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  1. jang123

    Is there GOD?

    I hope Mat pulo did understand with that topic which I referred.
  2. jang123

    Is there GOD?

  3. jang123

    Is there GOD?

    lol I am afraid of them. I am just telling that their numbers are growing and they will try exhaust you with their counter reasoning which to some extend makes sense but overall not since they see the world with the five senses and not with their senses within.
  4. jang123

    Is there GOD?

    There are different definitions of the same God. And I am sure this is explained in the beginning of the topic under Sant Mani Singh ji. All religions lead to the same destination but with different approaches. All are correct
  5. jang123

    Is there GOD?

    none of them You are looking outside. Have to look within
  6. jang123

    Is there GOD?

    Your opinion is clear. The people who reply their opinions are clear. Are you paid for doing this ?
  7. jang123

    Is there GOD?

    What an excuse! U r looking for answers on a forum and when I am telling you where to find u behaving like a child. Be a man take it or leave it. If you are happy then DO NOT STIR WATER because your conclusions don't make sense at all.
  8. jang123

    Is there GOD?

    Beware of atheism ! The numbers are growing.
  9. jang123

    Is there GOD?

    I think you are not understanding what I mean. Your brain is made in such a way that each time anyone will give logical views your brain will find a contradiction. Just as an ant can find a hole on marble floor. For your answers you need to explore Gurbani yourself. Can you take the challenge? U wanted to know who Sant Teja Singh was therefore I told you use google and he did study there. If I was you, I wouldn't rely on Sikhiwiki
  10. jang123

    Is there GOD?

    I hope u understand this (my favourite saying): Kio pani vich Madani paya hai? Do your self exploration ! You are at the wrong place ! For Sant Teja Singh ji I would say use Google (hint Cambridge, Harvard, Oxford University)
  11. jang123

    Is there GOD?

    Do you know who Sant Teja singh (Mastuana) is? Never mind, no one will be able to prove the existence to you through this forum, What do you expect from the members? Try to explore yourself and see where you go. You are stirring water here
  12. jang123

    Is there GOD?

    This whole site your are referring to is a myth.
  13. jang123

    Is there GOD?

    I know what you mean. It depends upon the perception one has. If you look outside, what you see and experience will one day vanish as nothing is eternal. Everything was made by an Unstruck primal sound vibration from the Timeless being. Everything is one and one is everything. When the stars, planets were made, the organisms emerged, they started to have duality that they are different from each other which is called duality. Humanity and all other species suffer pain due to this duality. The whole whole purpose of Gurbani is to tell the lost being that you are lost. Go back to the door where you came from. We came from the primal sound and the goal for all the souls is to go back now or in the future. This is how it is, the play and one time end. Gurbani tells us that whatever is found outside is also inside and inside He will be found. There are millions of Galaxies and planets: which was given in Gurbani before the current Science knew of it which is why NASA is exploring sri Guru Granth Sahib in USA and found many things which are proven facts. They even given the title: 'Lord of world' to Sri Guru Granth Sahib in their library. The planet we live in is Karm bhumi and there many like this one. Eternal happiness cannot be defined by materialsm but by self realisation - who we really are where did we came from and why. That can be experienced from within not outside There is a story about an atheist who met Sant Teja Singh ji (who was once an atheist himself). A young man came and asked Sant ji: Sant ji you say there is God. Sant ji: yes. The man :show me where he is. Sant ji :He is everywhere. Man: No, I want to see him and if you claim he is, show me. Sant ji kept quite for some time. After a while sant ji opened his eyes and said I am going to do Jaap Sahib. you just look at me. As sant ji started Jaap Sahib, his face turned red and shiny. There was so much light that the man started hide his face from it. After the paath was over Sant ji said, you are fortunate that Guru ji allowed me to show you the 'God's light'. You cannot expect to test the existence of 'God' each time an atheist questions. Science can do the hard things by applying the algorithms and give you appliances and anyone can enjoy the fruits. To find the truth you will have to explore Gurbani yourself.
  14. jang123

    Is there GOD?

    To be more specific, they do not believe in Karma, prayers etc.
  15. jang123

    Is there GOD?

    hehe. I know u would do this. I know most of them are not religious and do not believe in a 'God' which relates to religions but actually believe in a Supreme Power or energy.
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