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  1. Singh how about the following scenario I'm sure many members on here must know atleast one person (close family member or themselves), who have needed an operation. The surgeons have needed to shave some hair. This is true in most cases.

    Why is it ok to have the operation? Being a Sikh it is forbidden, look at our Shaheeds, Face death rather than doing something you have promised Waheguru you would NOT! OR is it ok in some situations? Don't look down on others and don't be hypocrites.

    Yes my mother had two operation both making her pesh matter of fact. BEFORE the operation she did ring Sants about this. Sant Ji said it was fine its all up to the individual if u want operation take it, if not then don't. But she did have to pesh because it was a BAJJAR KUREHIT. Singh Sahib don't get Shaheed Singhs involved yes they are a perfect example on how to live in Sikhi, but we aren't as powerful as them. Our Sikhs will die for the guru that's a fact, but that kind of rehit only a few take up (not eating bread, not taking operations because of hair, not drinking soft drinks etc) some people cant keep such rehit like the operation example you gave, if they do have a operation do u call that individual bad ???... think about it .... yes don't look down on others that's for sure ... being hypocrite who knows you might be one yourself .......just saying

    this singh made a mistake and he knows it from the information RugbySingh gave in the forum, but there be more to the story

  2. gurdassingh

    Kurehit can simply be defined as bad conduct. One only has to pesh if they have committed one of the four Bajjar Kurehits. However, to say removing kirpan is a bajjar kurehit is misleading. yes it may be bad conduct a kurehit, but not bajjar kurehit if you know what i mean.

    Also i think this Singh Didnt Intentionally take it off otherwise it would have been off in round one.

    yes he made a mistake but if you dont know what was going through his mind at the time we shouldnt judge

    RUGBY SINGH if you may give me his email ill contact him also and see what he has to say ????

  3. but someone told me you are not allowed to have that much parsad. That person said your only allowed to have once

    most i've ever had is 6times.like a boss.

    nice sugary buttery one. mmmmmmmmmm

    isnt there a story of some guy having too much degh but then got some disease because ardas had been done on the degh to rid the families cows of the spots. idk i heard that story somewhere. >.>

    yea tht the story that person told me

    i dont if im saying the story correctly some guy had a disease and i think he preapred the degh and did ardas to get rid of disease or something i dont know and after a bhai started to eat too much parsad. THe person who prepared the parsad disease was remove and the bhai who ate the parsad after got the disease.

  4. thts pretty weird why did the make the mascots look like aliens and tht, and i saw on the internet tht apparently they r going to blow up the stadium in the closing cermony and blame this on iran yea but i dont know

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