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  1. unfortunately the tv media could have highlighted this case better....its been none existant....only a matter of time when the tv executives will be the new kursi committees!
  2. Any one knows whats happining with the jathabandi leaders...have they had another meeting??
  3. i heard larger cans where found in the gurdwara...is this true??
  4. Piyra maybe you can do a couple of weeks seva at the gurdwara and assist the granthi on how he should think and behave...as he probably will need some re- training after he was attacked. The facts are simple these people where invited to live in the gurdwara with the committees blessing and where fully aware that they drank alchol and even paid them a "salary" to do some dodgy building work even though their immigration status might have meant that they were breaching the law....and a assault was committed in front of full darbar sahib whilst the ardas was going on.. just proves the point if a commitee do not condone alchol on gurdwara premises this type of activity can occur.
  5. New Low for Dudley Gurdwara Commitee: At the Gurdwara today the granthi whilst doing the bhog di seva was attacked by one of the committee endorsed "sevadars" who was drunk..... during the ardas the "sevadar" who apparently lives in the gurdwara and immigration status is unknown whilst doing some building work grabbed the granthi in a head lock and had to be pulled off him by others whilst awaiting to do the bhog di seva the committee where fully aware that he drank whilst staying in the gurdwara but again chose to allow it.....looks like the commitee are slowly allowing the sharab policy to be implemented into the gurdwara...the scarey thing is if there was a vote on this issue the sangat especially the bibiyan would shad a jakara :-)
  6. Dudley Committee had it all planned out even the muppets "members" have already been chosen and will be "in post" asap ........they are 2 steps ahead of the game.....they lied yesterday to the sevadars and will lie again.....the committee have totally instigated this people who attended the meeting were not gurdwara attendees and were specifically invited at the behest of the committee and told how and what to say........the only way this meeting would have been interesting would have if the sevadars attended today......but the jathadars swallowed the lies told to them yesterday and hence the result today!! the good thing is that they confirmed that the building belongs to the gurdwara and should have been separate when it was built!!
  7. enjoyed the show especially the sisters passion and articulation of the need to remove party halls frm the gurdwara. Only disspointment was that it started late a bit unprofessional of the sikh channel to mess around with the time and that people couldn't text or call in,think you probably should have talked more about the current campaign more as well and the success's you have gained and the fight you are facing in places like dudley. I hope this is constructive .
  8. The update is that at a meeting yesterday the whole committee and trustees of dudley gurdwara have decided to continue with holding parties serving maas and shaarab on gurdwara owned property and will attempt to get around the marjada. They have hatched a plan to seperate the two buildings giving a community asset worth £800k to a bunch of manmuks who have a thirst for maas and sharab. All amrithdaries where called hypocrites by the Dudley "Sangat" and the Akal Thakts marjyada is worthless and will never be implemented in Dudley.
  9. I hope the scandalous loophole what the trustees and committee of Dudley Gurdwara think they have found will be mentioned and exposed!!
  10. amazing meeting Dudley "Sangat" you should be ashamed of yourselves.............the sooner you get judged by maharaj the better thank god you are all old and nearly there wouldn't mind being at that meeting tooo :-) To giani sukdev singh, satnam singh kondola, soda singh and surinder singh you spoke your mind and made it clear your views that the centre belongs to the gurdwara and meat sharab should not be permitted as per the akal thakt marjhada . The Committee(Mod Edit), we now know which side of the fence you stand on and I wish you well with your meeting with the satkaar group and have fun explaining to them that Dudley is exempt from the marjhada and your plan to divide the centre and the gurdwara is a good way around the ruling. To all ladies who attended I hope you feel shame in your actions and views too and I thank god I am not married to your daughters and I am not your son.
  11. Dear Sikh Sangat It has come to my attention that the identity of siyanna or whoareyah is a guy called [mod edit] he will be there 2ommorow stirring up other manmukhs, this is a guy who is not a sikh by the way and is a committed CHRISTIAN despite the name and therefore should not be allowed no where near the gurdwara as he has turned his back on his religion. I urge all members reading this forum to attend the meeting 2morow and see for yourself what the dudley committees (Mod EDIT) real views on sikh marayda are and decide for yourself if they are actually mentally and spiritually fit to run a gurdwara. lets see if we can 101 singhs together in one place and see if can make real change happen through the power of prayer :-)
  12. Hope you will still come 2morow and be able to speak your mind with freedom rather than hide behind a committee agenda!! sometimes its better when your on the outside as you don't get lost in the dirty politics!!
  13. Seva is optional we cannot judge people thats the role of guru ji......we all have oportunities to do it and those that do it for the right reasons are blessed. Our seva to the dudley sangat is to make sure that we attend on saturday and show them that we will not allow these manmukhs to dilute sikhi for there thirst of maas and sharab!! If you want to divert this topic please start up a new debate... keep this thread on the sikh cultural centre and the beadbi that is taking place there....and how we are going to stop it!!!!
  14. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki Fatheh Just to let all Dudley Sangat know that I will be coming on Saturday... if I am not allowed in I will stand in the hallway and do naam simran and show support for those who are going to fight against this continous manmat and total disregard for sikhi... I urge anyone who can make this meeting to attend like me and show these manmukhs that its time they took this seriously and should a party ever happen in that hall again we will continue to do this until people get the message and stop booking this place and then with maharaj's kirpa this will happen sooner rather than later!! I also urge the satkaar group that where a clear dialouge does not work (ie when they are dealing with village idiots like these) they also take this approach and then we will see actual change in our community. Seeing all these posts is good but seeing real action like in egypt is better one day mubarek will go and hopefully one day these manmuks on the committee will also go back to the pubs where they belong.
  15. Yes thats probably the main reason for the "open" meeting....... if the dudley "sangat" (any tom,<banned word filter activated> or harry from the brittainia pub) wants maas shaaarab then who are we to stop them..... they might as well as vote for strippers as well in that case as it will have a good chance of getting passed :-)!!!
  16. was laughin to much could not have kept a straight face!!!
  17. I was there on sunday the above is all true (mod edit) was very defiant and mocked the satkaar campaign he actually looks like Saddam Hussain once they found him in the cave!!! (mod edit) also forgot to mention that the Ramgahria hall is a seperate building to the gurdwara in birmingham..... think (mod edit) got a selective memory issue!!
  18. Its all true i'm afraid I'm from dudley and ashamed of the centre however the trustees and the commitee can say anything on the stage and in front of maharaj di saroop and the sangat believe them !!
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