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  1. ontheotherside

    Need Help

    Yes her background is sikh but I don't know much about sikhism hence I can't challenge their views based on religion but other weird stuff that goes on I can. Please tell me more about Harjit if you know much. What do you mean about careful way? I am already worried for her safety.
  2. ontheotherside

    Need Help

    Thank you for the reply, Yes I have shown it to her but she is reluctant to stop being in contact with these people. The stuff she comes out with, their views, their actions it's disturbing to me, it's not sikhism. I have read the stories but they are more about Narinder Grewal and that is where I am trying to find the link between him and Dassan Dass etc because she can just deny that they have no relationship between each other.
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