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  1. Sherdil

    Is there GOD?

    So how would you go about proving God's existence, or lack there of? So religion needs followers to exist? What if there was only one person who practiced the faith? Would it still exist? Tylenol should do the trick for your headache. One more thing: Sikhism's holy book "Guru Granth Sahib" contains writings of Hindus and Muslims. They can't be rotting in hell if they are in our holy book, right? Good night.
  2. Sherdil

    Is there GOD?

    Well there are other ways. There is just disagreement on which way is right. Just like the various branches of democracy disagree on which is the right method of governance.
  3. Sherdil

    Is there GOD?

    Like how the Aztec religion is a failed idea, right? I bet the natives are happy there are no more human sacrifices! Lol.
  4. Sherdil

    Is there GOD?

    So there are different branches of democracy? Do they all stay true to the definition of democracy (rule by the people)? If not then they are not democracies.Is it like Judaism and Islam being derived from the sons of Abraham? Christianity coming from Judaism? Maybe like Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism having their roots in Hinduism? Which religion disputes the existence of another type of God?
  5. Sherdil

    Is there GOD?

    Democracy would be hotly disputed by Communists. What's up with that?
  6. Sherdil

    Is there GOD?

    You mean like the evolution of many different religions? So which religion is the America of the bunch? I think I know...haha.
  7. Sherdil

    Is there GOD?

    How has the idea of democracy changed? Doesn't it mean rule by the people? I don't understand the question you are repeating. Are you saying that if something is old, it shouldn't be followed? Why are we speaking English then? It's so old. Why don't we come up with a new language? Which facts of Sikhism are they disputing?
  8. Sherdil

    Is there GOD?

    So if something is old, then we cannot follow it? Democracy was invented by the Greeks over 2,000 years ago, but we still follow that.
  9. Sherdil

    Is there GOD?

    Copernicus concluded that the earth revolves around the Sun over 500 years ago. Why do we still believe in that?
  10. Sherdil

    Is there GOD?

    Geo: "So would you say that the followers of the Abrahamic religions are wrong given that there is only one god and therefor only one definition?" @Geo There is only one God, but there are more than one definition. Blind mice describing an elephant. They feel different parts and describe different things, but it is the same elephant.
  11. Sherdil

    Is there GOD?

    A prophet is someone who serves as an intermediary between God and humanity, to deliver God's message. Moses talked to God (supposedly) Jesus was the son of God (aren't we all) Mohammed was told of God's will by the angel Gabriel (supposedly) Guru Nanak meditated on the bank of a river, in the wilderness, for some time before proclaiming there is one God and there is no Muslim or Hindu. His inspiration came from meditation and deep reflective thought. Your questions are inherently biased and flawed. All religions don't want to reach the same place and are not after the same goal. The definition of God is different in Abrahamic and Dharmic faiths.
  12. Sherdil

    Is there GOD?

    God is not telling us to believe what we believe. Our Gurus have come up with a philosophy for living a life that will allow us to realize the truth about our existence and the illusion of the material world. We don't practice Sikhism to please God. We practice it as a way of life, for our personal betterment. To make us better people and get the most meaning out this life we have. Other "faiths" have different beliefs. I don't agree with them. Some claim that their faiths have been dictated by God. Sikhism doesn't believe in this. However, everyone is free to practice whatever "faith" they want.
  13. Sherdil

    Is there GOD?

    If you require shades then that is not directly looking at it. You will burn your eyes. Religion is a Western word used for a philosophy revolving around a guy in the sky. Sorry there isn't an English word to describe Sikhism. It is a philosophy on life and a way to live life. It is a dharam. Most scientists have traditionally come from Abrahamic backgrounds. How many of them understand Dharma? Not many.
  14. Sherdil

    Is there GOD?

    If you find logical thinking shocking, then we can't see eye to eye. You just disregarded a whole branch of science, lol. That's like someone disregarding astronomy, when arguing that the earth is the center of the universe. The traditional laws of physics break down at the subatomic level. Quantum Physics is relevant and necessary. Do a google search yourself for reputable scientists that support this claim. Look through textbooks yourself. Are you giving me homework? Making me hunt for the magical goose egg that will show you the light? Why should I bother? This should suffice Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Siree Raag on Pannaa 20 jis thae oupajai this thae binasai ghatt ghatt sach bharapoor || We shall merge into the One from whom we came. The True One is pervading in each and every heart. Can you see God? Can you touch him, taste him, hear him, smell him? Are you arguing for the sake of arguing? Like a child arguing over whether the sky is blue. DO NOT REPLY BACK
  15. Sherdil

    Is there GOD?

    Sikhi and science both deal with uncovering truths about the universe, but from different angles. If science doesn't match up with Sikhi, then it is due to a fundamental misunderstanding of one of the two. IS THERE GOD??? Debate has gone on long enough. Dharmic faiths don't believe in a guy in the sky who is God. We believe in a universal energy and consciousness. This is the Supreme Brahman. We are all a part of this consciousness. There is no "I" as we are a part of the universe. Scientific Backing The measurement problem in quantum physics states that an atom appears as a wave when not being observed, and a particle when it is observed. Conclusion: The universe manifests itself as it is being observed. We are all observing the same thing, therefore we are all part of the same conscious. Creativity therefore derives from an infinitely abstract pool of consciousness that is waiting to be tapped into.THIS IS GOD. CONQUER YOUR MIND AND YOU WILL REACH GOD (the state of Sach Khand) RENCARNATION Death is the death of your consciousness. Medically speaking, someone is legally dead when they don't have any brain function. When you die your conscious returns to this infinite pool of creativity, where new things are manifested. TRYING TO OBSERVE GOD DIRECTLY Cannot be done. We don't have the equipment (our senses). Some people will only be satisfied if they can see and touch God. It cannot be done. You cannot look directly at a solar eclipse. But you can deduce that it is there, through indirect means. PEOPLE COMING ON HERE TO GIVE US A LECTURE ON WHY SCIENCE IS BETTER THAN RELIGION, NEITHER UNDERSTAND SCIENCE NOR SIKHISM.
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