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  1. Many respects to 96Krori Jathedar Akali Baba Joginder Singh Jee. However, within the diaspora Neegyaini Nidar Dass has persuaded many naive youngsters to subscribe to the dogma of Jat(Farmer) domination. We focus in on his "Hindu Sikh" melting pot, yet his "farmer tribe" mentality is something else that is polluting the youth. the big question " Is a Jat Sikh higher than a sikh from any other biraadri?" The Lyrical Sleuth "Unite, Bear arms, praise God - this is the lyrical spiritual revolution"
  2. We are all made from 2 basic components. A physical body and a spiritual soul. The soul is the true reality, spirituallity resides here. The soul has no Jaat or caste, just the same as Akaal Purakh. Atam and Parmatam. Chakr Chehan ar Baran Jaat ar Paat nahin jeh (Chapai Chand Sri Jaap Sahib). How then can we treat people of "lower" castes differently? How is this equality? Some Nihang Singh Dals do not allow Mazbhi singhs to drink from the same bata(during sri amrit sanchaar) and they will not touch food touched by them. opening it up to the sangat, what are your views? The Lyri
  3. Lets remap this dialogue. 1.1) You have a problem with something that X has been saying. The things that X says you consider to be wrong and disrespectful. Simple un-understanding 1.2) Slander X behind his back, try to influence people into thinking that X is full of devilishment. Spend lots of time in your bedroom writing long detailed post. The true response needed 1.3) Go and meet X, respectfully enter a dialogue that expresses your concerns with their behaviour and ideology. X may learn something about yourself and you are bound to learn more about X. Words can only take you so fa
  4. Learning invloves asking a series of questions in the presence of someone with knowledge. You really need to take these questions into the Nihang Singh Dals, ask them who follow the maryada. To take these questions into the Dal Panth will require strength and courage - to post on the internet requires no strength or no courage. Read between the lines.
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