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  1. Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ke Fateh With Sri Guru Granth Sahib jis Kirpa Sangat are organising the annual Barsi of Sant Giani Gurbach Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale to rember this great saint of the Khalsa Panth. Arabh Sri Akhand Path 24th June at 5pm main hall Bhog Sri Akhand Path 26th June at 5pm followed by mahan Samagam Kirtan Katha Dhadi Jatha Attending Kirtanis Sant Anoop Singh ji una sahib Bhai Gurmaj Singh ji DDT Bhai Gursharan Singh ji DDT (Amritbani radio) Bhai Sukhjinder Singh Ji Smethwick Katha Sant Giani Avtar Singh Ji badni kala (DDT) Giani Ranjeet Singh Ji DDT Giani Harbans Singh Ji DDT Giani Pritam Singh ji DDT Giani Gurjinder Singh ji DDT ****Amrit sanchar**** will take place at 11am on 26th june more jatha to be confirmed watch this space for more info
  2. Sick is this the smagam in west Midlands on the 19th willenhall, Defo be dar Bump!!!! Sri Mann Sant Giani Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale Zindabad Akaaaal
  3. yes but would be good if you could make it down to smagam singh
  4. Shaheedi Smagam 2010 Dedicated to the immortal memory of Sri Guru Arjan Dev Sahib jee Maharaaj and all those shaheeds who have given their lives for the khalsa Panth! Arambh Sri Akhand Paath Shaib Thursday 17th 5pm and Bhog 19th June 5pm followed by Mahan Smagam Kirtan Katha Dhadhi @ Guru Nanak Gurdwara 65-67 Walsall Road, Willenhall West Midlands WV13 2RD for further info call 07828997441 or 07565241307
  5. With maharaj's kirpa amzing programme Thanks to G5 Sikh media singh some photos are up on their website http://www.g5sikhmedia.co.uk/photographs.html?func=viewcategory&catid=75 Audios will be up very soon
  6. Gurfateh The Rise of the Khalsa will be screened at Guru Nanak Gurdwara on Friday 14th May at 7:30 see attached poster
  7. Fateh Divas - Victory Day Commemorating the 300th anniversary of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur avenging the torture and murder of the younger Sahibzade by capturing Sirhind, and the creation of the first Khalsa Raaj. One name that shines throughout the pages of Sikh history is that of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur. From his first meeting with Guru Gobind Singh where he was blessed with Amrit, to his great and glorious martyrdom, Banda Singh’s story inspires Sikhs to acts of courage and sacrifice to this very day. The two youngest sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji had been captured by the Mughals and given a choice between giving up their Sikhi or death. They happily chose death. These two young brave Singhs were tortured and finally murdered by being bricked alive. It was during this time of religious oppression and following this savage act of barbarity that the Guru ordered Banda Singh Bahadur to free the people of Panjab from their slavery. It was thus that Banda Singh marched into Panjab carrying the Guru’s Nishan Sahib and Nagara (battle standards and war drum) and took the fight to the Mughal tyrants. On hearing the tales of atrocities committed against the Sikhs, many others joined the march with Banda Singh, and after a number of battles against the Mughal forces, the Singhs fell upon the city of Sirhind . The rulers of the city and those guilty of torturing the Sahibzade fell to the avenging swords of the Khalsa army and the city was destroyed. Wazir Khan who had overseen the torture was beheaded and had his head thrust on a spear. On gaining victory, Banda Singh established the first Sikh Raaj and the Khalsa Nishan flew tall and proud over Panjab. The Khalsa established itself as the world’s elite fighting force and with the Guru’s blessings Banda Singh continued to lead the revolution in Panjab. This historic battle not only demonstrated the military might and courage of the Khalsa army, it showed that those committing crimes against the Sikhs would not and will not be forgotten and that justice, will one day, catch up with them. Banda Singh Bahadur is not only remembered for his life, but also his death. On finally being captured he refused to give up his faith and after observing that not one of his brother Sikhs gave up their Sikhi but happily gave their lives, he had his eyes gouged, skin flayed and finally chopped into countless pieces. It is the 300th anniversary of these historic events that Sikhs around the world are gathering to celebrate. At Fathegarh Sahib (the place where the Sahibzade were bricked alive) there will be 3 days of celebration attended by hundreds of thousands of Sikhs. In the UK we will be celebrating this Victory by holding an Akhand Paath Sahib at; Guru