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  1. roj karamaat ho re ne, bachitar natak, the world is full of karamaats, shamsheer is a karamat, dhan dolat is also a karamaat, boht kuch hunda ena naal duniya vich amongst others....surprising events or realizations which strike a interest in us, marvel us with sensation; a wonder which goes beyond 'akul di duniya, and akul toh thileh di duniya' goes beyond above the world of intellect and comprehension, where your akul and sochani stops uthe parmatma di duniya hundi ah...jena di surth te jeevan shakti ageh lang ke vin chuki hai ohna de bol sir toh upparo langan ge, keyi vaar pakard vich neyi a
  2. thanks for all the replies people will surely check all these out soon.....another one is the little budha....never really learned about their way of life before but i think this movie also has a lot sikhs could take out from for example when he overcomes what holds his mind back from true enlightment they show flowers dropping, we can interpret that as 'amrit varsing' from naam simran and connection (yog-becoming one) with waheguru.
  3. what are movies people like with deeper meanings possibly spiritual, movies with metaphors, allegories? believe it or not, hercules from disney has many deeper messages (je vekhan wali akh hove, te sunan wale kan)
  4. You can read "Bhet Bharay Pragtave" here http://www.scribd.com/doc/204968918/Bhet-Bhare-Pragtave
  5. aint no one afraid to debate uklondonsikh, the bani your questioning on here (bachitar natak) i listen to everyday, i've had numerous debates on bachitar natak, in past 2013 iv had 0, reason being i don't even look at the faces of those doubting gurbani, you don't believe in dasam bani to be guru gobind singh ji maharajs thats why you think you are not doubting what guru gobind singh ji maharaj has sad, either way if my believing in bachitar natak is manmat, yes equally yours not believing is manmat as well, i personally have found 0 positive outcomes while discussing bachitar natak specifical
  6. why are the rules on sikhsangat bent for a few ? dass is really sad heartned seeing these posts by uk london guy always putting himself in a position to question baani, guru gobind singh ji couldnt do this, he couldn't do that...really?.....you will tell us what guru gobind singh ji can't and can do ? this is not gurmat but this is manmat..whatever you don't like you will discard.....i see no difference when missionaries question shaheedi of guru arjan dev ji maharaj benti to sikhsangat don't flex the rules for some, this person has countlessly doubted baani on here on too many threads and m
  7. . 2nd is shaheed bhai dilawar singh, last is bhai parmar
  8. in our village bhai amarjeet singh billa stayed one night with his friends he was lt general of klf, though our village is next to his (begowal) and he even stayed in our farms something must have been going on tht night that they slept at ours, my grandpa told about how they were strict in sikhi asool, even when they ate they made sure nothing was jooth and when their water was poured they didnt want the jug of water to touch their glasses, they were strict about things....when they slept they were all in 1 room and had locked door from inside, that night the village was surrounded (not sure
  9. some photos of kar seva after operation bluestar 1984
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