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  1. If there was a huge building made somewhere in India, like Delhi or perhaps Punjab, or where there is a prominent/sizable Sikh population, what could it be used for in order to do Sikhi parchar to youth and children, or generally Sikhs of all ages? Like there is Badal's controversial Viraasat-E-Khalsa, but that promotes a lot of Punjabi culture. This should be just for Sikhi as a way to do parchar? What would you do in the building or put in there (if Sikhs got together and built such a huge building)? Ideas? Please discuss...
  2. Dadu Wala himself even admitted to this on the Sikh Channel - live! I will try to see if any recordings of the discussion show are on You Tube maybe, but I'm sure many others on this forum will have watched the programme as well. It is well known before anyway and was stated before a few times on this forum, but even Dadu Wala has admitted himself now.
  3. Many will have seen that in a live discussion show last night, 25th September 2011 on the Sikh Channel, Baba Baljit Singh Dadu Wala has officially and openly admitted having meetings with Sukhbir Badal of Akali Dal and Paramjit Sarna of the Delhi Gurdwara Parbandak Committee. He also gave both these enemies of the Panth a siropa!!! He admitted they have both also visited his dera. The live show was hosted by Raghbir Singh of the International Panthic Dal (made by Badal's poodle Jasbir Singh Rode and Dadu Wale) and in the panel was just Dadu Sahib and a Singh from his jatha. For the last few days people have been debating this rumour cannot be true as Dadu Sahib portrays himself as a "Panthic" leader, but a caller on Sangat TV also made this accusation in a live discussion show on that channel (he was however cut-off by Sangat TV at that time). It was after this when Raghbir Singh asked Baljit Singh Dadu Wala in Sikh Channels show last night whether this accusation was true. Dadu Wala admitted he had meetings with Sukhbir Badal and Sarna. He tried to cover this after by saying it was for "Panthic issues" etc, which is ridiculous!!! Why behind closed doors? Why was this not made public at a date prior to when the sangat questioned him about this? In regards to Sarna, it a well known fact he has been very close to Sarna for some time, which was shown last night, but he even tried to boast on live television the "good work" Sarna has done which is better than the SGPC and that Sarna is better etc etc etc. He was showing his love for that Panth enemy on live air. Both SGPC and Sarna are bad, but Sarna is pure POISON and much worse than even the SGPC! What a sad state of affairs...so-called Sikh leader...not a Sant, just a good politician. The lies are being exposed slowly automatically. The links in the chain are all connected, all are working together. Making foos out of the sangat. Corruption. Deciet. This is FACT.
  4. In regards to that, also see the below post by another member: IF ANYTHING, it is the likes of Dadu Wale who we need to be aware of. He not only shares a stage with Badal people, he gave Sukhbir Badal a siropa along with Sarna (he has openly admitted this today on Sikh Channel). He also is close with Dhumma who is Badals puppet. He is close with Jasbir Rode as they both set up the International Panthic Dal and we all know Rode is a sell-out who recently joined forces with Badal. Raghbir Singh of International Panthic Dal is the one who calls over Dadu Wala to the UK. It is all linked together. Dadu Wala not only shares stages with them, but is best freinds with many of Badals close associates, not to mention actually giving siropeh to Badal Junior and Sarna.
  5. Baljit Singh Dadu Wale is a good politician. His actions and the future will reveal his real intentions imho. Bhai Amrik Singh Ajnala on the other hand is a different story and is just a genuine Gursikh doing Sewa for the panth, clear from politics and pakhand of trying to make a false panthic image of himself. At least Bhai Ajnala does not have closed door meetings with Badal and Sarna.
  6. Very good news if BBC have given coverage as well. That will hopefully give Sikhs a positive image. Well done on that front!
  7. I believe people are saying around 2,000-3,000 people attended. Someone on Sikh Channel live at the event said over 3,000 people. If it wasn't for the controversy, this is still a good number as you don't need high numbers for such an event to create awareness outside the Houses of Parliament. June rally you obviously need high numbers as that is a proper march through central London.