Nanak Gurdwara Main Hall Downstairs High Street Smethwick B66 3AP Arambh: Thursday 13th May 5pm Bhog: Saturday 15th May 5pm followed by mahan smagam After the Bhog, a divan will take place till 12:00 am with kirtan, dhadhi varaan and katha. Nihang Jathedhar Baba Tirlok Singh Ji will be doing larivaar katha of Banda Singh Bahadur’s life every evening at Smethwick Gurdwara from 6:00 pm to 7:00pm from Monday 10th May with the final victory over Sirhind being done during the Saturday 15th evening smagam. Note: Transport will be arranged from various places around the UK and details will be released soon. It is our humble request that you attend this historic program to remember the great sacrifices of our forefathers and to celebrate the victory of righteousness over tyranny. It is because they showed the faith, fearlessness and spirit to stand, resist and fight that we are here today. So please, join with us and unite as one Panth, one People under one Nishan Sahib. Raj Karega Khalsa Degh Tegh Fateh Panth Kee Jeet Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh
  8. With Guru jis beant kirpa sangat are organising a sanja sikhi camp in Smethwick 3days of fun, workshops, discussion, games, art and craft and most importantly SIKHI we request sangat in the local area to attend and participate in the seva. Dates 6,7,8th April 2010 Age 7-16 Times 10-4pm location Guru Nanak Gurdwara Smethwick, Hight St Sevadars needed watch this space for poster!!! For more info contact 07985246484
  9. Gurfateh we still have a few Jaap Sahib rols free, if you wish to take part please contact me on 07985246484
  10. Dhan Guru Nanak. Would you be knowing where i can get his number from? 07800928691 Gurfateh there will be a amrit Sanchaar on the 7th Nov at Guru Nanak Gurdwara Smethwick part of the National Kirtan Darbar Seva by DamDami Taksal
  11. Gurfateh singh if you go to www.gurmatveechar.com you will find videos of last years barsi recordings will be up soon on if you go to video section and click on Katha and then sant hari singh, Baba Major singh, Bhai balbir singh,
  12. S Fauj how can Taksalis be lost when they are still following Guru Gobind Singh ji’s mission of teaching santiya, Katha and Kirtan, remember this is the only jatha that Guru Ji him self started yes the Singh’s that class them selves as mukhi's are lost since they claimed sant ji was shaheed and the jatha has split but all fraction are still doing the sava that Guru ji has set out for Damdami Taksaal and only that jatha can lead us to Khalistan you can believe what you want, its your opinion but we live by BABA JI BACHAN!
  13. Mahan Divan 22nd August Kirtani Bhai Sukhjinder Singh Smethwick Bhai Gursharan Singh DDT Bhai Boota Singh DDT Bhai Hari Singh yet to confirm Bhai Gurmaj Singh DDT Katha Sant Hari Singh ji Randawa wale Giani Ranjeet Singh ji DDT Giani Pritam Singh ji DDt Giani Balbir Singh ji DDT Kavishri Bhai Salakan Singh and Jatha if any one wishes to take amrit please contact 07985246484 5K will be provided please arrive at gurghar by 9.30am Amrit sanchaar will begain at 10am
  14. Sant Giani Kartar Singh ji's annual Barsi will take place from 20-22 August at Gurdwara Baba Sang Smthwick. Aramb Of sri Akhand Path will be on 20th August at 5pm Bhog 22nd August 5pm follewed by Mahan Samagam Kirtan Katha Dhadi Amrit Sanchaar Will take place at 10am
  15. Thank You jio!! would you happen to know at what times They will be doing katha? Also could you PM me where they will be staying during their trip to Brum, if you have this info, or anyone else for that matter.. Dhanvaad ji 6-7pm which will also be live on Amrit bani radio he maybe staying in walsall not 100% yet
  16. Giani Ji is at Guru Nanak Gurdwara Smethwick from 20th July for one week
  17. Fateh ji i have posted the list of jathe that Gianni Joginder Singh head granthi at GNG Smethwick gave me he did tell me that all jathe are confirm but if their not in the country maybe need to tell Gianni ji at Guru ghar thanks
  18. Programme for 27th Kirtani Bhai Sukhjinder Singh Ji Smethwick wale Bhai Gursharan Singh ji DDT Bhai Baldev Singh Ji Bhai Amar Singh ji Katha Bhai Balbir Singh Ji DDT Giani Preetam Singh ji DDT Giani Gurdev Singh ji southall Giani Baldev Singh ji Galab Dhadi and Kaveeshri Bhai Mohan Singh ji kiarli Bhai Malkeet Singh ji Mast Bhai Bahadur Singh ji Rocket Bhai Balwant Singh ji Derby Jago wale Singh Bhai Kalwant Singh ji
