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  1. Lately jaats in haryana hv started becoming sikhs. Sikhs hv close historical ties with jaats. Plz read https://www.thesikhencyclopedia.com/historical-events-in-sikh-history/the-sikh-empire-1799-1839/sikhs-relations-with-jats-of-bharatpur/
  2. Veerji He says that khande di pahul is NOT amrit. He says one doesn't hv to go to punj Pyare to get amrit. He wears 5 kakkaar to befool people. He is an arrogant snake.
  3. Father in law of my friend wears 5 kakkaar but says that amrit and khande di pahul r 2 different things. He is a fuddu missionary who thinks that no one can defeat him in debate. He is against dasam granth, ardaas and sarbloh rehit.
  4. Giani Gyan singh almast wrote beautiful poems which are very helpful to young kirtaniyas. Gurmeet Singh Shaant might publish these poems in future.
  5. 'Akhin ghatta muh vich datta' is a very powerful shabad. To know more about this shabad plz watch Gurmeet Singh Shaant is a very popular raagi and kirtaniya. His contact no. is +919356052567 He told me that sometime back he had a domestic flight from Indore to Delhi. He was wearing 1 ft. kirpan which he forgot to keep in his luggage suitcase. When he was near the final security check up, he realized he was still wearing his kirpan. He closed his eyes and started repeating 'akhin ghatta moon vich datta' shabad in his mind and started saying 'dhan Guru Nanak' from his mo
  6. Talked to bhai gurmeet Singh shant on phone. His contact no. is +919356052567 He told me that this shabad is not gurbani but is a poem of his ustaad giani gian Singh almast ji. He also assured me that in future before singing this poem, he will inform the sangat that this is not gurbani.
  7. It's a great shabad Plz listen https://youtu.be/fz7HnfAQn2o
  8. But he is a very popular and experienced ragi. He won't make the mistake of singing non-gurbani shabads in sangat. Hv u heard about 'akhin ghatta moon vich dattaa...'?
  9. But doing it's Kirtan in sangat..... isn't that against maryada?
  10. I didn't get it. Is there any tradition of doing Kirtan of 'Shankaar nirale tiran di' among taksalis, nihangs etc.
  11. Found this PhD thesis on the gurbilas of kuir singh and sukha singh. https://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/33230
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