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  1. Hmm ... I was aware that there were Singhs wearing patkas and sometimes covering them with caps (usually the "urban" Sikhs in Delhi ... Sikhs living in rural areas would get ridiculed for dressing like that) However, I did not know that they wore their jooras at the back It's not just wanna-be gangsters now! I've lots of Singhs who don't portray themselves as gangsters at all dressed like that, especially in England!
  2. Hello, I've noticed a disturbing new fashion trend among young singhs. It used to annoy me when I'd see young singhs with substantial dharis wearing patkas instead of proper pags. I don't get it. I think a patka with a beard looks sloppy, childish, and embarrassing. But many young men think a proper pagri makes them stand out more and wearing a patka helps them slip under the radar. Now, many young men have taken it a step further. Patkas still make it a bit difficult to "hide" since the joora is sticking out on top. So the latest "innovation" is to tie the joora at the back of the hea
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