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  1. for any query on sarbloh u can call Gurwinder Singh jee Nihang at +919780281960
  2. https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/05/us/tiger-coronavirus-new-york-trnd/index.html
  3. haha that's true.Its all about money. he paise tu bhagwan to nahin, par bhagwan se kamm bhi nahin
  4. God bless Nihangs. They have saved Dasam Granth. They have saved Sarbloh Granth. They have saved Guru ka Baana. They have saved Guru's horses. They have saved Shastarvidya. They have saved mahaan Sarbloh rehit. They have saved shaheedi degh which is the greatest complete medicine on earth. They have saved mahaan shikaar rehit. They have saved puratan codewords and bolle of Khalsa. They are environmental heroes and have rejected the use of chemicals and their langar is still cooked on wood.
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