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    naabh kamal mehi baedhee rach lae breham giaan ouchaaraa ||
  1. here is the link: http://www.rajkaregakhalsa.net/video/Sant_...Amrit_Peevo.wmv does anyone have a mp3 file of this ?
  2. do not go to daily paath but "morning evening paath"
  3. Someone singing anand Sahib? this is the direct link: http://www.proudtobesikh.com/khalsa/gurban...dEveningPaathII Anand Sahib by Bhai Satnam Singh Jee. If this doesnt work go to proudtobesikh, then "banis daily paath" go to the 3th page and on the top is the audio file.
  4. Okee but I didn't really meant "the place" to do paath, its more about when and is it correct to place your work in someones hands to do paath. When the muslims on work go to pray we who are not have to do their work. Many times i feel a bit angry about this because they dont care at all that we are left behind. But on the other hand what if it is Amritvela and I am working, should i leave my work behind for others? This is what i mean.
  5. oke thx for reply. another question. Let's say I get the opportunity to do paath whenever I want during my work. Should I leave my work so that others have to do it for my and so that I can do my paath? Is this correct? I got many muslims at work who just leave their work and go praying. Can we do this ?
  6. How many of you are doing paath at work? And so, where and how do you do this? I got a job with different shifts. Sometime I work early in the morning (during amritvela hours) and something in the evening. Is it "ok" to do paath at work? Or is better to do it rather at home? What is the Sangats view?
  7. Only 40 min? Wow! that is fast ! If i wil do such a Rehraas Sahib Jee then it will take at least 1 hour! an off-topic question....who began with Sampuran Rehraas? Or is this the "original" Rehraas Jee?
  8. THANKS ALOT FAUJA!!!! I am going to look right now!!!!
  9. i found a short simran track on youtube. here is the link thanks.
  10. oke I got it Sharan jee. I have done what you said and its in my pc now but I still can't see gurmukhi on sikhi to !!!! what now?
  11. what is control panel??? and the file that i have downloaded from sikhito.. is not a file that i can not install!
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