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  1. So far it seems jagtar Singh is trying to discredit the new organisation from the start. I will ask charan Singh and the rest to write a response back to everything if you like but then don't complain as then all will come out. So far Bhai charan Singh and Singhs or anyone havnt said anything about federation or anyone. Everyone was invited to the event. If you want history of all the dodgy characters in the federation that can be arranged also. Likewise the reason for the split and history of dharam Singh and others and how much they did/did not respect the panth and baba Thakur Singh Ji. If you continue then I'm sure someone will reply back and the fake ekta card will be out the window as the truth will be presented to the sangat

  2. Bhai Rajoana has written his response to Resham germany and Bhai Parmjeet Singh bheora on www.sangharhdasach.com

    I did reqeuest sikh24 to give the original to the translation of bhai paramjeet singh but they said they did not have it.

    I think we need to consider why all this is happening and where it originated from. Benti to everyone to read all the letters and make the decision yourself. Instead of siding due to jathebandia. I have read both sides to the story.

  3. this has nothing to do with taksal or akj. its the pyar and mutual respect between two kamai valeh singhs.

    if we bring jathebandia into then alot can be said the other way around aswell. a gursikh dsnt do nindiya, ragardless of the so called jatha he belongs to.

    alot can be said about bhai sahibs writings and the current views of the jatha. likewise that of sant gurbachan singh jis katha writings and the current state of vidiathis.

  4. i did not say sikh channel are anti dasam granth. all i said was that some of the presenters and panel have made comments against guru granth sahib ji and sri dasam granth sahib ji and spoke in favour of ppl kicked out the panth. and the channel didnt do anything and continues to allow these people on tv. that was my concern. likewise sangat tv have made similar errors. its not a channel vs channel thing. when sikh channel have done well they are congratulated. but when they mess up, they try to argue and make excuses and call the police on singhs.

  5. the sikh channel do brillaint parchar and have helped manny people obtain a general basic knowledge of sikhi.

    however at the same time, due to not vetting or on purpose allowing misguided individuals on tv knowingly they have caused great harm aswell.

    it was same sikh channel that did first live event from india and huge media hype on baba ranjit singh initially.

    if only we were this concerned and proactive when the channel presenters and panel openly call sri guru granth sahib ji a book - dr jagbir, sikh channel was approached and after meetings etc failed to appologise on air.

    dr udhoke speaking against sri dasam bani in a show. likewise panel members speaking against dasam bani and pro prof darshan sio.

    there are several things that have happened in the past.

    again the channels are needed and we all do definately need to support them, but at the same time they need to do gurmat parchar and not try and cater for everyone. whats sikhi should be said, what isnt should be refrained from.

    this is not only a problem with sikh channel, sangat tv have made several major blunders aswell, which we all know about, and as sikh channel are most likely reading this, i hope they do take these concerns on board, and do understand that its not an attack on them, but general observation.

    why is jaswant thekedar, mohinder rataul, dr jagbir etc allowed on tv? half are gurbani nindaks, thekedar called sant ji congress, its in sant jis tapes and is a sell out.

  6. Bhai Jeevan Singh Ji is a respected gursikh of the khalsa panth. He was a close associate of Bhai Sahib Randheer Singh Ji, and used to do very nice kirtan. When i was young they used to come to our house in uk and did kirtan a few times. The last time we met was in 2006 at their house by Sri Akaal Takht Sahib.

    They are a naam abhiyassi chardi kalaa gursikh.

  7. He just did a show on Venus TV 805 with Major Sandhu, i unfortunately only watched the last 5 minutes in which he spoke against Chaupai Sahib, Mahakaal drinking sharaab, against Dasam Granth Bani and also against Sampardaic Taksal arths of Gurbani.

    Be aware and boycott each of his events, find our where he lives and protest legally outside the residence. Let the police escort him back to the airport.

  8. Vjkk vjkf this thread is not really rwquired, as sikhs we should all respect baba sri chand as the son of sri guru nanak dev ji, whether we respect there way of life is another thing.

    Neo is right is the sence there are different types of mahapurkhs some being maryada parshotum and others not. I personally went with a brahm giani baba santokh singh ji joti saroop vale whilst visiting anandpur sahib we also went to baba sri chand jis dhuuna on the way and also to astaan of a muslim saint that had met our guru sahibs. Altough i didnt eat any parshad etc, And at baba santokh singh jia dera they have a picture of baba sri chand ji aswell and dhoona in the back of dera. Now all the taksal mahapurkhs used to go to meet baba ji and they were all very very close and baba thakur singh ji referred to baba santokh singh ji as a pooran mahapurkh etc. Sikhi is not simple and blak and white. Kamai is the main thing and love for vaheguru. Sorry if this post sounds odd as its coming from me.

    However i do disagree with 3ho mentality and the tantric yoga

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