Wisdom. I am grateful. Antonia
  6. I like this thread very much veer ji. The way you have pulled together the important information into a chronology is great! The chronology continues, making this thread a good research resource for the "net." I won't say more to disrupt your flow. Sat Sri Akaal!
  7. Sat Sri Akaal! What is it about the kara that wards away evil? Is it the kara itself -- does it have special powers? My kara reminds me constantly of my bondage to the Satguru and to stay close to the path of dharma. Am I protected by the kara or by my belief?
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