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  1. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh ji.

    You guys are young...not even stepped out of teenagehood and all this so soon. Take it easy! Slow down!

    As for kissing hugging etc...you say you have respect for Guru Maharaajs hukum and rehat yet you indulge yourself in such activities before marriage? Kissing and hugging both, anything physical between the two of you is a no no!

    If you think your ready to move on, speak to your parents and make things official. Set the date in like a year or twos time. Gives the two of you some time to 'mature' a little and makes things official.

    But seriously, before marriage, nothing physical.

    Pul chuk maaf ji

  2. How is this any different from any other interfaith marriage intervened by Singhs up and down the country (UK)?

    And convert? So she is willing to take amrit to make it easier for the community to accept...

    Perhaps you should explain the difference between Amrit and Christian Baptism.

    With Amrit, your a totally changed person who has to keep rehat, a totally new life.

    With Baptism, you change your clothes and your name and thats it.

    If you were an amritdhari punjabi wanting to marry an amritdhari black girl, nothing wrong at all.

    Pul chuk maaf ji

  3. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh ji.

    I cant help with the triangle nok dastar veer but dumalla or ghol dastar are pretty tight and 'fight proof'. I sajja a ghol dastar myself but working towards a dumalla. They're super secure.

    P.s. stay out of trouble.

    Pul chuk maaf ji

  4. As a kid at the Gurdwara listening to kirtan, I use to love checking out the various harmoniums whenever a kirtani jatha would perform on stage. When one of the jatha had a white harmonium it use to make me very happy. The harmoniums with the sticker 'BINA' use to make me giggle; I use to wonder whether it was like 'Tere Bina' or something like that.

    Lmao :D

  5. Its a personal thing. However you feel your best connected. Or how you want to show your devotion to your Guru Sahib...

    Some matha tekh n walk backwards before sitting down so they dont put their back towards Guru Sahib. Some do a parikarma...

    My cousins grandma used to do a 'soorya namaskar' (i think thats what its called). She would lay flat on her face with arms stretched out, hands meeting before Guru Sahib. As kids we used to laugh coz it seemed so odd but that was just her sharda. And for those who laughed and mocked her, she was willing to put up with that.

    Hope you understand what im getting at lol.

    Pul chuk maaf ji

  6. Assimilate: to drop ones own cultural/ancestral beliefs/ways and adopt those of the society/mainstream.

    Thats like having tea without the lechi. Food without merch. Ice cream tubs not filled with mums daala sabjiya...the list goes on (ok the examples are a little extreme)

    If we all dropped everything 'punjabi' 'desi' about us and started living exactly 100% like our goray neighbours just to 'fit in', what would be the fun in that? A world without diversity? We would just be clones of one another to some extent. Sheep! Sikhi isnt for sheep. Maharaaj gave us our unique appearance so we stand out in a crowd. Far from assimilation.

    Integrate, YES. Assimilate? No no.

    Also do these goray assimilate when they go abroad? They dont even bother to learn the foreign language, expecting everyone to speak english and conform to their ways. Why should we conform to theirs?

  7. how u mean get wording right? uv just said the same thing i sed. that "Men or women were not "forced" to wear the dastar.".. this is exactly what i sed. : / get ur mind right :p

    men oredy wor dastaar. women didnt. this is basic fact.

    in the absence of men, women took the duties of men. e.g. to this day, in the field, doing the field work, women tie dastaars and go and work in the khet. same difference with the war times. i am not disputing (as u seem to suggest) whether mata sahib kaur ever wore a dhamalla in her lifetime. obv she did. but just cuz she wore dhamalla then, dont mean that all women got to wear dastar since that moment in time.

    My minds quite alright thanks.

    Your post, 'women were not forced to wear dastar, men already did' or to that effect, implicates that one or the other was forced to don the dastar, not given an option. Hence suggesting, 'get your wording right'.

    Ok i accept your "basic" fact, men wore dastars prior to Sikhi, women did not.

    However, ive yet to see a woman wearing a dastar for the purpose of kheti. And how does this relate to women wearing dastars for the purpose of war? As you suggest.

    Why wear a dastar just because your going into war? This wasnt and isnt the function or purpose of the dastar so why would women have done this just when going into war?

    I did not suggest you dispute whether Mata Sahib Kaur ji wore a dastar or not, but gave you one such example of how women did wear dastars, which you disputed. And nor does the example suggest that this is the basis on which every woman must wear a dastar. Lol you jump from one baseless conclusion to the next. Whats your game?!

  8. i didnt exist at that period of time.. im not disputing the dastaar, just.. its mandetory-ness.

    women weere not forced to wear it. men oredy wore turbans. our gurus gave amrit to all alike, hen eternalised by guru gobind singh plus specific rehet.

    my last word is that its optional..

