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  1. roj karamaat ho re ne, bachitar natak, the world is full of karamaats, shamsheer is a karamat, dhan dolat is also a karamaat, boht kuch hunda ena naal duniya vich amongst others....surprising events or realizations which strike a interest in us, marvel us with sensation; a wonder which goes beyond 'akul di duniya, and akul toh thileh di duniya' goes beyond above the world of intellect and comprehension, where your akul and sochani stops uthe parmatma di duniya hundi ah...jena di surth te jeevan shakti ageh lang ke vin chuki hai ohna de bol sir toh upparo langan ge, keyi vaar pakard vich neyi aun ge... sant te avtar ena doma toh ucha uth jande ne..oh na man di duniya naal boht lamba wahwasta rakhde ne naa sansar naal, dhan, tan naal. Karamats are realized daily through a aghami state.

  2. thanks for all the replies people will surely check all these out soon.....another one is the little budha....never really learned about their way of life before but i think this movie also has a lot sikhs could take out from for example when he overcomes what holds his mind back from true enlightment they show flowers dropping, we can interpret that as 'amrit varsing' from naam simran and connection (yog-becoming one) with waheguru.

  3. aint no one afraid to debate uklondonsikh, the bani your questioning on here (bachitar natak) i listen to everyday, i've had numerous debates on bachitar natak, in past 2013 iv had 0, reason being i don't even look at the faces of those doubting gurbani, you don't believe in dasam bani to be guru gobind singh ji maharajs thats why you think you are not doubting what guru gobind singh ji maharaj has sad, either way if my believing in bachitar natak is manmat, yes equally yours not believing is manmat as well, i personally have found 0 positive outcomes while discussing bachitar natak specifically with those questioning it, my comment was straight to mods, seen this too many times with the same user, still hold same message to mods to not hold back on certain people questioning bani,

    , baki i suggest you find proper arths and like others said meet giani sher singh, listin to katha on bachitar nataksant jarnail your questions would be answered by those willing to further deal with such ppl...and another thing dont take no ones silence as a weakness of lack of vichar... staying away from what i perceive as nindaks is best option, though i won't shy away from atleast asking mods to take further action on those continously question gurbani (what is most impt to me in life). Not engaging is also a desicion and many times a hard one cuzz its tempting to bring points down, but iv grown into the habbit of what i call letting people keep themselves busy in their own shankas, though its also impt to make an effort to keep such people away from the younger sikhs...getting some action taken on a user is seperate from not being able to vichar, lets see how above mentioned vichar by other users on has changed any views, a endless foolish cycle, takes 1 questioner to create shanka and mislead the newer ones to sikhi...baaki like i said i dont find it proper to deal with such frequent questioners of dasam bani esp those whoes real views could be more extreme.

    yes it would be weakest answer to you as im asking mods to take further action on you, not engaging was my choice and not why i commented, only commented to suggest mods to not turn a blind eye to such people, others as well.

  4. why are the rules on sikhsangat bent for a few ? dass is really sad heartned seeing these posts by uk london guy always putting himself in a position to question baani, guru gobind singh ji couldnt do this, he couldn't do that...really?.....you will tell us what guru gobind singh ji can't and can do ? this is not gurmat but this is manmat..whatever you don't like you will discard.....i see no difference when missionaries question shaheedi of guru arjan dev ji maharaj

    benti to sikhsangat don't flex the rules for some, this person has countlessly doubted baani on here on too many threads and most of it seems to be ignored..creating shankas of all sorts when will some further action be taken ?

  5. Music was banned. Its not something i just made up. Kharkoos alive here in England will tell you the same and say it proudly.

    A lot depended on what area you was from and if you was prepared to risk it.

    The sharabi types will always be the same anywhere.

    Also why do you think all the top singers of that time started releasing Dharmik albums.

  6. kaal is time, time caused death.. where there is no time there is akaal...kaal = time...kaal has been refered to as death because it is time that brings death...ik bacha jawaan hogeya, he has grown up in kaal, lives in kaal, dies in kaal, kaal is causing jeevs to perish from the instance kaal creates, first kaal turns ''its face'' towards birth then once it has given birth it turns ''its face'' toward death.....time creates, time causes jeevs, vastus to live for certain period then die....kaal can be looked at as tre kaal: bhoot kaal, bhavikh and vartmaan" Overal doh kaal bhoot and bhavish, bhoot kaal meaning our experienced time that has passed and bhavikh meaning the time in the future we will experience but also pass...sabh ko kaal sabhan ko karta...everyday we are not only growing older, bigger getting jawaan but we are also growing younger, smaller, perishing every second, in a day billions of cells die and then we create new ones, our days are lessening, kaal is causing us to dance and die out--this means our body is in a chakr, a cycle which is in a even bigger cycle i.e. life: kaal, because time and space dictate everything,,,,kaal ankool hovay bande kol taj mahal khade ho jande ne,,kaal pratikool hovay ta taj mahel man de andar hi reh jande hann....anything which has been createdy by kaal (time) falls under the dictatorship of kaal....the spirtually wise have conqoured the world, but the world has conqoured everyone

  7. 13 mirch eh fokiya gallan nu shad

    eh gall jaan la pyar phull vangu ah..phull haiga mehak haigi..phull khatam hogeya, par mehak fir vi haigi...par je kanda (thorn) haiga fir kise nu koi laabh nahi, ,mareya hoya jaisa...aur ena phulla di zindgi boht thordi hundi ah; dar jo hai kandeya da.. aur kandeya di zindagi bahut lambhi hundi hai, darr jo bna k rakhya sareya phullan te.. ik gall ta hai kanda rakhwali de kamch ta ah janda..par jithe kande ne kise nu rok leya manzil tak pochan li ous bande nu rass baaray kuch ni pata hovay ga....Sakat har ras sadh na janeya tin antar haume kanda he..dont fall for the physcial objects that bring love..it was the true love your were looking for not the objects, instead the true one...