  8. Thanks for the detailed update and information Harmindersingh. The press coverage from BBC sounds very positive if this has happened. I agree with your points that both channels have been at fault, but it was that Sikh Channel discussion show when OPEN slander was done of the individuals you have named above which put me off and many others off. Also, Dadu Sahib did not need to know any background information about people sitting in a studio and naming certain leaders and slandering work of old organisations. It is common sense that is wrong and the words that were being used were wrong. Plus Sikh Channel made all the arrangements to call over Dadu Sahib and Raghbir Singh must have been in very regular contact with Dadu Sahib, so he will have been aware of the controversy over the last two weeks. In fact, Dadu Sahib even said during a telephone call-in from India a few days before that discussion show that "Sikh Channel should not listen to anyone else and carry on with D-Day" and he "makes an appeal to all jathebandia to get on board" - that is basically what was said. He was aware of everything. I have great sympathy for Dr Sadhu Singh who has got caught in the middle of this, he obviously had very good intentions and so did Gurnam Singh. They are not at fault. Even Mr Bal is probably not that bad, but it was the presenter that day and the panel who had a hidden agenda backed by a very bad set of audience from the International Panthic Dal. They should apologise. Please note that I am not personally against Sikh Channel (even Dr Sadhu Singh apologised that perhaps Sikh Channel should have had meetings with Sikh leaders about the event at an earlier date - very good of him) - it is just that particular discussion show and those in it that made matters a 100 times worse for everyone.
  9. Thanks for the update GurSa Singh. At least it all went well.
  10. You are right. It is like someone said yesterday on a call on Sangat TV that the path of a Sant is very difficult and there is no point calling yourself a Sant if you can not walk on the path (he was referring to Dadu Sahib Wale sitting there on Sikh Channel while nindya of panthic leaders was going on, when he should have stopped them and not encouraged them). ...and Dhumma? All the above is FACT and NOT NINDYA. Nindya is stating false rumours and making false accusations. Stating fact that is open in the public is not nindya. I'm not against Sants at all (in fact I respect those that do a lot of good like Dhadrian Wale etc), just against these sell-outs who like you say have brought a bad name to the avastha of a Sant. I cannot stand sell-outs and politicians disguised as Sants.
  11. Is Sant Samaj corrupt? See the following topic: http://www.sikhsangat.com/Index.php?/topic/63386-sant-samaj-isnt-corrupt-its-leadership-is-like-akal-thakht-taksal-akali-dal-etc-international-panthic-dal-dhumma-rode-dadu-wale-all-same/
  12. This issue was being discussed (off-topic) in another thread and I thought a seperate thread should be started with the information below to discuss this and state all the FACTS that clearly expose the reaility. The post below states all the facts (not nindya) which are important for every Sikh to be aware of.
  13. Not speaking on behalf of all the youth. However, it was clear there wasn't much youth there. Correct me if I'm wrong but don't think any of the main youth jathebandia supported the event or attended it like BOSS, Sikh Youth Project, Young Sikhs, Babbar group, AKJ youth, Taksal youth, Satkaar campaign sewadars, etc etc etc??? Correct me if I'm wrong but in general it looked like a large group of older Singhs and bibiya. At least its all done and went well.
  14. I agree with you on this point. Sangat TV and Sikh leaders may have made a mistake here (everyone makes a mistake sometime), perhaps if they felt it would not be sensible to ask him in front of media (which it probably was), they shoud have asked him away from the camera in a meeting. I think they probably thought the Jathedar came to congratulate Sangat TV and it would not be right to go "off-topic" when some one has come to see you. Or maybe they did have a closed door meeting? I'm sure there was A LOT of people who wanted to question the Jathedar, but something must have stopped them. But doesn't matter, the above I think will happen anyway as the Jathedar will get pressure if everyone works together. Jathedar will be looking for such balle balle" lol and this will be an opportunity for him, but also good for Sikhs. Sorry to topic poster if we have gone a little off-topic, apologies for that.
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