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  1. Sukhbir badal is educated from California State university, los Angeles. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sukhbir_Singh_Badal
  2. Because their neeat or intention is wrong. They just want power and money for themselves and their families. We need a spiritually elevated honest politician in punjab.
  3. Many politicians are well educated in punjab. Just getting a degree from college or university doesn't make you a good human being.
  4. Can you plz give an historical example from Guru itihaas or panth itihaas?
  5. Nice. Plz give your opinion on the below quote of chanakya.
  6. And a teeka means original text,it's meanings and then commentary as well.
  7. Just as other job salaries depend on performance, same shud be with granthi Singh. If granthi is jeevan wala and gives santhiya to people in his area and does parchar of sikhi in his area, he shud be paid well. If he is just gonna sit for few hours and do paatth, he shud be paid accordingly
  8. What's well paid? People are just not satisfied with anything they get these days. Hv u ever seen a granthi's body weak and starving? They get good room to stay, good food to eat and all they have to do is read Dhur ki Bani.
  9. Hari Singh randhawe wale steek is the best. Jagjit Singh harkhowal steek is the poorest. Surjit Singh sewapanthi steek is good.
  10. https://sikhbookclub.com/Book/Panch-Granthavali-Sateek-(-Chanakya-Neeti,-Saruktavali,-Bavarsanmrit,-Vichar-Mala,-Adeyatam-Prakash)-Veyakheya-Sahit-By-Hari-Singh-'-Randhawee-Vale'
  11. https://sikhbookclub.com/Book/Chanakya-Rajneeti-Atey-Hor-Jeevan-Jugtaan
  12. https://hook2book.com/chankya-rajneeti-steek-sampardai-by-surjit-singh-sewa-panthi-punjabi-stories-book-online
  13. It has been published. By jagjit Singh harkhowal By surjit Singh sewapanthi By hari Singh randhawe wale about which I have posted in my above post
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