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  1. had a talk with Gurwinder Singh nangli ji. The dohra " paathh sawa lakh havan kar...." was written by giani gyaan Singh and there is no need to read it.
  2. I agree there will be some wrong people in punjabI industry too but still it's much better than bollywood. do u see the dirty item songs and smooching/kissing in punjabi movies? Answer is NO.
  3. https://www.ft.com/content/4ff254ed-960d-4b35-a6c0-1e60a6e79d91
  4. She has started doing around 400 mool mantar daily and told me today that when she does mool mantar,she can feel God sitting nearby her. I find it an interesting spiritual experience from someone who has not heard any katha on mool mantar.
  5. See? Alcohol is so powerful even nihangs need fear of sangat to not overindulge. And u accept grihistis who are under so much pressure and stress and with no sangat to be able to handle alcohol all by themselves? Please realize that behangams (celibate, non-working such as Dera taksalis/nihangs and nanaksari babas) sikhs have a different maryada than grihistis who have jobs and kids to take care of. And also just cuz its historical doesnt mean its right. The british recorded nihangs drinking alcohol. Cuz it happened. Not cuz the nihangs were right in drinking it. Why do u think nihangs were kicked out of harmandir sahib? Singh sabha had evidence about how bad they were behaving. And they used that evidence to rile up ppl afainst the nihangs. u hv a good point. leave aside alcohol, nihangs put too much sukha(cannabis) in shaheedi degh too. there is no doubt that nihang organizations need some improvements. But we must appreciate their positives too.
  6. wat about the British sources mentioning Singhs drinking liquor?
  7. dallysingh 101 veer jee wat do u think of drinking alcohol in small amounts like 30-40 ml before sleeping?
  8. I know some nihangs who drink alcohol. they just slowly sip around 40 ml of alcohol before sleeping and they get up at 1 am for doing simran. these nihangs hv fear of sangat of fellow nihangs and they never over drink. All the problems mentioned in ur post are of manmukh Sikhs over drinking alcohol. they abuse alcohol.
  9. yes and in the end of the charitar, the author mentions that He needs green cup. even at the start of fatehnama there is mention of shaheedi degh.
  10. wat about hikaytan? It clearly mentions green cup(shaheedi degh). if i am not wrong, it mentions alcohol too.
  11. alcohol is mentioned twice in Krishna avatar Dasam Granth Ji. https://www.manglacharan.com/post/guru-gobind-singh-on-alcohol-krishnavtar https://www.manglacharan.com/post/krishna-s-presents-alcohol-sri-dasam-guru-granth-sahib
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