  19. Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Jee Khalsa Bhindranwale Respected Panthic diamond, treasure-trove of knowledge, Brahm Giani, complete in the practices of the Khalsa, Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Jee Khalsa Bhindra(n) Vale was born on Wednesday 12 February 1902 at Amrit Vela (Ambrosial Hours). After his birth he was bathed and taken to the Gurdwara into the presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee, the Birth Ceremony was performed and Amrit was given to Sant Jee. Karah Parshad was prepared, Ardas performed and a Hukamnama taken. Sant Jee was named from the first letter of the Hukamnama, per Sikh tradition. His parents were devout Sikhs and due to the religious outlook of the household, from a young age Sant Jee started placing a Rumala over a stool and doing Chaur over it with peacock feathers as a child. In childhood he learnt the correct pronunciations of the following – Panj Granthi, 21 Vars, Bhagat Bani & Das Granthi, and memorised the 5 morning Nitnem Prayers. Upon listening to Kirtan, Sant jee’s spirit would get uplifted to some inexplicable inner spiritual state of enjoining at the feet of Satguru jee. Due to the guidance of his paternal uncle at the age of 7 years, Sant Jee was an Akhand Pathee of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee. At the age of 13 years he also mastered the Sanskrit language, he read Ramayan, Mahabharat, Yoga Vishest and other Vedic Granths, after understanding and pondering on the teachings of these, Sant Jee read the Faridkoth Teeka of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee, authored by 52 Nirmala intellectuals, he gained much knowledge from this. But the spiritual taste/elixir he was searching for was not discovered. In 1920 Sant Sundar Singh Jee arrived at Village Akhare on their preaching tour, it was here upon meeting Sant Sundar Singh Jee that the young Sant Gurbachan Singh gained the inner peace that he was searching for. The Jaap/mediation of Vaheguru Gurmantar began intrinsically. By listening to the Katha and Kirtan of Sant Sundar Singh Jee, Sant Gurbachan Singh’s heart was finally filled with peace and bliss. It was at this point that he felt he should become a part of the Khalsa Panth and he took Amrit. He became such a true Khalsa that he made his life a continuous penance, such a blissful repetition of Simran began which he enjoyed to his last moments, a non-stop invigorating meditation. Mind, body and wealth were all sacrificed at the feet of the Guru. After seeing the Nanakana Sahib Shaheedi Episode: qnu mnu kwit kwit sBu ArpI ivic AgnI Awpu jlweI ]4] I would cut my mind and body into pieces, and offer them to You;I would burn myself in fire. ||4||(Ang 757) They imbued the spirit of this quote into their lifestyle. On the top floor of Sri Harimander Sahib (Amritsar) they meditated on Gurmantar and Moolmantar for 3 months. jqu pwhwrw DIrju suinAwru ] Let self-control be the furnace, and patience the goldsmith. (Ang 8) They attained the great living of the above quote and gained much spirituality through their meditations and prayers. In 1921 they went to Bindra Kala(n) Gurdwara and met the respected Sant Sundar Singh Jee and humbly asked for the blessing of Brahm Vidiya – Knowledge of God. As a jeweller can recognise the value of a gem, in the same manner Sant Sundar Singh Jee recognised the greatness of Sant Gurbachan Singh Jee at this young age (19), he embraced him with affection and kept a watchful eye upon him. He started to live in the Jatha on a permanent basis. Sant Gurbachan Singh jee started doping seva of Sangat and Sant Sundar Singh Jee, and were always praying to be accepted in the house of Guru Nanak. Daily he would rise at 1am, after doing ishnaan – they would do simran for 45 minutes. His daily duty was to do the ishnaan of the Gurdwara Sahib, to perform Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee’s Parkash and to recite Sri Japji Sahib and Sri Sukhmani Sahib and to start the Kirtan. He performed his duty with much affection, purity, dedication, commitment and discipline. He listened to Sant Sundar Singh Jee narrate the Katha of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee a total of 4 times and was educated in the following by Sant Jee – Bhai Gurdas Jee’s Vaars & Kabit Svayas, Bhai Nand Lal Jee’s writings, Sri Dasam Granth Sahib, Sri Guru Panth Parkash, Sri Gur Bilaas – 6th & 10th Guru and many other accepted writings. By reading, meditating, listening, accepting and practising Gurbani, the true mystical meanings of Gurbani were realised by him. He got educated in other faiths to further his knowledge, he studied Yoga Vedant, Panj Dasee, Moksh Panth & other Granths along with which he studied Sikh History. He read 125,000 Japji Sahib’s and performed 3,060,000 meditations of Mool Mantar and countless meditations of Vaheguru simran were performed during this period. In this manner, his mind was always attuned to