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  1. Sadly, im not married, so no in-laws :D
  2. Thats quite a brilliant detailed explanation :D Thanks
  3. Guru Fateh I am an 18 year old guy with a handsome beard and a mooch.. Although i loove my mooch its getting out of control and longer day by day.. It has started to conquer my upper lip, i guess it likes to hang out there all the time :D .. Anyways, its quite a task to eat and avoid getting myself laughed at by my friends because of the food stuck all over.. I laugh it off, but its quite embarrassing. Some people are so good at managing it, i mess up cus im an amateur i guess. Please tell me, what should i do, should i use hair spray to keep it in place? Does that have any side effects?
  4. Hi Guys ... These forums are highly engaging and cool.. all you people are great.. I'd love to interact with you all.......... SO if your on twitter, please follow me https://twitter.com/#!/Dark_knight123 and ill follow you back ( im new to it ) ............... Lets built up a network........ Of Sikh guys n gals and for our problems... we have this wonderful place Have a good day
  5. People will start perving on them?? Mind you, people are in a gurdwara, not it some club.. What king of a view is that? Kirtan is done not only in front on men, women are also present?
  6. You are being sexist. What can be the reason?????? Bibis do kirtan in almost all other Gurdwaras .
  7. So if you have read that post?? What did the people conclude?
  8. I have always wonderes as to why have i never seen any woman granthies at Darbar Sahib . Then i came to know that they are simple not allowed to be . Given the great virtues of equality our Gurus gave bestowed upon us, i fail to understand why there is this discrimination at our most important Gurudwara . Why doesn't anyone do something about this?????????
  9. So does that imply that whatever we do , the thing that is meant to happen will happen? If we are meant to be thieves or murderers or whatever ( this world has all kinds of people) , that would eventually happen and we have no control over it because the actions we would carry out would be already predetermined by our destiny? Im getting more confused
  10. I have been wondering about this for a long time. Do we have freewill in our lives or are we ruled by destiny? Is every thing pre-planned by HIM or do we have the power to control and direct our lives? What does Adi Granth say about it? Please do reply. Thanks
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