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  1. This is the hukamnama Guru Ji blessed the sangat with, when granthi singh did ardaas about this whole situation: - WAHEGURU...... :-) jYqsrI mhlw 5 ] koeI jnu hir isau dyvY joir ] crn ghau bkau suB rsnw dIjih pRwn Akoir ]1] rhwau ] mnu qnu inrml krq ikAwro hir isMcY suDw sMjoir ] ieAw rs mih mgnu hoq ikrpw qy mhw ibiKAw qy qoir ]1] AwieE srix dIn duK BMjn icqvau qum@rI Eir ] ABY pdu dwnu ismrnu suAwmI ko pRB nwnk bMDn Coir ]2]5]9] jaithasaree mehalaa 5 || koee jan har sio dhaevai jor || charan geho bako subh rasanaa dheejehi praan akor ||1|| rehaao || man than niramal karath kiaaro
  2. Wjkk wjkf beant maafi for the late reply saad sangat Ji The outcomes of the meeting were as follows: - 5 Singhs were selected to hear both parties over the course of two weeks, 3 meetings and several witness statements. 5 Singhs final decision ruled in favour of the families who brought forward the allegations. After consulting with our legal team in the interests of public knowledge and concern, the meeting that took place on Sunday 12th February 2012 was a public meeting and sangat of Guru Har Rai Gurdwara were invited to hear both sides of the story. As the outcome directly affects t
  3. Wjkk wjkf simeran Ji if there was a lack of evidence, the issue would not have gone this far, the evidence is overwhelming, with sangat getting in touch from Europe and sending written testimonies and speaking directly with the panj Singh's. The couple claim that all the UK sangat that have spoken up against them have personal issues and are telling lies, but the the European sangat were brought to their attention, they had no answer or justification for it...but still choose to continue of the path of lies and deciet even to the extent of the Singh blaming HIS OWN MOTHER for why the European
  4. We are pleased to announce the 5 Singhs have been chosen and their will be a gathering over the next few days to ensure this couple get what they deserve. We have been shocked and appalled by the tactics used by this couple to cover up their lies. Let's hope that this worthless couple don't begin accusing 5 pyaareh of being jhooteh panj as well if the results are not in there favour. We wholeheartedly look forward exposing this couple and bring their identities before the world, we know so many of you have contacted us requesting their details as to warn people...but until the panj reach the
  5. We agree with NamoSarab Ji in that it's not too late, the beautiful thing about sikhi is that guru Ji forgives....Guru Nanak Dev Ji did not go to koddah Rakash or Sajjan Tagg, for no reason he wanted set the example that even the worst of sinners can be redeemed, when they admit their wrongdoings and are committed to adopting a vinous path. The families involved in this only want that, that they admit what they had done and for others not to go through what they had to suffer. It is the couples inability to do this that has escalated this matter. bsMqu mhlw 9 ] Basant, Ninth Mehl: khw BUi
  6. NamoSarab Ji it's appears you know this couple more than u let on in your earlier posts. May we also add that your ID was too created soon after this thread was started. admin knows our intent with this thread, and if u too have been affected please contact us at guptsevasach@gmail.com
  7. Wjkk wjkf first of all a big thanks to all the sangat for supporting this issue and raising awareness to the kind of manmat being carried out by those who are supposed to be setting an example wearing guru jis bana and big damalaa's... The matter resolving this couple will be brought before 5singhs and the couple have been banned from carrying out any activities involving parchaar/camps/Sikh societies in an attempt to keep young vunerables Sikhs away from them... We encourage all camp/youth leaders and presidents of Sikh societies to remain vigilant in the guests they invite to events and
  8. Well West Lindon Singh, we ourselves thought alot of things before getting involved in this, but its very easy to label an amritdhari as weak etc etc until you personally experience this happening to you....until then u can only speculate on how strong and fearless you are until maharaj Ji puts you to test....
  9. For those people who are asking why police are not involved.....well what will the police do wen you tell them there is a Bibi claiming to be mai bhago, her husband Saee Miaa Mir, that she uses her 'spiritual powers' by seeing through her dasam duaar, that there are spirits haunting you, your house, etc etc (please see example on 1st post of this thread)..... yes the is the mental manipulation, many people have been affected and the general consensus is that they just want to forget about it, and we are not in a position to force the families involved to peruse a cousre of action that they ar
  10. The official approach is in progress sangat jio, we have had a good response as a result of this thread... We will share one example of how horrified we were to learn of a gursikh who were so terrified by their experiences with this couple that they locked themselves in a room for three weeks, even only taking food that was left outside their door.... Sangat jio this is mental abuse and torture all done in the name of sikhi... so sangat Ji, if you have Facebook, please link to this topic....there may be some you know or don't know that has been affected, this a opportunity for them to know
  11. We are not hesitant, in the original post we had specified the names but this is deemed as personal and until the investigation is complete, we cannot disclose that information, but rest assured that once that investigation proves their guilt, which it will, everything about this couple will be exposed.. In the meanwhile please contact us if you, or someone you know has been affected by this... guptsevasach@gmail.com
  12. There are many pictures of this couple but if we publish them, we are revealing their identities and this thread will be closed, As far as we know there is no YouTube video as such about them but they are not from Smethwick, it's the Sandwell and DUDLEY area...
  13. Akaalkaur84 Pehnji we understand your frustrations but please email us directly and try and keep personal stuff away from this thread.
  14. Hanji Pehnji this investigation is as a result of the thread you mentioned We were made aware that they were many people affected, even sangat aboard, but are too scared to come forward. This is a benti to such individuals to get in touch and share your experiences...without fear or intimidation. As this matter is being escalated, it will only be a matter of time before the accused are exposed to the whole sikh panth...and we must respect the rules of Sikh Sangat...thank you for letting us use this platform to bring awareness
  15. Vaheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguroo Ji Ki Fateh Keeping in line with the rules of the forum. We are re-posting this message and keeping personal identities as gupt as possible but at the same time trying to reach to sangat who may have been effected or involved with a certain amritdhari couple who are based in the midlands around the Sandwell and Dudley area involved in anti-gurmat practises. An investigation is being launched and we aim to provide a gupt service for individuals affected. Were you told by the bibi that she was Mata Bhag Kaur re-incarnated? Were you told that your soul was a f
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