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  1. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh If I get a Fixed Monthly Amount (Salary + Rent etc). I can operate a ZERO-PROFIT Sikh shop which will server global Sangat. Will sell items without any profit. This business model can serve a lot. I have experience of running online sikh shop from last 5-6 years. I want to serve sangat but on other hand want to earn bread and butter too. Regards
  2. Veerji, lagda tuhanu taan shastar free vich chahide ne... We invest time, energy and money in these shastars. These are not mass produced shastars.
  3. www.akaalcreations.com Our Shastars are unique, Not produced in Hundreds but few pieces only. High Quality Work and strong Blades.
  4. Special Kirpan - 18 Inch Length - Can be customized
  5. Veerji, We have updated all the prices. Kindlyc Check Them Now. Regards www.akaalcreations.com
  6. Earlier All the prices were inlcuding Shipping and handling Charges to US/UK/CAN/AUS. We have updated the Prices now without shipping costs. www.akaalcreations.com
  7. We have made available almost all shastars for sale. http://akaalcreations.com/
  8. We have launched all new website. http://akaalcreations.com/
  9. We are looking for partners in US/UK/CANADA/AUS. Kindly Look at http://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/70591-business-opportunity-in-europe-us-canada-and-australia/
  10. More Shastars in Stock. Most of the Shastars on Flicker and Here are in stock.
  11. We have made this 36 Inches Damascus Khanda with Silver Inlay Work. Feedback from Buyer. "Thank you very much. The Khanda is beautifully made. Very nice silver work on the handle and the myan. It looks just like the antique Khandas. I also appreciate the extra Kara and the Kanga. I have been wearing the Kara. Thank you. I have to say that the shape of the Khanda handle has been very well executed and is graceful. The length is impressive and the myan makes it look very well finished." http://www.flickr.com/photos/sikh_swords_shastars/ info@akaalcreations.com
  12. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh We produce some very high quality Shastars. Tulwar, Khanda, Pech Kabj, Khanjars, Nagni Blade Swords, Special Taksali Swords, High Quality Wedding Swords, Gold and Silver Inlay work Swords and much More. Sending a single piece of shastar to UK/US/CAN/AUS is very expensive. As we have to pay extra to couriers to get them through. That money is taken by courier companies and is customers loss. So to save on this courier charges, we purpose distributors in following countries who will buy shastars in bulk at discounted prices and will also save a lot i
  13. The Tulwar is at least 110-130 years old. No other items displayed are Puratan, never said so. And We need some positivity in this world full of negativity. I AM NOT FORCING anyone to buy my stuff, everyone is free to ask their doubts and I did post close ups to clear some regarding blade and handle. And I would love to know (even sangat will) the address where we can get this kind of Tulwar cheaply. It's Puratan NOT Historic.
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