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  1. Well traditinally im a Christian guy who has been, lived with many sikh people. 1) I really like the way Sikhism has done for the betterment of the world like offereinng food to those who are not of their religion but satisfy their souls & body its so magnificent ,there are people who don't care for their prents ,& the other side there are people who feed a stranger 2) I have never seen a Sikh being a supramicist over race or color as its the first non-hindu religion religion in asia to accept the down-trodden "dalit" people ,so it has done a great deal in ending the racist culture in India & starting an equal social change 3) Sikh are so religious , the offerings they pour to the gurud-wara (i hope im spelling it right) is so magnificient ,they give it with open hearts. I have never been felt like im an outsider likewise i felt with Muslim people. Islamits share our religious beliefs but have always treated us badly. There are some stupid Christian people who behave supreme without even knowing what Lord jesus really taught us to be equal. This is my step towars the sikh community as an appreacitaion they have done to the community or the great human race ( without discriminating between races ,religions ,color ,wealth,etc) I'd like to know more about your culture. I hope i am welcomed here .
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