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  1. It's not THEM were talking about as we already said in the first post that everyone followed the proper protocols APART from Bob Ainsworth who is not in these Photographs and the one photo of him that was taken was taken After the Event.As one of the main guests why isn't he on any of these pics?,
  2. Some further details and developments to this issue ( see earlier post ) http://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?showtopic=44857 The meeting was origonally planned for the Ramgharia community centre in Foleshill but for some reason was changed the day before by Sucha Singh Bains. people who were present at the occasion included the following: Gian Singh Shokur (Presedent) Mahar Singh Kang (vice stage sec) Surinder Singh Sahota (mantainence secretary ) Lakhbir Singh (Giani of GNP) Tersem Singh Shokur ( Indian Community Centre ) Baldev Singh Sahota ( Indian Community Centre ) Avtar Sin
  3. Yes it did happenand many well respected people who saw it first hand and even some of the commitees own traditional supporters were outraged and disgusted and as was said the apology for the act was made in front of the whole Sangat. true is true.
  4. Shame on MP Bob Ainsworth -Expenses -now this Yet more disrespect for Guru Granth Sahib On Wednesday the 27th of May Harriet Harman the deputy prime minister and Bob Ainsworth Minister for Armed forces and MP for Coventry North East, together with Nina Gill the labour E.U. Parliamentry candidate visited the Gurdwara Guru Nanak Parkash in Coventry. This visit was privately arranged and known only to some of Bob Ainsworths friends and supporters within the current committee After arriving and being met by the Gurdwara president and some other members they had a private meeting in a downstai
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