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  1. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh, I want to tell the problem that my friends are facing in their marriages and also seek your opinion and advice what they have to do. My friends a boy and girl are amritdhari, well educated and well earning hand gursikhs and they have in love relation from 3 years, and now they decide to spend their life together.The main problem is the castism. Girl is from jatt sikh family and boy is from ramgarhia family. Both families are amridhari families. When girl talk to their parents that she has chosen a amritdhari boy as her life partner, they didnt listen to her and say clear No to his choice. They even dont like to meet the boy for a minute. They said her k oh usdi pasand nu na ta dekhna chaunde han te na koi gall sun na chaunde han, Kuri ne apne parents agge guru granth sahib, sikh history te amrit de kafi aspects rakh k samjaya but all in vein. Oh ehi keh rhey han k how dare u to choose her life partner herself. Oh usdi pasand nu mil k usde vichar v nahi jan na chaunde. Both ask me what to do in this situation if everything is according to gursikhi then why their parents dont ready to accept them. Girl has great respect for her parents and also for her spiritual parents dasam pita Guru gobind singh , mata sahib kaur and his love a amritdhari gursikh boy. Oh ehna tina vicho kisse nu v chad nahi sakdi. Parents saying no to her love, oh ohna da diregard nahi karna chaundi. As a amritdhari girl, she also dont want to disregard his spiritual parents as they said "Manas ki jaat sabbe ekke pehchanbo". Usde parents keh rhey han k usdi galti eh hai k usne app apna life partner kyu chuneya, assi loka nu ki kahange. I dont have any answer to her parents thoughts, k je ik amritdhari gursikh nu ohna di kuri ne app labh leya hai ta ohna di izzat mitti ch mil jani hai. Eh soch ohna de dimag ch ghar kar gyi hai jis karke guru granth sahib te amrit di koi gall ohna di samj ch nahi aa rhi. Ho sakda oh thik hon par guru granth sahib de according ik sache gursikh da sath milan nall kisse di izat mitti ch nahi mildi. Suggest karo k iss tarah di situation ch ik gursikh vaste ki karna chaida hai, ja ta oh amritdhari ladke nallo reltion khatam kar deve kyuki usde parents nahi man de, ja amritdhari hon karke sirf guru di gall mann k parents de against jave. Usde parents nu kiss tarha mould kita ja sakda hai te je ohna di soch phir v nahi badaldi ta ladki vaste ki decision laina sahi hai. If you have some advices for them then please reply.
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