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  1. I saw a video once where the larh that was going to be put in the mouth was covered by a piece of towel. If it bothers you a lot you could do that. Only other option is to tie gol dastar. That way you don't need to hold in mouth at all

  2. circumcision is extremely rare (other than for religious reasons) here in the UK and all the other European countries and places such as Australia and New Zealand, it is the norm in America.....and, to a smaller extent, fairly common in Canada. In America, it is the norm for doctors, surgeons and mid-wives to reccommend circumcision. Thus most males (whether Sikh, Christian, Hindu or Jew) are circumcised.

    Hmm...not quite sure where you got this information. There is a large growing trend in America in which parents are moving away from circumcision and doctors don't do it unless asked. In fact, doctors don't even do religious circumcision, that's done by Rabbi's, etc. Please bak your arguments up
  3. Are you kidding me? The 2nd amendment will never ever ever be overturned. Ever. It won't happen, and it shouldn't happen.

    As for why white people are labeled with mental health issues and colored people terrorist, I don't think that's the way it works. They are labeled that way because people make their intentions known. If tomorrow an African person just went into a school and shot it up, I think he people would say he had a mental illness. But if he was a member of some African Independence league or something then obviously he would be labeled a terrorist. Remember Virginia Tech when that Korean killed 32 people? No one called him a terrorist. But remember the Oak Creek shooting? The media repeatedly called that an act of terrorism.

    Don't generalize

  4. Another shooting. Go figure. The guns apparently belonged to his mother. What was an elementary school teacher doing with semi-automatic rifle at her home anyway? Was she preparing for a zombie apocalypse?

    Because it was her right to own them. Maybe she liked going to gun ranges. Maybe she bought them for home defense. I don't think why she owned them is important.

    What is important is the lack of mental healthcare available in this country. Nearly all these shootings are done by individuals suffering from serious mental issues. There needs to be a reform in the system, which is why Obama's healthcare law should greatly improve things

  5. I think it would be in your best interest to speak with someone, as soon as you can. Have you tried to tell anyone of your problems? Your parents, your siblings, your friends? They will help you.

    And then you need to see a psychiatrist. It is possible you have depression, which is absolutely nothing to be ashamed about. It affects many people, and is a medical problem having to do with the neurons in your brain. Please speak to someone as soon as you can

  6. This is a discussion for the Saints, not for us low jeevan Singhs. As jeevans increase the more sensitive a person becomes to understanding the subtle parts of everything. Discuss and talk amongst others about this, but its best to sit on the fence till a Gurmukh answers this question.

    yeah thats true I guess. I'm not nearly qualified enough to say whether this is ok or not ok

  7. Alcohol is any chemical that contains an OH- group, that is an Oxygen bonded to a Hydrogen atom. Alcohols are present in nearly everything you consume, especially the one glycerol. Basically fat molecules are made up of long hydrocarbon chains, and the glycerol molecule forms the "backbone" of the hydrocarbon chain, so glycerol is a large component of the fat molecule which you eat everyday. Alcohols are also widely used in medicines.

    The ones humans drink is called ethanol, and as far as I know does not form naturally in the human body. So basically I think this guy needs to understand what alcohol is before he says that it is bad to spray it around Guruji

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