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  1. I mean we don't need converts for the sake of doing translations. Gyanis in a taksal hv levels. The ones at the top level hv lots of vidya. They can easily understand braj bhasha.
  2. We don't need Hindu converts. We hv great vidvaans in our taksals. We also hv nirmalas who are vidvaans in Sanskrit too.
  3. I will contact Panjab digital library if they could digitalize it?
  4. Yes I hv seen quite a few biharis become sardars
  5. Veerji How can we bring this great brij bhasha work in print? Where are it's manuscripts ?
  6. I was talking about the brij bhasha work of lakhan rai. It shud be brougjt in print. It shud be studied just as taksali students study saruktavali, vairag shatak, parbodh Chander natak etc. May be a steek shud be prepared for general sikh audience. Short stories with morals are a simple way and entertaining way of studying wisdom.( not necessarily agreeing to all the wisdom.)
  7. Looks very interesting piece of literature. Shud be brought to print.
  8. Hari Chand was doing great damage to Guru Gobind Singh ji's army. But Guru Sahib gave him 3 vaars. 3rd vaar hit Guru Sahib in kamarkassa. Then Guru Sahib spoke "jabai baann lagiyo tabai ros jagiyo' Then Guru Sahib killed hari Chand with just 1 shot from teer kamaan. I feel krishan lied and used deceit. He did the same to kill dronacharya. What's your view on that?
  9. While doing face to face battle with the enemy, should a brave warrior speak a lie to distract the enemy? I agree in life , sometimes a person has to lie for the larger good to happen but lying during a face to face battle duel?????
  10. Speech therapy is all about altering your original speech which has stammer. So slowing your speech also comes in the category of altering your speech. If one can find a good speech therapist, just in 30-40 sittings, one can get cured.
  11. Jai tegang veer Do you think it was a fine battle tactic or was it deceit?
  12. https://www.livemint.com/Sundayapp/lvfgnLAQlYonkkKObhBmVN/The-moral-imperatives-to-a-lie.html Krishna, the eighth avatar of Vishnu, the supreme god, tells Yudhisthira this is a war that must be won. And that if a lie ought to be told to win it, then the lie must be told. In this instance, Krishna knows Drona’s only weakness is his son Ashwathama. So, he asks Yudhisthira to spread the word that Ashwathama is dead. But Yudhisthira has a problem with that. His morality and reputation do not permit him to lie. He despises it as dishonest. But even as Yudhisthira is thinking
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