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  1. To matheen I don't appreciate your negative reply, I only asked for help. I apologise if I offended you, but don't assume I am a trouble maker. Can I ask you to only comment on an intellectual level if not don't comment at all. All I am asking for is references to DamDami taksal in sikh history and not from modern Sikhs. For example the naamdhari Sikhs claim that the 10 guru returned and passed on the guruship to another living guru, modern Sikhs could claim a number of things but it doesn't make them fact! And it doesnt fill my heart with much confidence if there is no substantial evidence w
  2. Vaheguru JiKa Khalsa Vaheguru JiKi Fateh I really need sangats help with my study. I have been researching the historic sikh organizations mainly comprising of the Nihungs, Nirmalas and Dum Dumi Taksal. I have managed to find tons of documents, scripts, images from historical granths and the three main sikh scriptures regarding the Nihungs. I have managed to find some information on the Nirmalas but i cannot find a single historical reference to Dum Dumi Taksal. I have literally looked far and wide for historical infomation about the taksal and cannot find anything at all. Also another thing
  3. I did a small test the other day to see how long it takes me to create a BLOG and it took me under 5 minutes. So if we where to create a FAKE SLANDERING BLOG every 5 minutes we would have 288 a day, 2016 a week, 8064 a month and 96768 a year! This would mean that theoretically every Sikh person in the UK would have a slandering BLOG against their name in under two years! VAHEGURU
  4. Gurfateh Ji I have noticed a lot of BLOGS & Websites being created to "BRING TO LIGHT" the so called mistakes, wrong doings or belief issues of fellow Sikhs within our own communities. I can see this becoming a very common occurrence within the global Sikh community and I am fearful that it is going to cause further hate and divisions within our already fragile communities. Please don't get me wrong, I can see the need for such BLOGS/Websites in very rare circumstances, where FACTS are presented properly, not just uploading publically available images/videos and then writing descriptions
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