    Men or women were not "forced" to wear the dastar. Get the wording right.

    2ndly, Baba Takur Singh ji Patiala wale, sangi Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindrawale, gives an account of when Sant Jarnail Singh ji described Mata Sahib Kaur ji after having Mata jis darshan, as 6ft tall, yellow cholla and DUMALLA!! Yes Dumalla.

    Kes are to be kept by all those who join the Khalsa. The kes are to be covered by a Dastar.

    When men and women have the same Khande Bata da Amrit, why should their rehats be any different when it comes to covering your kes??

  9. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh ji

    Penji, tell your parents straight up. Or maybe an older sibling? A pua or massi? Who could then inntiate the talk with your parents?...

    Obviously your parents want the absolute best for you and so a Singh who is well educated and earns well is a must for them. How else would you guys run your household? Im sure you've given this plenty of thought.

    I think it would be best to speak to your mum direct. Get it over and done with before someone muscles in!! :) good luck!

  10. Lol dude ur in yr 11!! No one snitches on anyone. Give the guy a gud batterin in private. Bas! Gal katam ;)

    On a serious, report the bast*rd! N then kick his head in? Duno which way to go about it...argh life is full of so many complicated decisions in school

  11. Could a brother or sister please explain in simple terms WHY jhatka of an innocent goat would be performed? And yet we practice lacto-vegetarianism? A poor helpless little goat nothing to say or do to anyone, CHOP! Why? :s

    I can understand if this was done by Maharaaj himself or at Maharaajs orders. But what gives me the right to pick and take a life? I also understand its not a sacrifice but a practice to express Bir Ras or to awaken Bir Ras? (correct me if im wrong plz) so why dont we always use a coconut or sugercanes?

    I am not questioning maryada, our Guru Maharaaj or anyone. Im just a little confused and would appreciate someone shedding a little light on this. Ive read all the comments above, none seem to give an answer to this.

    I apologise if ive offended any of my brothers and sisters, phul chuk maaf karni ji.

  12. you are right bro they do owe us... but we should be working out royalty deals with them instead working in their army. I don't know about others, but i m kinda against the idea of khalsa working in the british army, kind of defeats the idea of khalsa being sovereign and making sovereign decisions based on khalsa ideals. I mean we already seen war fiasco in iraq and libya...khalsa should pay allegiance to his Guru not British umpire..!! I mean peace keeping force/duty of law enforcement-cop/working for UN army are honorable position that all sikhs should be striving for but working in army and going to war to please parliament/congress and their corrupt politicians just so they can take over oil/gas and natural resources in middle east is totally against khalsa ideals, they always be on clash course with khalsa ideals.!!

    100% agree.

    The fact that they have allowed Sikhs to keep a turban and beard is pretty accommodating. I wish it were like that here

    If you had read the post, you would see that the army doesnt infact allow accomodate for Sikhs with Dastars. And theyre doing us no favor! Other way around

  13. Bulletproof turban is excellent idea.. i hope innovative singhs can come up with something rigid and solid as dummala with iron(sarbloh) shastars coating layer which meets military standards..

    Look guys don't push this matter of accommodating too much but rather get all innovative sikhs together come up with great balance of bullet proof turban where both parties concerns- safety and religious freedom are properly addressed, it seems British army have been extremely accommodating to sikhs so far lets all appreciate that instead of walking around lobby/protesting with sense of entitlement ..!!

    I agree. Our innovative brothers and sisters should work on a 'bulletproof dastar'.

    Yes maybe something like a sarbloh cap to be worn on the head and dastar can be tied on top of this? Similar to how shastar are worn in dumallay...

    But to not push the matter of accomodation...its as though your suggesting its fine to remove ones dastar for the purpose of combat? Forgive me if ive misunderstood you.

    And what exactly has the british army done for Sikhs? Apart from allowing them to wear their dastars outside of training and combat? I cant see what 'special' moves they've taken to accomodate Sikhs. Please shed some light

  14. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/8354977.stm

    I had heard that Sikh soldiers within the army had to remove their dastars during training/on field, to replace with a helmet.

    This was confirmed by the above article: "During his training on the rifle ranges, Rifleman Singh has to take off his turban for safety and wear a hard helmet."

    there are roughly 80 Sikhs in the British army. from over 100,000 fighting with their Dastars to death, to 80 Sikhs willingly replacing their dastars...

    this is clearly an issue for those to whom the dastar has significance. for those who see it as mere head covering, will willingly replace it for a helmet. But what about our Amritdhari Sikh wanting to join the army or already within the army? perhaps this is why the number of Sikhs is so low? or atleast a contributer.

    Is there anything being done about this? and legal cases etc...

    Pul chuk maaf ji

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