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  1. 19th January- Sri Dasam Granth sehaj paat bhog. International smagam, all jathebandia and sampardai getting personal invites and transport arrangements. - Tividale gurdwara sahib birmingham. On 18th is Akhand paat sahib bhog

    18th jan - baba sang gurdwara sahib, the singhs will be also attending and supporting this event.

  2. Instead of this why not just change the venue to another local gurdwara sahib, then do a massive media campaign exposing the corrupt individuals of the committee who won't allow the event to be hosted in honour of our shaheeds, and in future get sangat to boycott these corrupt elements. Otherwise all that will happen on the day is most likely a kick off

  3. It's quite simple really,

    Take the qualities you can from everyone, no point arguing over things online. If anyone has issues then please visit the relevant Akharas and take it up with them. The Sikhi that was present within sikhs 60 years ago in the times of great gursikhs is not the current day Sikhi, now is a time of worldy education, questioning and challenging. Sant Giani gurbachan Singh ji was blessed the title of vidiya maartand, they learnt everything.

    It's pointless arguing over things, for you to obtain knowledge you must learn from a ustaad, if at that time the mahapurkhs learnt from nirmalas and other ustaads then what's the issue? Just because we may personal issues of mental understanding and don't want depth just superficial knowledge, then don't argue with those who wish to travel deeper

  4. Everyone wants reference texts for anything that we post, can I ask the same from Singh fauja to reference everything that he has written in this thread so we can read the books aswell and see if be speaks the truth or is manipulating and lying as what has happened in the past by other posters.

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