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  1. its not a competition. I only wrote that because I wanted to point out its never too early to start your kids on the path of sikhi. It just takes time and dedication.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xg5Qhg-0MAQ&feature=g-vrec It is never too early to start your kids into sikhi. These kids make me feel proud of them and their parents and ashamed of myself that I don't do enough for sikhi.
  3. She is truly inspiring and unlike many of us she doesn't just talk big but actually did something
  4. Just some thoughts that were in my head. The Thought, Not the Action Looking above and Beyond Monkey see, Monkey do. Waheguru Ji made us humans, gave us brains and taught us how to use them but we choose to be monkeys. Every day hundreds and thousands of people visit Gurudwara Beed Baba Budda Sahib to beg for a son because once upon a time Baba Ji blessed Mata Ganga Ji with a son. They saw that Mata Ji went with langar and got the blessing, now like monkeys we all do the same. We choose to ignore the message Guru Arjun Dev Ji was giving us by sending Mata Ganga Ji to Ba
  5. I was thinking about how in my life I have been told by some people that are not Sikhs that amrit is not important. Anyways my thought process led me to write something, I am not sure if its entirely correct but I don't think I said anything wrong in it either. I would love it if the sangat could read it and tell me what they think. Why Amrit? Is it really necessary? When a youngster in the Sikh community wants to take Amrit, many people step forward to stop them, to talk them out of it. They are told they are to young and the guidelines of Sikhi too hard. Moms are more
  6. Its our morals that help us be good but for me at least more than be good, a dastar reminds me to make sure everything I do is within sikhi. For example when I am wearing a dastar I go out of my way to help people, even when I am in hurry. When I wasn't wearing dastar it was more like if I thought they really needed my help. With a dastar it was like if I could help I am gonna offer. I wanted to make sure I never did anything selfish where I made Sikhs look bad. Does that make sense? I was more self conscience about everything I did because I knew I was representing my Guru ji.
  7. No it's recent check out biggest threat topic. That's what made me create this topic in the first place
  8. This topic was not started to create gender wars but because I got tired of seeing topics created blaming girls. So I created this topic which was suppose to remind people the benefits of a Sikh girl wearing dastar and reminding them to start at home. Not yelling at random facts but start with your family first and helping them become better Sikhs.
  9. In my opinion and I am probably wrong but dastar wearing youth is more likely to think about sikhi twice before they do something wrong, then those that don't wear a dastar. Because every time they look in the mirror they will be reminded they are a Sikh. I am not saying to try to force it on anyone but I don't think their is nothing wrong with encouraging youth to wear dastars regardless of male or female, starting with our own families.
  10. Why are rules different for girls and boys? In sikhi we are all created equal aren't we? Shouldn't we hold girls up to the same standards as boys? Because we dastar is optional for girls, today we are in such a state that amritdhari women have begun thinking that covering their head is also optional. Whats next? We all agree that girls are our izzat, then we need to raise them stronger and braver and more educated. That is why I am a firm believer that everyone should quit complaining on the internet and start working with their families and local Gurudwaras to raise better Sikhs. I am not s
  11. Veer ji, I made this topic because I got tired of new topics creeping up every other month blaming girls for the state of our panth. And because I truly believe that wearing a dastar makes a different. As a sikh girl that wore a dastar, I noticed all those difference around me that I listed in my original post. I was more attached to Sikhi and thought 20 times before I did anything because I didn't want it to reflect badly on Sikhi. My parents took amrit. Life as a whole is a lot better and more closer to sikhi atleast for me. Also I have yet to meet a Sikh dastar wearing girl that just wear
  12. I am sick and tired of boys blaming girls all the time for the sick state of our religion. The constant whining that about why girls don't date/marry sikhs has to end. First of all get off your high horses and realize that both girls and boys are at fault, then think about what you can do to fix this problem starting at your own homes. Here is my suggestion to all sikhs. If you have any amritdhari women in your families encourage them to wear dastars. That alone will solve many problems: 1. Girls that wear dastars are less likely to be teased and pressured to date. In case they were our Sik
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