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  1. I only just realised you had added me as a friend on here. So sorry Gagan, I never checked it. Miss you every day. All my love to you, RIP my dear friend xxx

  2. The main thing is, Sikh Channel have had an enormous positive response from Little Khalsa, and with great efforts from the animators and Khalsa Primary School Slough, finally something of quality to educate the kids (and the adults!) about the Shabad, and also, introduce thousands maybe millions, to Shabads for the first time. Some will always find error, but as the first Sikh Channel, we are making a path, and maybe just maybe others will follow, and help us out to find ways to engage with every generation... (and put their suggestions into action). Many of us can talk on a forum and find err
  3. The kids aren't dancing, they are simply swaying from side to side, similarly to how many of us rock from side to side when we're sat in the Darbar Sahib listening to Kirtan. Open your eyes a little wider and see the good in the kids singing the Shabad.
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