Gurbani. At night whilst asleep he would even start uttering Gurbani in his sleep. His voice was very sweet, his pronunciation of Gurbani was always correct (Shudh), due to his immense love with Gurbani Sant Sundar Singh Jee appointed him his Paathi (reciter of Gurbani) for Katha. Khalsa Jee’s waking of Amrit Vela (1am in this case), daily recitals, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee’s seva and his joy and respect in performing this seva, sweet and gentle character, understanding of mystical meanings of Gurbani, his achievements and love of Sikh discipline, all these qualities are of the few Gurmukhs that have existed. When reciting Paath for Katha, Khalsa Jee would raise his living/spiritual experience to the stages being narrated. Sant Sundar Singh Jee narrated the complete Katha of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee at Boporai, Khalsa Jee was the Paathee throughout the Katha and on the day of the Bhog (close) of the Katha, he honoured Khalsa Jee (Sant Gurbachan Singh Jee) with a Siropa (robe of honour) and he said to the sangat, “With us (in the Jatha) we have countless Gurmukhs who have got educated, some have gone on to full-time employment, many have gone on to get entangled in the demands of a householders life (Grahist), but the teachings that were taught to me by Sant Bishan Singh Jee Murale Vale, it is only Khalsa Jee who has met all the teachings of Sant Bishan Singh Jee. Sant Bishan Singh Jee honoured me with many gifts and today I place all these gifts in the keep of Khalsa Jee. The Jathedari of Damdami Taksal started by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jee is being given to Khalsa Jee – with this Siropa. On 15 February 1930 Sant Baba Sundar Singh Jee ascended to Sach Kand and Khalsa Jee stayed at Boporai and completed the Katha of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee 3 times and after about 3 and half years along with 16 lucky Gurmukhs they started doing Parchaar on a touring basis. Gurbani Kirtan, Katha, preaching, educating Singhs – making them astute in all aspects of Gurmat and initiating others into the Khalsa Panth were the foremost aims of Khalsa Jee. On many occasions they would walk many miles along with the Jatha Singhs. Punjab, Kashmir, Peshawar, Benares, Patna Sahib, Jagannath Puri, Rameshwaran, Sri Hazur Sahib, Calcutta, Bombay were all visited and Parchar done. In India there are only a few areas/cities where Khalsa Jee did not visit in their life, to grow the tree of the Sikh Nation and bless people with Amrit/initiation into the Khalsa Panth. Khalsa Jee’s dedication to Khalsa discipline and promotion of solely Gurmat was truly a heart-felt passion. Just as a lotus flower stays detached/floating along water, in the same manner Khalsa Jee was forever detached from Maya (worldly illusion). Thousands were initiated into the Sikh-fold being enlightened by Khalsa Jee, thousands were taught the correct pronunciations of Gurbani and countless Gianis were moulded. In literature Khalsa Jee has immensely contributed by writing various tracts/pothis about Gurbani and Sikh History and Sikh discipline. He did the construction seva of many Gurdwaras. His katha was so inspirational that if one heard it the once, they never forgot it and they would listen to it repeatedly to further their lifestyle to higher morality and spirituality. Whilst doing Katha/Kirtan Parchar – the Sangat invited him to Village Mehta, Khalsa Jee accepted the invite and went to Mehta. On 28 June 1961 at Mehta on Thursday at 2.10am their breathing started slowing down and whilst doing Vaheguru Simran, Khalsa Jee merged back into the light that he had come from (back to God). Taking Khalsa Jee to Amritsar Sahib water was taken from the Amrit Sarovar and Khalsa Jee’s ishnaan was performed outside the Gurdwara complex. According to Khalsa Jee’s wishes he’s body was cremated at Patalpuri – Sri Kiratpur Sahib. On three occasions prior to ascending to Sachkand, Khalsa Jee had commented on Sant Kartar Singh Jee becoming the next Jathedar of Damdami Taksal, Sant Kartar Singh Jee was a great scholar, a Gursikh, complete in Khalsa discipline, forever reciting Gurbani and of high morals and spirituality. All the Sikh world will forever be indebted to Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Jee Khalsa, who for the benefit of humanity, for approximately 40 years dedicated their life to Gurmat Parchar and gave thousands direction in improving their characters/lifestyle. However much we talk about their sacrifice, it is still little and we cannot express true gratitude or complete praise of their inexplicable seva.
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