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  1. Significance of Salok Gurdev Mata Gurdev Pita Whenever Baba Harnam singh would recite a Sehaj path or give santhiya (teach how to read Gurbani) to a new learner he would come across a specific instruction written at the end of the prayer of “bawan Akhri” in Raag Gauri by the 5th Guru. He would ponder oer the gurbani and its meaning and why guruji said “read this salok at the beginning and end”. This instruction appears both at the beginning and at the end. Babaji was confused and thought why did Guruji find it necessary to write this? He asked people and some would say that this in
  2. wjkk wjkf excellent seva united we stand , divided we fall. big up the organisers for taking this seva on, these sanja programmes are a wikid way forward, every one needs to attend to show support, lets come under the nishan sahib together. let our nishan be, betterment of humanity and the protection of justice and welfare of the human race the sarbat 09 sanja programme was live, altough more sangat shud have turned up. so lets all make a extra effort for this one. do nothing then nothing changes make this a sticky till next week please, is there a poster or sumting
  3. excellent album, unique in style. track 11 is tooo emotional, makes u shiver, track 12 and 13 kill it too. i love all the tracks really. really good and powerful album.
  4. keep up the good work guys Guru Kirpa, well done! a positive move.
  5. about sikh unit Sikh Unit are London (all parts) based Rap artists that vocally paint a picture of situations that are happening around the world and in their local communities. All the Mixtapes have being made in a basement with no professional equipment, so the production is not the best thing about this group. Band members: Killa, Assassin, Ambition, Sikh Soldier, Justice & Victory (J.V), Gizmo & Jonz L. Sikh Unit: “The tunes were not made for top of the pops, we just kept it real and raw” But the tunes have deep lyrical content regarding real life
  6. lol the marriage topics have more veiws then recent beadbi and zulam ones, what is happening to us lol messed man
  7. there is a picture in which baba bidi chand had to jump in a fire to hide from mughal soldiers, he asked guru ji for protection and he was not burned, guru ji protected his sikh, there is a gurdwara bulit in patti to commerate this on the spot this miricle took place, i am after the picture of this epidsode of our great history has any one got it, post it up on here, or email singhrowproductions@hotmail.com
  8. who ever done it, it was defo not the work of a true sikh of guru gobind singh ji. innocent poeple got killed, R I P to allthe victims and may their soul rest in peace and may waheguru bless thier families with strengh. This world is mashed up, too many mind games going on, some things only god knows.
  9. wjkk wjkf Wid Gurus kirpa things like this are needed in every area. Some of the Singhrow sevadars went here for a day, it mashed us up could not get up for a week. The singhs are doing a great job and are on the level. i was well shocked when we saw that the hall was packed and that even singhnis were taking part, it was a good feeling seeing guru gobinds singhs ji;s childern taking part in martail activity. good stuff
  10. Singhrow: Study on Satkar (Respect of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji) Those who do not respect Gurbani are not my Sikhs – Sri Guru Har Rai (7th Guru of Sikhs) We could be here for hours talking about how the satkar for Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji can be improved throughout the UK. But in this study I will be highlighting two violations and the way forward to resolve these issues. The one thing Sikhs have lacked is the potential and ability to create awareness about issues. The main reason for this is because there has never been a united movement to resolve a common issue. People always bri
  11. Singhrow Study – How to get local Youth Involved in the Local Gurdwara/Sikhi scene. Introduction Having travelled to most cities this year it is very sad to see that a lot of towns and Gurdwaras are totally neglecting our youth. So why do we still wonder why our youth are corrupted by the vices of life. So many girls are running away from their homes with non –Sikhs because they don’t have any knowledge on our history and religion. Our boys act like clowns and have become piss-heads because they too have not got a clue about the honour of our ancestors. We can’t blame them to extent beca
  12. Singhrow Productions UK Mission Statement: Parchaar (awareness of our roots) to Sikh-Punjabi Youth We have produced a range of materials which have specific target audiences. All our views are backed up with Gurbani & Sikh History. We keep topics simple and straight to the point taking the angle of common sense. We are dedicated to educating our youth about their roots in a format they will understand. A lot of youth are confused about our faith. Our organisation was set up to provide support and guidance to our youth from sevadars who have been through the pitfalls of m