  8. naa dont get me wrong its all good bro your a funny guy lol 8 letters thats jokes.....im not laughing at you, but i see someone else..i see myself...i was once like this also te kuch ni khateya.sab ko kaal saban ko karta.when time is right you will get a life partner.. western society is changed ppl have started to get married late, stuff like this happens, loka di kaam di vaashna ni poori hundi and they live in a chakr....listen to words of baba manochahal

    '' manochaliye kujh nahi khattya asi bahaara'n toh,

    Bach ke rehna sajjno dagebaaz jahe yaara'n toh '

    what is this girl race wise ?

  9. LOL this is a hilarious thread...13mirch teri ik cheej changi ah teri koi gal hovay tu sidha ah ke das dina...if you dont mind me asking, how old are you, or what grade are you in ? you can just say high school if u wnt...i do think we should have a re-visit on this thread no ? http://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/70017-kaam/

    as you go one teriya gallan da ni pata lagda lol you create more questions than answers....pelli gal..you posted this on feb 27th, its 3/2/2013...tu ki karda firda ? your still on this thread like the tomorrow never came...hoya ki that you still need to talk about it ?....she was supposed to find out the next day, then ? what did she do ?

    you first said you wanna get to know her more...then you said you want a girl friend...asal vich you know many times when a man goes out looking for a wife or girlfriend or partner like you, some say they are looking for their mother, though now a womens roop has changed from a mother to life partner, the love looked for the warmth is still the same....a women should be looked at in 3 ways, a mother, a sister, a wife, in life you will find that women are changing in 3 roops....and they say when a man sees his wife as more than his wife and sees his mother in his wife he sould be considered as a pooran sant...es gall nu agiyanta naal naa samajlena many get stuck in their own wives and forget their real mothers, i have seen them also....

    .you said you wanted to know her more, well seems like you been talking to her or at least close enough to her that youve grown obsessed with her, and she might know your khalistani views lol...but your also praying for your laaj LOL ''Mast nazaro se allah bachaiye''....

    you said it feels like love...bai sanu eh pehla das love hunda ki ah ? what is love...you are looking for love, but all you have to love is physical objects created and destroyed by kaal, thats all you actually have found to love,. ..why not ? since you were born all you heard was the ''world'' the physcial life around us, society...thats all you knew about and had to love....if we are loving objects that die out, our love fades away over time, they change and no longer bring that love to us, we wen't looking for these objects but it was the true everlasting and true love...the truth behind this physcial world....asal vich you have not gained a perception of this physical world and its fakeness its unrealness and how objects are made from tons of space put together, science has proved this....

    so seems like you must have been talking to her...kayi mahapurkh kehnde ne ke kisseh nu jaanana hovay (to get to know someone) we get to know someone 90 % from their bol, from what they have to say, from listening to them speak and when they speak their true self...people are hearing but not listening,,,te sunda koi vini....the rest we get to know the person 10 % by their physcial character...akhan de ishare kisseh had takk ponch de ne etc... so seems like you wish to create a taj mahal fantsy....samma ankool naa hovay te eh taj mahal mann de vich hi rai jande hann..

    you are young naive, innocent, the girl will play you off and be more chalaak, shes not interested in the fairy tale love your dreaming of mate, write a book itl be better for you, the fantisies you have of bringing this non sikh girl as your amritdhari partner and living in khalsa land where you end up making love lol lol then maybe one day youll play it out like bonnie n clyde lolol

    es babe nu sun...poond ahiq ban nalo sochna dil lon toh pehla apna aap gavone toh pehla...cuzz jad oh chilegi onay kadhe ni waapis ona...gulaam fareeda oh kadhe ni murdiya jinna lajat ishque di chaki,,,mehtab singh di gall sunla also

  10. bardiya tapusia marda..lagda namma namma aaya....n who says the baaz were being reffered to the billi group ? instead of being watchman on sikhsangat where theres already dozens of ''watchmen of the panth'' ahead of you doing analysis on the missionary problm why dont you also go to the facebook groups where missionaries have launched a daily minute after minute propaganda war against sikhi...

    what do you mean by this? plz clarify

    Ive never heard of something as hillarious as the tiger jatha and the "court of the khalsa".actually the court of the Khalsa is the Akaal Takht not the house of Nirmala Prasad who bows down to idols at Durga Bhawan in Smethwick Birmingham. On youtube there is a video of Nirmal Prasads wife hugging another male who claims he is a baba. What about Billee Jatha mocking Sant Hari Singh's katha that has no faults in it.

    Sorry mate Guru Ki Sangat is the highest, Billee jatha are the foot soldiers of all those who have been excommuniated by Sri Akaal Takhat Sahib, Dars Lal, Indu Guggee. Sarbjit Gunda will be joining them soon.

    Sangat keep up the good work of exposing these gadhaars, namak haramees.

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