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  1. ' Thank you for this comment.....I am not as hurt over the girl as I am over our people.....I forgot about the girl alraedy...its the people I am ashamed to call Sikh. Any person who discriminates against anyone...I refuse to call my brother and sister...My mom used have discriminating views...but she is completely changed.....IF WE STAND UP FOR WHATS RIGHT, RIGHT WILL NEVER FAIL! I can use all the spirituality anyone can offer...I am young...and do not know too much about our religion or our people.....so anything anyone can help me with..would not be forgoten.
  2. Thank you so much for this response..it was very detailed.....the way I see it...I will live my life in the most ritious manner as I can...I will live like a Sikh not a punjabi...I refuse to believe in dommination of anyone ...or any person from a certain caste...My last name is Chopra..I just found out all the sterotypes associated with that...I bleieve ppl in my "caste" are ignorant just like everyone else. It is really sad. I have no choice to live with it...but I do have the choice to keep my heart clean from such disgusting views. And why such a hars discrimination amongst our own people? I guess I look at the world in a black and white scale..and try to simplify things.....I cannot in this case...however, it leads me to questions the intentions and nature of humans..its a sad thought. thank you respectfully
  3. I understand everything you said....but I guess I dont like it..lol. It really is a sad thing that values such as GOOD HEART, STRONG CHARACTER, HONESTY, RESPECT and KINDNESS do not have that much of a impact as your last name or your caste. I think one should follow the values of Sikhi....and those values should be looked at.. I want to thank you for taking the time out to reply..it really helps...I appreciated it.......I just wish punjabi's would not look at caste system as a way of life....it hurts their own children...and it hurts everyone else.
  4. *********** wow...thank you for that....its so true...it really hurts me. I keep my heart clean and i have seen things that no youth should see...and living in the united states, a country with so much diversity, you would expect us (sikhs) to band together..as we are minorites in a country ran by minorites. WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS..I BLEED THE BLOOD YOU BLEED..I SPEAK IN THE TOUNGE YOU SPEAK...AND I WILL DIE ONE DAY..AS YOU WILL DIE...... I just came from a 1 month back packing trip to india, i have not been there in 20 years..and im only 23....I saw soo much hurtfull things...people who go to the gurdwarra just for show...ppl who treat other humans like lifeless animals....and yet call them self a sikh. The old way of thinking in caste should NOT be taught to our kids...its wrong....we should teach them to love and respect who ever has a clean and good heart...regardless of creed, race or religion.
  5. Thank you very much for that....I will go on it asap.
  6. Hello, This is my second post. I am punjabi, sikh. 23 male. I live in the USA, and do not have any extended family in US. I do not have punjabi friends either. However, I am at the age where I am discovering my roots and people and culture. With that said, I would like to learn punjabi. I understand the language pretty well...however, I cannot pronounce the words as good. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY TOOLS, WEBSITE, BOOKS ANYTHING THAT I CAN BUY OR LOOK AT THAT WILL HELP ME? PLEASE. My heart is the right place, I just want to get to know my people,brothers and culture. Thank you
  7. Hello....please try to keep your responses respectful and helpful. SO, I am 23 years old...punjabi, sikh. I live in U.S.A. I was raised here. I don't have punjabi or indian friends...so my understanding about the culture and history of our people is minimal. Recently, I feel for a punjabi girl who was Jatt...she taught me everything about punjab and how things are.....and eventually she was forced to get married to another Jatt. I want to know why is that our people are discriminate amongst themselves? I never expected our ppl to do this to eachother....why cant we all see eachother as equals and humans??? What shocks me is that Jatt people only marry Jatt even if the religion (sikh) is same.....why do we separate eachother by last names or castes? WHAT DO YOUNG (16-24) or so, punjabi youth think about this....how long is this going to go on for? Can someone please share their thoughts about this....
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