  13. Singhrow Study – Understanding Our Guru Introduction A lot of Sikh-Punjabi youth and even me for years did not realise who and what our Guru is! Although it is a very simple concept to understand, a lot of people and parchaarics don't get this concept out to the Sangat. Only when we realise who and what our Guru is; will we take our religion serious. I am not going to write lines after lines in this study, I'm just going to make a few basic concepts clear. What Does Guru Mean? Gu means darkness and ru means light, in other words Guru means the teacher that can take us from a dark-d
  14. Singhrow – a study on the effects of lust Introduction O my Lord and Master, I know nothing. My mind has sold out, and is in Maya's hands. You are called the Lord and Master, the Guru of the World. I am called a lustful being of the Dark Age of Kali Yuga. The five vices have corrupted my mind. Moment by moment, they lead me further away from the Lord. Wherever I look, I see loads of pain and suffering Ang 710 SGGSJ We are currently living in kuljug (the Dark Age), in kuljug dark energies pervade the world and try to keep us away from Waheguru. One of the weapons kuljug
  15. Singhrow - Guidelines on Sikhi camps Introduction With Guru Ji’s kirpa I have been working with S.C.Y.S for two years and have attended many types of Sikhi camps. This year I was lucky enough to attend ten camps all over the country; my experience has allowed me to notice a lot of things. I have also just completed a year long course which taught me all about running group events. I will briefly give some guidelines to the sangat; I hope you find them useful. Why we do camps! 1. The main reason is to get the youth or adults into Sikhi. 2. To enhance the Sikhi of pr
  16. i have seen alot of sikh prisoners in my time, there is alot of sikh women who fought back against their husbands that abused them (the provoked story). young girls that were hooked on heroin and commited petty crime. some times alot of people end up in prison for standing up for themselves or the truth just like the gurus did. i went jail 2 years ago for defending a muslim lady wearing the purka against racist yobs. there were many mona sikh-punjabi lads in prison. i used to tell them sakhi of bhai taru singh ji etc , alot of apnas started coming to sikh sessions through word of mouth, but th
  17. vismaad productions are doing amazing seva for the panth. i got all there previous three dvdz. so inspiring. cant wait for this. please people buy the originals that way they will have the funding to make more. and in this day and age were cartoons are just so pansy we need our kids to watch these type of cartoons.
  18. Sikh-Punjabi Youth in the UK prison system feel Isolated and let down by there community. Introduction: Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji came to redeem the world from the clutches of kuljug. Guru Ji reformed many sinners, in turn causing them to merge in waheguru. Amongst his travels he changed mass murders like sajjan the thug and he even softened the heart of cold blooded cannibals. In recent history Sants have reformed many lives by linking the masses to Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Bhindranwale converted the lives of many robbers, drug dealers and smugglers for the better. He
  19. Setting aside your use of vulgar words, your voice sounding like a council estate chav, or more appropriately, the Singh version of Ali G, didn't do you any favours. Dear sangat ji the singhrow sevadaars are not sants or role models, we are dogs of the panth, where ever the sangat pull our lead we go. we are full of mistakes and corruptions, we ask forgiveness for our downfalls and short comings and ask all sangat to do ardass for our guidance. all we do is share our thoughts and express ourseleves. in sikhi we are all from different backgounds and upbringings, thats why guru ji included
  20. The Singhrow study looks at the affects of lust on society in the present climate. The statement is a reply from a member of Singhrow to those who were critising the saweya talk which he done on the 16th August 2009 at Sikhi camp. Check out www.singhrowproductions.blogspot.com for the articles.
  21. lots of topics disscussed - just mentioning a few 1. discrimination against the disabled in guru ghars 2. the right maryada of langar street survival talk 5 demons cowards in the panth/journey of the soul da sikh art of war dancing jewellery rakhri clubbing homosexuality miricles in the panth the game of love and anti papu talk never forget 84 talk www.youtube.com/singhrow
  22. the ardas sikh women creation of the khalsa drugs and sikhi threats to our youth the lifestyle of a warrior www.youtube.com/singhrow
  23. Two New Documentaries added, more to come: the documentaries added now are 1. Ancestry Blood Documentry 2. Gurmat and meat Documentry http://www.youtube.com/Singhrow
  24. The whole Singhrow team would like to thank The Akaal Youth Organisation, who with Guru's Kirpa are doing a tremondous job and putting in a 110% to develop their local Sikh youth with Sikh principles of Seva (helping others) and Simran (Spiritaulity). Also thanks to The G5 Media team who with Gurus kirpa are a deticated team to promote Sikh Principles and unity of the Khalsa Panth. They are up and down the Country and attend programmes of all Jatha bandies with the Chardi Kala of the Panth In mind. Sevadaars of the Singhrow team were invited to do the a talk at akaals - Saint Soulja youth f
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