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  1. Please people, lets get this right. If we can't then others won't either. Can organisers ensure they use appropriate terminology and language. It is common to hear the term riots used about the events that occurred in Nov 1984; this term could not be more inaccurate; the attacks in Nov 84 were state sponsored pogroms; designed and led by leading members of the Congress party to inflict as much harm as possible on the Sikh community. It is estimated that over 20,000 Sikhs were killed during the Nov 84 genocide. [Extract from http://solarider.org/blog/?p=1443]
  2. The following blog post is also being kept updated with relevant information. http://solarider.org/blog/?p=1443 Link to it, copy it, whatever; just get the word out please and attend and/or organise.
  3. Hmmm - the interface is really messing me around. Ok a double upload and I can't seem to get in there to edit it. Apols. Another picture from the event.
  4. More pictures have been added to http://solarider.org/blog More to come.
  5. For some pictures try: http://solarider.org/blog/?p=1232 http://solarider.org/blog/?p=1231
  6. Today - please do your utmost (and then some more) to attend.
  7. Congratulations are due to those who organised this event. Many of you will not know how much effort and planning this event has taken. Also due respect is due for the united stance and refusal to compromise on our religious beliefs. These Sikhs have jointly raised the prominence of the discrimination against Sikhs in mainland Europe that some have only been dimly aware of. Hopefully everyone now realises that we need to take action, that we can not sit back and hope that things will sort themselves out. It will take everyone of us, of you; to be involved. Don't expect others to do it all - it will take concerted action. You should contact your MEPs immediately and raise these issues and you should expect answers and changes. If you are reading this and do not contact your elected politians (regardless of whether you voted for them or not) then do not sit around moaning about the injustices in this world. Take some positive action to support your Sikh brothers and sisters who are putting in so much effort. You've read the posts and seen the actions that these Sikhs had to take to stand their ground. All you have to do is to contact your MEPs and to continue to pursue them to deliver; to provide you with answers. You can do that much - surely! And while you're thinking about doing your bit; don't forget to attend the UK Rally and March for Remembrance, Justice and Freedom. http://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?showtopic=16988
  8. Justice (Retd.) Ajit Singh Jaspal Singh Dhillon Navkiran Singh More pictures of Navkiran Singh and Jaspal Singh at http://solarider.org/blog/?p=1134 http://solarider.org/blog/?p=1135 Rt. Hon. Simon Hughes MP
  9. Yeah and you know you'll be complaining that they couldnt organise a bake-up in a bakery :-)
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