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  1. Can the nihang way of life be practiced in extremely cold conditions like Alaska or Siberia where the temperature could go very low like minus 50 degrees or so?
  2. He already has so much money. He should listen to his conscience.
  3. I always thought tendulkar was a good guy. sad to hear this from him
  4. tendulkar on farmer issue https://www.timesnownews.com/sports/cricket/article/sachin-tendulkar-joins-india-against-propaganda-after-rihanna-greta-thunberg-back-farmers-protest-india/715643
  5. https://usawatchdog.com/markets-will-correct-heavily-alasdair-macleod/
  6. there is slight difference. bhappaa girls pretend to be true sikh but girls in west marrying goraas, kaaley, sulley etc don't pretend to be true sikh.
  7. that s true but bhappaa girls dating and marrying Hindus is a serious problem.
  8. I studied in a school in Ludhiana where about 50% of the boys were Hindus.So I meet some of my old schoolmates once in a while. All of them say that Sikhism is great religion but the bhappaa girls in cities pretend to be true sikh but r loose charactered females. I feel really bad when they say this.
  9. 21st century will be full of recessions and depressions. People are going to leave cities and relocate to rural areas. Our economy, environment and energy r in bad shape. Farming will be quite beneficial in the coming years. The rich billionaires hv much more inside information compared to a common man and that's why they r investing in farmland.
  10. this singh lived in pind lakho ke behram near ferozepur and his name was Jassa. He died around 10 days back.Whole pind used to love him. Sant Bhindranwale is not just a shaheed Singh, he is a Sachkhandi rooh as well. Jassa used to love Sant ji from the core of his heart.
  11. https://www.sikhawareness.com/topic/16165-shaheed-singhs/
  12. there r many sikhs who hv had darshan of Shaheed Singhs.
  13. Does anyone here know anyone who hv had darshan of Sant Bhindranwale in recent past?
  14. My friend's younger brother passed away in car accident few days back. He lived in a village near ferozepur. He was amritdhari and a big fan of Sant Bhindranwale. He used to read bani all the time. 15 days before his death, he told his friend that Sant ji gave him darshan and said that they hv come to take him. He told Sant ji that plz give me 15 days time and after 15 days he died...
  15. Does anyone like Indian kabaddi? All the stoppers like a mob attack the raider. just shows the mob mentality of Hindus? in punjabi kabaddi it's one on one.
  16. I was born and brought up in Ludhiana but never played or watched kabaddi. Only started watching kabaddi when Badal started the Kabaddi world cup in punjab around 8-9 years back. ń∂abaddi is a very interesting sport especially the punjabi style of kabaddi. Don't like the Indian kabaddi where all men can stop the raider.
  17. dear veer puzzled Did u personally play kabaddi? how was ur experience?
  18. I really enjoy watching kabaddi videos on you tube. what r the benefits of kabaddi to Sikh Kaum?
  19. excellent topic! I agree that with age people get corrupt.
  20. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-9159297/Cannabis-extracts-reduce-risk-dying-Covid-19.html
  21. great book on udaaseen samparda by Giani Isher Singh Naara http://www.panjabdigilib.org/webuser/searches/mainpage.jsp?CategoryID=1&Searched=itihaas+baba+Sri+chand&x=0&y=0
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