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  1. It is actually a gentleman's club more than anything else who get together for a nice meal and raise money for charity and enjoy a bit of banter, I used to think the same it is a cult and they are nothing but devil worshippers and how they want to rule the world, so I decided to join to find the truth And to my disappointment it was nothing like I thought
  2. Wanted Sikh Harley owners to form SHOC (Sikh Harley Owners Club UK) based in Greater London/Middlesex area, to meet maybe one or twice a month to go out riding together to start with than may be help raise money for charity by taking part in bike rides.[ Anyone like like more info, please contact. Mani Gill Email:mani.gill379@gmail.com Fax: 01895 270388 Mobile: 07960 644546
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