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    Hii Guys, Okay, i know its a weird topic, but i was wondering if you could help me out here? Basically i am doing a project and the basis of my project is on death of all religions and the afterlife, however the ways sikhs pass on is slightly unclear for me. I heard that we recarnte but also i have been told the human life is a punishment for sikhs, is this true? My massi was treated very badly in her first marriage ( attack by inlaws, raped by brother in law and husband, straved for weeks) eventually she got divorced, and she found God; in her new marriage she is happy, and amritatri she was the one to tell me about 'human life being a punishment' she explained that we relive human life untill we have commited no bad things and lived a life of good deeds, thats when we can recarnate. So basically i need help on understanding death and what happens to us? Thanks
  2. Hi All, If you can't tell by my display name i have strayed from myself and from my beliefs. Im not one for self pity but i am trying to pick myself up with Gods words, I say my Path and listen to the Suckmani Sahib Path and Dukh Bhanjani Sahib Path but i feel like i need to do more, is there and other Paths that i can listen to??? I have chose the wrong options in my life and know i wish i hadn't, iv just recently got engaged and i see this as a new chance to start fresh but i need to but my past in my past, i feel i cant move on yet, is there anything i can do to help myself get rid of my past? Thank You
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